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    posted a message on One Shot Adventure - House of Artwood (Level 1)

    I'm very interested...I last played DnD in the mid-eighties, and am just now getting back to it, and hoping to get some PbP games under my belt before looking to an actual tabletop gaming group. I've got character creation worked out, just need to get up to speed on combat, etc.

    I'd love to play that old cliche - a no-nonsense dwarf fighter.

    I'll pm my character later, thanks.

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    posted a message on Tips about carrying capacity X Encumbrance.
    Quote from Drakortex >>


    My Strength is 17, but adding my regular cleric weapons, water skin, food rations, healer's kit and a component pouch (which I acquired some time ago to carry some other small items), I am over the 85LB.


    Forgive me for butting in, but where did the 85lb come from?
    Shouldn't your capacity be STRx15? 255?
    I'm new to here, and happily reading as many threads as possible to get a feel for the game.
    Am I missing something in this?
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    posted a message on Looking for Players - Highlands Ranch, CO (South Denver)

    Sadly nowhere near me, but I just wanted to say Enchanted Grounds absolutely HAS to be the best name for a gaming hangout...

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    posted a message on PbP Rules and FAQ, Please Read First!

    Would it be an idea to run a 'players/characers available' thread where people can post their availability to join a game ... either with specific characters or preferences or just as a player?

    DMs looking for new players could check that out and pm possible recruits.



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    posted a message on A very helpful list.

    I thought I'd post this list I found on Reddit  for others, like myself, who are either new to DnD or returning to it.

    I've some across a lot of abbreviations and while most are fairly easy to work out in context, some were beyond me...

    Hope it's helpful... And if there's any that need addingto or correcting I'll be happy to keep this updated.



    Second Edition D&D


    3rd Edition D&D


    3.5 Edition D&D (an overhaul / rebalancing of the 3rd edition rules)


    A combined acronym for 3.5th Edition and Pathfinder (used to refer to rules or themes that are common to both systems.)


    4th Edition D&D


    5th Edition D&D (formerly D&D Next when it was in beta release)


    Armor Class (stat that determines, in the broadest sense, how difficult a character is to hit with an attack)


    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (often considered 1st Edition; expanded from the Basic D&D rules.)


    Area of Effect


    Attack of Opportunity (called Opportunity Attack in 4e and 5e.)


    Attack; sometimes Attack Bonus (stat that determines, in a broad sense, how good a character is at landing attacks)


    Base Attack Bonus (stat that determines, in a broad sense, how good a character is at landing attacks)


    Big Bad Evil Guy (usually refers to a recurring or end-boss in a campaign.)


    Big Dumb Fighter


    Basic Expert Companion Master Immortal (Refers to the rules sets for what was sometimes called "Basic D&D" in the 80's.)


    Beast Master (5e Ranger archetype)


    Book of Exalted Deeds (3.5e supplement)


    Book of Erotic Fantasy (3.5e supplement)


    Book of Vile Darkness (3.5e supplement)


    Basic / Expert, a slightly different iteration of the Basic rules from the 1970's.


    Charisma (ability score)




    Character Optimization


    Character Optimization


    Constitution (ability score)


    Copper Pieces (currency; 100 CP = 1 GP)


    Dungeons & Dragons


    Difficulty Class (in a broad sense, the difficulty level of a skill check, ability check, or save.)


    Dexterity (ability score)


    Dungeon Master (term is interchangeable with GM.)


    Dungeon Master's Guide (some editions also have a DMG2 or DMGII.)


    Dungeon Master's Player Character (a character controlled by the DM; technically a type of NPC.)


    Dungeons & Dragons (phonetic)


    Damage Per Round


    Damage Per Second (A measure of the effectiveness of damage-dealing characters; term is borrowed from other game genres where time isn't measured in six-second rounds.)


    Eldritch Knight (5e Fighter archetype;may also refer to a prestige class in older editions.)


    Electrum Pieces (currency; in 5e, 2 EP = 1 GP)


    Friendly Local Game Store/Shop


    Fortitude (can refer to a Fortitude Save, or the Fortitude stat used to make the save.)


    Forgotten Realms


    F$%#ed Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair


    Game Master (term is interchangeable with DM.)


    Game Master's Player Character (interchangeable with DMPC.)


    Gold Pieces (the standard unit of currency)


    Hoard of the Dragon Queen (a 5th Edition adventure module)


    Hit Points (stat that dictates how much damage a character can take)


    In Character


    Intelligence (ability score)


    Local Game Store/Shop


    Libris Mortis (3.5e supplement)


    Lost Mines of Phandelver (The adventure included in the 5th edition starter set.)


    Multiple Ability Dependent (Refers to a class that depends on maximizing multiple abilities to be optimized, e.g. how a Monk relies on Dex, Str, and Wis almost equally.)


    Main Campaign Antagonist (often refers to a BBEG who's not necessarily big, bad, evil, or a guy.)

    min/max or min-max

    Minimizing and Maximizing (Refers to the process of constructing a statistically optimal character by minimizing weaknesses and maximizing strengths.)


