Parent Race: Lamber

White lamber, known as Achromats, possess all the possible a combination of all that is lamber. They are the royalty of their kind, and are somewhat rare as they tend to only mate in their own chromatic spectra, and the birth of an Achromat outside of their own variant is incredibly rare, perhaps four in every generation, or one every 150 years.

Achromat (White) Lamber Traits

Ability Score Increase

As a white lamber, known as an Achromat, being the royalty of the lamber race, you possess all the possible attributes of your kind, your ability scores each increase by 1.


Manifesting the attributes of all light, you have a wide range of sizes, reaching 3-7 ft tall, and averaging 150 lbs. Your size is medium.

Brilliant Burst

Manifesting the combined capabilities of light, you can use the spell Color Spray (but in lambrous form) as an action once per long rest. You need to finish a long rest before you can use this feature again. In lambrous form, Color Spray is not magic, but is directly tied to the affinity between lamber or lambent and light, and is therefore a direct manipulation of light via the link they possess with the realm of light.

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