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    Would this affect the datapoints at all, or would the refreshing laptop count as only 1 in total, and not 1 per sheet, or a larger 1 with the refreshing?
    I obviously don't know how other DMs prepare, other than the one I play for and myself, but I wonder if DM's monitoring sheets during gameplay, on their laptop with their other adventure notes, is something you guys are already differentiating between, something that may be overlooked, or something that you have evidence is just something applicable to a small minority of us DMs running out of DDB.
    Just a bit of curiosity on my end. Thanks BadEye!
    Again, none of this is taken into account in isolation. In the scenario you describe, we know those requests are coming from a single browser session and therefore it's just the DM looking at it. When we look at all of the data considering all of that, the number of DMs that use DDB as you are is relatively low (<5%).
    My main point here is that, as I've said many times in the past, we don't move on feedback (or even data) hastily, but weigh options carefully to make the best long-term moves for D&D players. The revamp is a good example of this. I know that people want it yesterday, but taking our time to do it right is far better in the long haul.
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    Quote from JibJibJibberson >>

    Last time you mentioned that the character sheet revamp was focusing on the desktop experience rather tablet or mobile app experience first due to your site data telling you that most people used laptops. However, several people said wait no, desktop during the week but dnd session we use the tablet. This appeared to me like one of the dangers of data mining without feedback. Have you considered an area of the site where you can post theories based on the data you are gathering and get users to confirm if that hypothesis is true?

    Also can you maybe schedule a update at a different time so those of us in different geos have a chance at winning the legendary bundles?

    With the inclusion of critical role content will the Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting be added to dnd beyond digital content to buy?

    Also please add some content for DMs soon they do so much for dnd sessions. Keep up the good work

    I'll see about getting to the other questions during the stream, but I'm going to address the first one here since it will take too much time to explain.
    Last time you mentioned that the character sheet revamp was focusing on the desktop experience rather tablet or mobile app experience first due to your site data telling you that most people used laptops. However, several people said wait no, desktop during the week but dnd session we use the tablet. This appeared to me like one of the dangers of data mining without feedback. Have you considered an area of the site where you can post theories based on the data you are gathering and get users to confirm if that hypothesis is true?
    You're making several assumptions here that aren't actually true:
    • You refer to "several people said wait no" - there's really no way to quantify "several" in this case, and this is an opinion that 1) goes against your core argument that data should be understood within its context and 2) indicates that we don't have other ways to verify the data. You can't say "several people" or "everyone I know" or any variation of that and it be meaningful when weighed against the sheer scale of feedback that we process.
    • You also assume we have mined data without feedback, but I assure you that any data we use is fully vetted against the hundreds of thousands of points of feedback that we regularly consume, and we never use data in an agnostic way. For instance, we can actually pin down fairly confidently when people are playing instead of planning their characters within the context of a campaign based on the number of active users viewing their characters simultaneously within it (the likelihood that people are all theory-crafting at the same time is reasonably safe to exclude).
    • And lastly, I'll share a bit more about this during the stream from another question, but we will begin to allow feature submissions and community voting in the near future to get yet another point of feedback to add to the mix.

    I apologize if any of that comes across as terse - definitely meant to give more information about our process and not to "argue." I'm also short on time since I've got to read through all these other questions right now. :)


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    Quote from Donnag >>


    Quote from Karieo >>

    What do we need to do if we are still unable to see or download Tome of Foes?

    Since we haven't been able to determine root cause the few users experiencing the issue, we are unable to share any instructions for workarounds.
    The team is working with the limited information we have been able to gather from these edge cases to figure it out. If you can post the following information, it could help expedite the process:
    • Your type of device(s)
    • In the About screen - the App Version and Manifest Version
    We'll provide updates as soon as we are able.
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    UPDATE 5/20, 7:30 pm PT

    We have found and corrected the issue with packaging the content for MToF and Rrakkma on both Android and iOS, but an app update will be required to ensure it is resolved for all users.

    The Android update should already start appearing for folks. If you still can't access the content, check the Play Store for when the update is available.

    The iOS build is in the review process with Apple and will appear as soon as it's approved. No hard ETA on that (since we have no control over that process), but we hope it isn't too long. We'll keep you updated.