    Monster Manual (some edition also have an MM2 / MMII, MM3 / MMIII, etc. 3.5e has five of them!)


    Non-Player Character (any "background" character not controlled by a player; can also technically refer to a DMPC.)


    Original Content or Original Character, depending on context


    Original or "White Box" D&D (The first published version of the game.)


    Open Game License (The license scheme used for 3rd edition / 3.5th edition / Pathfinder.)


    Out Of Character


    Over-Powered; sometimes Optimized


    Old School Revival


    Player Character (a "main" character controlled by a player, rather than by the DM.)


    Pathfinder (a pseudo-D&D system published by Paizo, Inc., as an overhaul / rebalancing of the 3.5th Edition rules.)


    Players' Handbook (some editions have a PHB2 / PHBII, PHB3 / PHBIII, etc.)


    Princes of the Apocalypse (5th edition adventure.)


    Platinum Pieces (currency; 10 GP = 1 PP)


    Player Vs. Player


    Rules as Fun (An interpretation of the rules meant to maximize fun, and often silliness.)


    Rules As Intended (An interpretation of the rules referring to the "spirit of the law" rather than the "letter of the law".)


    Rules As Written (A literal interpretation of the rules as printed; the "letter of the law".)


    Reflex (can refer to a Reflex Save, or the Reflex stat used to make the save.)


    Rage of Demons (Forthcoming 5th edition adventure.)


    Rise of Tiamat (5th edition adventure.)


    Roleplay / Roleplaying


    Single Ability Dependent (refers to classes that can be optimized by maximizing a single ability, e.g. how a Wizard only really needs a high Int score to be effective.)


    Silver Pieces (currency; 10SP = 1 GP)


    System Reference Document (An online copy of the material covered by the OGL.)


    Strength (ability score)


    To Hit Armor Class Zero (the way AC was calculated in 2nd edition; known for being exceedingly convoluted.)


    Tyranny of Dragons (5th edition adventure.)


    Total Party Kill (The whole party died.)


    Unearthed Arcana (The monthly column released by Wizards of the Coast which covers 5th edition experimental rules that aren't official. Also the title of several books which expanded the game in previous editions, but the abbreviation is less commonly used to refer to those nowadays.)


    Willpower ((can refer to a Willpower Save, or the Willpower stat used to make the save.)


    Wisdom (ability score)


    Wizards of the Coast


    Experience Points

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    posted a message on Free 5.5 x 8.5 Character sheets to fit standard mini-binders/organizers. Looks alot like the real one.

    It's worked for me.

    Edit Character, What's Next, Export.

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    posted a message on Free 5.5 x 8.5 Character sheets to fit standard mini-binders/organizers. Looks alot like the real one.

    Ahh, it was just me being dumb then. Thanks!

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    posted a message on D&D Beyond vs Physical Books: An Explanation

    I've only recently rekindled an interest in playing D&D, partly due to finding myself with some extra free time, during which I did a major clear-out of attic boxes, one of which contained a load of my old gaming stuff.

    I had no idea until about a week ago what edition of the game was current !

    I was also pretty amazed at how expensive the rulebooks etc have gotten.

    So finding this site at just the right time has seemed extremely lucky.

    It's helped me immensely with regaining a feel for character creation, etc

    I've very happy to get my PHB and other resources at a great price here.

    I'm planning on getting comfortable here, playing some Play By Post and experimenting with different characters, then taking all that out to the real world and hopefully finding a group to play with over a table.

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    posted a message on So... all the old settings are effectively dead?

    Out of curiosity, is there a decent list anywhere of the various settings?

    I'm really only familiar with The Sword Coast/Faerun ... and that's mainly from playing the RPGS on PC ... Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc.

    I'm quite happy to stick to that, but it'd be fun to see what else is/was out there.

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    posted a message on Chromatic Orb?

    So 'The Chromatic Orb' is just a marketing phrase or insider reference?

    I'm late to the party and was confused about this too.

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    posted a message on Free 5.5 x 8.5 Character sheets to fit standard mini-binders/organizers. Looks alot like the real one.

    I like them! 

    Thanks for putting in the effort.

    It would've been cool if the site here actually had a way to just print off your character (I'm assuming it doesn't, or I'm just too dumb to figure that out)

    ... although that's just me being a bit lazy.

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    posted a message on Offline Functionality Question

    Thanks so much!

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    posted a message on What's the first character you'll create after launch?

    I'll be going with a complete cliche ... a grumpy dwarven warrior.

    Someone has to, right?

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    posted a message on Offline Functionality Question

    Greetings, all.

    A brand new adventurer here, very excited to be returning to D&D after a very long absence. It seems my timing is perfect, with this launching today, eh?

    I've already purchased the player's handbook and am hoping to get a character up and running in one of the PbP threads here, and maybe even venture out and find a local D&D group again.

    I'm very interested in knowing about how this all works off-line.

    For example, assuming I buy the player's handbook on my android tablet,  can I download it to the tablet and then have access to the info while offline, or will I need to stay connected?


    Apologies in advance for a doubtless stupid question, but I only discovered the site a day or two ago and obviously have a lot of catching up to do!

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