Monster Stat Block (and Print View) Updates

December 4, 2017

Hello everyone!

We just pushed out a highly-requested update to monster stat blocks to use the familiar format used in all other D&D products.

Monsters Listing and Details

Whenever you visit the Monsters Listing or the details page for a monster, you'll see the new format:

Archmage Stat Block

We are trying out a new tooltip style as you see in the new stat block. The loud green and purple colors didn't fit well with the stat block feel, so we're trying to be more subtle. Let us know your thoughts on how well that works.

Print View

We've also heard that many players like to use DDB to print out monsters, items, and spells. While more permanent solutions (like spell/ monster cards) are on the roadmap, we have dramatically improved the printability of many of our pages with this update.

An example monster print view:

Archmage Print View

You can also see the changes on Compendium pages (and more):

Compendium Print View

Again, plenty more improvements to make content more useful when printing are on the way, but we hope this is a good stopgap.

That's all for today. We're working hard on getting the mobile alpha out (soon) and the first phase of the character sheet revamp in parallel with these quality of life changes.




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