Parent Race: Elf

" Though they've strayed from nature's roots, nature's roots have not strayed from them"

     Jubilant and eccentric these elves are not what you'd expect from their more reserved and collected cousins. If not for their ears, eyes, and foliage one could mistake one of these for a human. Even though these folk have started to turn their backs on nature as of late, they have never been able to truly escape the grasp it holds on them as it's in their blood. Ever present are the varying plants that sprout and blossom from their heads. Though they can be plucked out most prefer to keep them as a decoration and less of a reminder. 

An Interesting Look

     The Aconite vary in looks, their skin tone ranges to very pale to very dark, their hair ranges from silvers, blondes, and reds to browns and blacks. They are of average height and weight. Thier eyes a completely solid in color, the whites, iris, and pupil are not visible, the color can be of any in the rainbow; rarely heterochromia occurs and when it does it's with colors that are close to each other ( EX: Blue-Green, Red-orange). Most importantly, Aconite Elves grow plants from their heads like hair.  Typically flowers, mosses, ferns, and vines will grow. In rare cases small trees and bushes will grow; this typically occurs in nobles who stylize them into horn-like shapes. It's preferred to keep larger plants under control, ' hair gardeners' are littered throughout Aconite cities and towns, their profession is held in high regard as they are needed by just about everyone. The plants can be pulled out, though it hurts as much as a few strands of hair being ripped out.


     Aconite Elves are extremely social creatures; their communities are extremely tight-knit. They prefer to live in hivelike homes that can house multiple families; some do like to live in family-only homes as well. A typical couple will have at least 3 children if not more; some don't just stick to a two-person couple, as some are polyamorous or have open relationships. Even though they prefer building and living in large cities, it's extremely likely that just about everyone knows everyone. Aconite Elves love to have large gatherings and love to talk. If one is not hosting a party or get together they're attending one. They also like to go to neighboring cities and towns to meet even more people; the Aconite have an unusual talent for making friends, races like Orcs, Goblins, and even Drow can't help but feel happy and want to talk to these oddballs. If an Aconite doesn't want to socialize they're seen as odd and are often forced to socialize. If multiple attempts to get on of their own to act "normal" fail they'll start to ignore them and ostracize them from the community; these ones often leave in search of more calmer and secluded living area. They'll often also become parts of city governments of other cities and towns as they have a way with words and are likable. Thier own society is democratic, as truly the leader is just the winner of a wide scale popularity contest. Typical jobs of north elves are public speakers, diplomats, lawyers, business managers, teachers/ scholars, therapist, physicians, gardeners, and coordinators. 

Show Offs

     Attention is the only thing that truly matters to an Aconite, they live off of it. To be more noticeable they'll try to be the most interesting one at an event, they'll try their hand at being funny or just try to be the loudest one there. They also express themselves with fashion, wearing flamboyant clothes and headpieces, even growing out their plants to appear taller.  

Never too Much

     The Aconite are also a very indulgent race, whether it be drinks or trinkets if they find a specific item of interest they'll never be able to get enough of it. Thier homes are usually filled with collections of specific items, making each one like its own museum of sorts. Some theorize this need to overindulge comes from the same need to socialize and know as many people as possible. 


    Last names are often the name of the flora growing from their head. From time to time they may take first and last names from other races and cultures. First names of their own are usually 2 syllables.

Male names: Zysean, Éamon, Yuris, Yoji, Xida, Wytice

Female names: Reesi, Reh'Niyah, Hebba, Shayni, Le'Chelle, Dalrae




Art Made by Clubbingclown

Aconite Elves Traits

Talk the talk

An Aconite Elf is naturally charismatic, add  +2 to their charisma base stat. 


Once a day, when met with direct sunlight, an Aconite elf who has a photosynthesizing plant growing from them can regain 2HP. If the sun or a strong light source can't shine directly on the plant then no HP is regained.

With each level up the health that can be regained increases by 2

Ability score Increase

Your Dexterity score increases by 2

Proficiency bonuses can be added to Perception as Aconite Elves easily pick up on social cues. 

Darkness Disadvantage

Aconite Elves are a people of the sun, needing it to feel awake and energized. They do not have dark vision and will fell fatigued if left in the dark for a few days.  


Aconite elves are extremely social and friendly and their alignment will always heavily lean towards good. the majority are Chaotic good due to their rambunctious nature. An evil aligned Aconite is extremely rare and has only ever had a handful of cases. 


Though every class has been expressed within Aconite communities; Wizards, Bards, and Druids are more favorable. Bard is obvious due to their nature to want to entertain and be seen. Wizard mostly to perform party tricks. And Druid due to them still being connected with nature. 


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