Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement by a a spellcaster of a neutral alignment)

It is said this black scarf was stolen from a demigod of the Astral Sea by a legendary elf thief. It is made from impossibly intricately woven silk and grants a +2 to the attuned creature's spell save DC when worn.

As an action, the wearer of this scarf can pull it up over their face and cast invisibility on themselves once per dawn.

If the wearer is crouching in an area of shadow, they may use an action to become invisible at will, melding with the shadow itself - provided they remain completely still - as if casting invisibility on themselves, but without expending the scarf's use of that spell. Any action other than remaining in place causes the wearer to become visible, breaking the meld. Any light shone into the dark where the wearer is crouching will also cause the wearer to become visible.

Once the wearer has become revealed in this way they cannot become invisible by means of this scarf for 1d4 rounds.

Notes: Bonus: Spell Save DC, Invisible, a spellcaster of a neutral alignment