    Thanks again for your patience - we learned a great deal from this that will ensure product releases go much smoother going forward.


    Hello everyone!

    I want to provide an update on where we are with Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes and the Rrakkma introductory adventure in the mobile app.

    We really do appreciate your help with testing during beta. We have not had the opportunity to publicly test a new D&D release in the app to this point, and these issues will help us make improvements for the next release.

    I would never attempt to minimize the frustration that I know some of you are still experiencing by not being able to access your content in the mobile app, but we are grateful for your patience as we do everything we can to address it.


    Upon release, we had a handful of small issues that resulted in many users not being able to see either piece of content in order to download them. Those issues were addressed within a few hours, and we saw that most users were able to download and view Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes at that point.

    Following that, we started to receive reports that some users still could not see MToF or Rrakkma, and that Rrakkma would not download for many even if they could see it in the list.

    The bulk of the issues were centered around the way that we changed the "calling home for new content" process earlier in beta. That process was intended to eliminate the check for new content every time you opened the app and instead limited it to once every 24 hours. Obviously with the specific timing of a release like this, we didn't effectively code the bypass for that check.

    Current Status

    As of 30 minutes ago, we have identified the issue with Rrakkma downloads, and a fix will be deployed shortly. We will continue to investigate the edge cases where the content is not showing up for a small percentage of users and push fixes as quickly as we have them.

    Going Forward

    As much as this situation has generated frustration (for those affected and our development team), it has also provided a real-world learning experience that the team will use to ensure the next release goes much smoother in the mobile app. We take these failures seriously and are committed to learning from them to improve. We would not be able to do that without all the participation from the community in the beta, so once again, thank you for your help.

    Thanks - we will provide updates as we have them!

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    Quote from firehawk2324 >>


    Quote from Envyus >>

    Several monster images seem to be missing.

    The Molydeus Demon, The Duregar Stone Guard, The Frost Salamander, the Skulk, The Rot Troll, Venom Troll, and the Vampiric Mist. 

     This is something we're aware of. We have to wait for those images to make their way to us.
    These are fixed, except for the Molydeus - unfortunately there is no image for this frightening creature. It might take a little while for the changes to get through caching, but you'll see the new images soon.
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    Quote from ArwensDaughter >>


    Quote from TushHog >>

    I preordered MToF. How do I claim the free Adventure? Is it part of the MToF itself or separate?

     I don't know the answer. I suggest you make a separate post, as your question is not really on topic here and is likely to be overlooked and thus not answered. 
    I'm always here, watching, waiting. :)
    The free adventure will simply unlock at the same time MToF does. You will be able to find 'Rrakkma' in the Adventures section of the Compendium.
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    Quote from Grendel111111 >>


    Quote from ArwensDaughter >>


     Subclasses cannot currently be homebrewed, but homebrew subclasses are expected soon.   


     Really good. I would avoid using the word soon or you will get a "This was posted an hour/week/month ago and why haven't we got the subclasses yet? You said soon."
    Also I think the material that was put out for the first adventures as player PDF's is also available free (Like the elemental evil players guide). 
    Probably should just hold on to this a couple of days and go ahead and say subclasses are a go, since they'll be released Monday.
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    Quote from Rahid >>

    Being able to use my phone's "back" button would be REALLY nice. It's an engrained habit and I find myself back on the desktop all the time. Thanks!

    You should be able to. If it is not working for you, we'll need to figure out why it wouldn't be.
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    Quote from LeK >>
    Quote from Capt0bv10u5 >>


    Quote from LeK >>

    Not sure if this was noticed/raised, but just to maaaaybe save some time...

    taken from the spell list filters. Seems they are already on it ;)

     Has that always been there?  I swear I looked at it not long back and that wasn't there.
    Guess it appeared recently, most probably due to this conversation.
    Always been there believe it or not, just pushed way down the priority list because we haven't seen a great deal of demand for it.
    Reminds me of a funny story actually. During beta, in the Magic Items Listing top level filters by item type, we had "Artifact" as an item type for the longest time because our designer just added it in one of our early rough mock ups. Artifact is a rarity, not an item type.
    Somehow that survived all the way to the last month of beta when I noticed it and said, "Wait, why is this here?"
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    Quote from Mr_Grim123 >>

    I’m not sure if this is being planned, but with the app it looks like you have to remain connected to the internet. Will there be a way to view all purchased/downloaded items in the app without being connected to the internet?

