Parent Race: Genasi

As an aether genasi, you are the breath of the gods given flesh. While those around you are subject to change, both in emotional state and lifespan, you are a constant in this world. Always aloof and detached, it is rare that aether genasi ever feel a sense of urgency, as they see no point in investing themselves in the fleeting lives of non-celestials.

Aether genasi typically have pastel colored skin and hair that shimmers in the sunlight, it is not unusual for an aether genasi to have to have two or even three different skin tones on their bodies. Contrasting their colorful appearance, their eyes are black, the color of burned charcoal. They feel neither heat nor cold. Aether genasi live for twice as long as air, fire, water, and earth genasi.

Aether Genasi Traits

Gods' Breath

Whereas other genasi are born from primordial entities such as djinn or efreet, aether genasi are descended from unions between mortals and celestial beings, claiming only a partially celestial bloodline. This connection to the realm of the gods allows you to speak celestial and be resistant to radiant damage.


Due to aether's pure and heavenly quality, it was thought that through consumption one may rid oneself of any impurities or illnesses. Because an aether genasi's body is imbued with the otherworldly characteristics of aether, an aether genasi's physical body has the ability to purge toxins from their own body. This also gives them a talent for medicating wounds on other people.

Luminiferous aether

You can control aether, the lighter than air substance that fills the void between the realm of mortals and the realm of gods. You can manipulate the aether around you to move quickly, generating small whirlpools of light. You can also command the aether between realms by controlling the aether to become less dense around a person or object of your choice, which lifts them into the air.

Ability Score Increase

Your Intelligence score increases by 1.

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