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    I'm normally good with purchasing both physical and digital content. In the past, I've purchased content for Fantasy Grounds and no longer use their service. And while I paid for the books to use and no longer use their service, it's not like I'm going to get my money back for not using the books - I accept those terms because of my choices. My only problem now is that apparently the Core Books were on sale during the first week of D&D Beyond being live and I did not get any notification in my email informing me that this was happening or that it was going live. I had a lot going on at work for the past month, so I didn't have time to just browse forums and the like to know what was happening. And now the price has jumped. I now get to purchase all 3 core books for $90 when I could have purchased the 3 core books and possibly 1 or 2 more for the same $90 - that kinda sucks. But at least I'll be setting up a Master Tier subscription for my players who will probably only grab a free subscription for themselves. If I read this all properly, at least if I purchase these books then my players will have access to the data, right?

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