    You must be connected to the internet to initially log in, purchase, or download your content, but a connection is not required in order to view those books in the e-reader following that.
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    posted a message on Can't acces my books.

    Strange, isolated problem that should be fixed now. Hope those game sessions go well today!

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    Quote from BrianX >>

    I am trying to get a handle on the device limitations that are built into the beyond mobile app.   Currently I can view beyond content in the mobile application across two devices ( I cant currently manage them once they have been attached to my beyond account, but that is coming I have been told.).

    The way iTunes App Store DRM works, I can install am app on up to 5 devices that are associated with my account.  (I have two iPads, two iPhones, and an android tablet as mobile devices).  The way the beyond app is set up, I can only log two devices in.   it does not make much sense, as I can access the beyond website and all my purchased content on the web site from an unlimited number of web browsers.

    I dont know if this is a twitch limitation or some arbitrary limitation trying to control the content in the beyond app itself, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  I am not sure this is coming out as I intend, but I am trying to understand the reasoning for being able to access the beyond application content in only two application installs, but being able to access the same content via a web browser on an unlimited number of devices.   

    This is due to the fact that since the app gives full offline access, we have to incorporate digital rights management practices, per our arrangement with WotC. This is similar to the way that Netflix or Amazon Video only allows streaming from a couple of devices at once.
    If you are a subscriber, you can remove the limitation entirely and install and download content on any number of devices.
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    Quote from pjcforpres2020 >>

    Apologies if any of this has been covered in the past I am I overlooking it. Reviewing DnDBeyond with my group, there is on thing we all agree we would love to see.

    Are there any plans to add in a 'manual override' function for character sheets? For example, add in a section for 'house rules' that allows us to add / remove feats, modify stats, etc without having to homebrew a racial variant / sub-class / magical item to get the same outcome. Maybe even expand it, and when a character is in a campaign, it has to be approved by the GM as well, similar to UA content, critical role content, etc.

    This one change would be the difference maker for my group to buy in 100% - and is the one universal huge wish we all have - especially compared to some other online character builders.

    Some of what you mention is already possible. You can adjust ability scores without homebrewing a racial variant, for instance.
    As for adding "ad hoc" feats, skills, proficiencies, etc., that will be added in the upcoming release of the character sheet revamp. In general, you'll be able to customize any of the character's statistics.
    As for source management, that's also something we're working on the first pass of in parallel. A DM will have control of which sources (including homebrew, UA, CR) characters within that campaign will have access to.
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    Quote from Tekwhipley89 >>

    The searching feature isn't as intuitive as I would like right now (with certain things). I tried searching for the "Holy Weapon" spell from XGtE and it was a chore. It sent me to the XGtE spell description page but it got caught up in the word "holy" from the Ceremony spell.

    Possibly consider adding functionality to put a few words in quotes so that only those words, exactly as they are written will be found. I feel like the priority of search results should be addressed as well. The fact that it knew to go to the XGtE spell description page tells me something is working correctly there. But instead of the first result being the spell, it's just the first time the word holy is used.

    If I have to scroll all the way down the spell list anyways, I wouldn't even bother with the search at all. I would just go to that book, table of contents, and go from there.

    I assume this increases file size greatly, but each spell should have it's own page. And possibly have a whole compendium section for spells with it's own search section and ways to reorder the the results, similarly to how the website works now.

    Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to tweak search and how it operates.
    Since the app currently has only the digital versions of the books, searching for a single spell is not as efficient as it will be when the actual Spells Listing is included in the app. That is the next major phase of beta.
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     I'll go ahead and respond to this one now:

    Quote from GrandPyromania >>

    As of late it seems like development for D&D Beyond has slowed significantly; for example, you began teasing the Character Sheet revamp as early as September of last year (link to post), and while we keep hearing "soon". Another example is the amount of time it took to add Warlock Invocations (from Xanathars) onto the Warlock class page, which was reported and marked as being resolved fairly soon (link to the post), but again that took 2 months to implement/fix.

