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    At Hascon, Mike Mearls gave about 20 certs out to select folks allowing them to play Xanathar's Guide archetypes. Confirmed by members on the 5e Facebook page include Drunken Master Monk, and the Oath of Conquest and Oath of Redemption Paladins. 

    So I decided to make a list of the subclasses I expect will make the book! Let me know what you would change, if any:

    Ancestral Guardians*, Storm Herald, Zealot

    College of Swords*, College of Glamour, College of Whispers

    Forge Domain*, Grave Domain, (Arcana Domain*)

    Circle of Dreams*, Circle of Shepherds*, Circle of Twilight 

    Cavalier*, Arcane Archer*

    Kensei*, Drunken Master*

    Oath of Conquest*, Oath of Redemption*

    Deep Stalker*, Horizon Walker*, Primeval Guardian

    Scout*, Inquisitive*, (Swashbuckler*)

    Favored Soul*, Phoenix, Sea, Stone, (Storm*) 

    Hexblade*, Celestial*, (Undying) 


    * means I'm 99% certain they are in, () means reprint from SCAG.

    Barbarian, Bard, Sorcerer, Ranger and Druid all get 3+ because they only got 2 in the PHB. Wizard gets only 1 cause they have the most as is. Everyone else gets 2 (before reprints) to bring every class to a minimum of 5 Subclasses between PHB and Xanathars.

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    Artificer and Mystic will not be in a book this year. 

    Crawford confirmed that we won't see revisions for either until this Winter, at which point they will open playtesting for AL. The earliest we will see them as an official addition is November 2018 most likely. 

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    I am convinced it is the Theurgist. We know we are getting Favored Soul Sorcerer and Celestial Warlock, both of which are Divine Flavored Arcane casters. Wizard is the only one that is missing out on that flavor unless Theurgist makes it in, which is why I am sure it will. 

    Plus Mearls says the Theurgist "fills a hole" in the game. Seems like Theurgist is the obvious choice. 

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    Hero is $3/Month, Master is $6/Month.

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    The Verge also has the details, so this seems official.

    "Players will also be able to purchase digital sourcebooks, such as the Player's Handbook or Volo's Guide to Monsters, which will be available for $29.99. Adventure modules will run players $24.99. (Bradford notes that when D&D Beyond launches, the three core game books — the Player's HandbookDungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual — will be on sale for $19.99.)"

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    Digital Trends has an article about D&D Beyond, and it announces the release date and pricing!

    Release date is stated as August 15th. For Pricing: 

    "The “Hero Tier” subscription, for $3/month, will be able to make unlimited characters and use homebrew content from other users. For $6/month, the “Master Tier” subscription unlocks the ability to share paid content with up to 12 other players across all of their games, as mentioned above. That paid content includes rule supplements, such as Volo’s Guide to Monsters, which will cost a fixed, one-time price of $30. Adventure modules, such as Curse of Strahd, will cost $25 (though special Founders’ Pricing on the first seven days after launch will instead be $20). Free accounts can purchase these supplements as well, and no content will be lost if your paid subscription lapses."

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