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At an early age, you were apprenticed to a master craftsman. You were housed in their home, ate at their table and trained in their workshop. However, as you grew in age and skill, you fell out with your Master - you may have demonstrated sufficient skill to provoke jealousy or grown bored and disillusioned with the craft your parents chose for you. You may have been caught in an inappropriate relationship, or fell in with bad company and brought disgrace to their name. As tensions grew, you chose to break your apprenticeship without the approval of your master, stealing a set of tools on your way out of the door.

As a result, you're trained in an eclectic range of skills stemming from both your apprenticeship and the skills you developed after striking out on your own  As you broke your apprenticeship and so are formally unqualified, you're unable to use your craft skills to make a living - perhaps adventuring will provide a better life?


Skill Proficiencies: Three skills
Tool Proficiencies: One set of artisan's tools, one of either criminal tools, musical instrument or gaming set
Equipment: A set of artisan tools that is beginning to run out of key supplies, an instrument or gaming set,a set of worn common clothes, a basic weapon and a pouch containing 10 gold
Feature: Friends in varied places

As an apprentice, you were tied into a network of other apprentices, some of whom have now achieved journeyman status and travelled to many different cities to develop their craft further. You also made friends and acquaintances when establishing yourself outside the guild, both among the criminal fraternities and among the common people. While you may not be welcome at the front door, especially of guild-related businesses, you will generally know a guy who may know a guy that can offer information, shelter, or even discount rates on supplies or accommodation.

Suggested Characteristics

Apprentices who break their apprenticeship are generally either hot-headed and impulsive characters who made a snap decision after an argument or falling in with a bad crowd, or craft students with abusive masters who have reached their breaking point. They tend to believe strongly in personal freedoms, and may hold strong enmity for their  master, or deep regret that they weren’t able to follow their craft.

Absconded Apprentice Image


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