    Development hasn't slowed in the slightest - we are actually writing more code than we ever have. Releases have certainly slowed in comparison to four or five months ago for a few reasons.
    First, like many software/ web development companies, we shut down the office entirely for almost a month around the US holidays to allow our team to recharge batteries. This time means no active development, but it is still essential to us being able to sustain the passion/ drive for the new year. This is not intended in any way as an excuse, but an explanation that for that month nothing was going to come - same as will happen towards the end of 2018.
    Additionally, we've said since we first announced DDB (almost a year ago) that we are in this for the long haul. In order to set ourselves up for the long future ahead, we had to take a bit of a detour to maintenance and upgrade our infrastructure to accommodate. All kinds of deployments have been happening, chief among these a massive migration to AWS and the cloud, that the public wouldn't see or from which perceive a benefit. All the same, a great deal of "quick and agile" development has been happening, and the good news is our infrastructure is now in a great place that means we are able to move forward into the features roadmap for the foreseeable future.
    Next, releasing our mobile app alpha and now beta is not an insignificant task that has happened in parallel with the items above. We reached the point we are at with mobile surprisingly quickly, given that development didn't start in earnest on it until late October of last year. We see strong positive response to the mobile app in its early stages and will continue to invest in it, and you'll see the next aspect of the beta (listings) before too long.
    The addition of warlock invocations to the class page was a fairly simple change (in comparison the the scale of the sheet revamp), but the impact of missing some invocations from that class page impacted a small percentage of the community and therefore was prioritized lower than some of the other tasks I've mentioned. We squeezed it in a couple of weeks ago because I noticed it had been requested for a little bit and we wanted to deliver it. To put the development on that into perspective, it took a single dev about two days to do all of that work. So again, it's not about speed of development, it's about prioritization and pipeline.
    Finally, we have of course been working on the character sheet revamp, and it has a vast scope. Sure, it was teased in September, because it was essential for us to get an initial response from the community about the direction we were taking for the sheet. If you pay attention to that tease, it clearly indicates that it is in a "rough mock" status, which means that it was simply a concept at that point. We teased it to see if the approach we planned to take resonated with the community, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, which helped us confirm that we should dive into it. We have made tremendous progress on the revamp, and to be honest, it's tough for me to use (or to even look at) the current character sheet any longer. We will have more to share about the release of the revamp when it's ready, and we're not going to release it until it's polished to a point that we are happy with it.
    As a legendary bundle owner, its frustrating to see what seems to be development and progress moving at a snail's pace to the point where community seems to be developing key features quicker than the team itself. For example, D&D toolbox, a community created plug-in to Chrome, seems to have a lot of features that people have been clamoring for such as an Initiative Tracker, Persistent Notes with sync across multiple tabs so as to track things much easier.

    Community-created plugins/ extensions are going to naturally cover gaps that we have not filled, otherwise they wouldn't be created in the first place. In other words, the perception that development with these mods is "quicker than the team itself" is not an accurate assessment. These great contributors in the community don't have any of the things I listed we've been working on above on their plates, for instance, and they can focus on making the handful of things you listed. It's not "quicker" development, but development on a different track.

    Sincerely not to take anything away from the many folks in the community that are creating mods or things like Chrome extensions to supplement DDB, but these solutions simply wouldn't scale across the entirety of our user base. We'll have to implement a dice roller, initiative tracker, persistent notes, etc. in ways that can be used across all devices, operating systems, and browsers, for instance, and that can handle the load of hundreds of thousands of users and are up to Amazon/ Twitch security standards.

    We have been okay with (and even encourage) these community contributions in the meantime, similar to how mods have popped up for World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Skyrim over the years. It allows us to see what kinds of functionality are received well within the community as we prioritize what we will incorporate into the toolset itself over time. Blizzard did this with things like raid frames, DPS meters, floating action text, mob nameplates, and much more. None of those things existed in the early days of WoW, and now it's hard to imagine they weren't there from the beginning.

    Having said all of that and to answer your question at the end, yes, our release velocity will increase in the next several months as many ships that have been on long journeys come into port closer and closer together.

    I hope this all shines some light on what's been happening behind the curtain, and I appreciate the desire to see more and more come to DDB. I share that sentiment for sure.


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