Character Ownership Transfer -- February 14th, 2018 Changes

February 14th, 2018

Today's update includes a few bug fixes, as well as a new feature for DMs as well as players in campaigns.

  • Fixed an issue with the modifier type and subtype filters not filtering properly in the magic item listing.
  • Fixed an ordering issue occurring in the character builder for Mutagen options in the Blood Hunter class.
  • Addressed an issue with speed overrides and modifiers. See this forum post for more information.
  • Added the ability within a campaign to transfer ownership of characters among players. See more below.

Along with today's update, you will now be able to create characters for other players in your campaign. Whether you're a DM or a player, you'll be able to create a character to be made available for users in your campaign to claim as their own.

You'll now see a new section called "Unassigned Characters" on the Campaign Details page:



If a character is "unassigned", it is available for anyone within the campaign or with an invite link to the campaign to claim the character as their own.


As a DM or player, you can create a new unassigned character by clicking the "Create Unassigned Character" button on the details page.



You can also click "Unassign" on any existing characters you own who are in the campaign to put them up for other players.

Characters that are created as Unassigned characters will then appear in the Unassigned Characters section. While they are in an "Unassigned" state, the user who created or last owned the character is still considered the owner. The transfer of ownership happens when the character is claimed by another player. Unassigned characters are still owned by the player who most recently put them up to be claimed for the purposes of viewing, editing, character slot, and potential content sharing purposes.


If you are already in the campaign, you can claim a character by simply clicking "Claim" on any unassigned character. If you have an invite link to the campaign, you can claim any unassigned characters on the "Join a Campaign" page in addition to joining with one of your characters or creating a new one. If you already have the maximum number of slots filled, you will not be able to claim a character, and you will not have an option to claim characters until you make room for that character.



Once a character is claimed, the new user becomes the owner, and has the ability to view, edit, or even unassign the character for someone else to claim if they please. A player who has maxed out their character slots will not be able to create a new unassigned character or claim an existing one until they make room for that character.


It's important to note once again that Unassigned Characters still consume character slots and campaign slots, and are owned by the last person who had ownership of the character before unassigning them. If Content Sharing is enabled, the characters will still share the content of their owners to everyone in the campaign. Lastly, a player can access the campaign as long as they have any active or unassigned characters in the campaign. If a player transfers their last character in a campaign to someone else, they will no longer have access to that campaign. (Unless they join again with another character).



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