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    Way back in 1983 (I was 11) my father bought the basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons (the red books).  He created a campaign in a kingdom that he had made up, and made stories about, from when he was a kid (1950's).  My mother, sister and I all rolled up characters.  I was a wizard, loving the idea of magic and all that, and we started wandering through that kingdom, fighting against the evil Agra Unistra, a witch that was trying to subvert it.

    What was awesome is that Dad drew out a full hex-map that covered the table.  Though the map is gone today, I still remember the layout of the main river that ran up to the city where we were, the hills and mountains around.  I am now working on writing a story that takes place in that land, only thousands of years later.  I have drawn my own map table-sized hex map, and I have enough plots/events/characters from my story, I am going to start using it for my own D&D campaign, and my children can run through a land my dad made up long ago.

    Mom and Dad now live 500 miles away, but one of these days I hope to get them to roll up new characters, and test out 5e.  With roll20, Teamspeak etc distance doesn't stop people from playing together like it used to :)


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    FWIW - I am more than happy to pay an additional fee to have the rule books available to me online.  I have already bought 4 books - PH, DMG, MM, and HotDQ (which I am currently playing with my children).

    For Dragon Queen, I really like the hyperlinks to different monsters/opponents, so that I don't have to juggle multiple books as I am running the campaign.  It makes management easier.  Also, if I run a campaign other than with my family, I can share the books I've bought with other members of the campaign. So instead of 4/5/whatever people buying, say, the $20 PHB (intro pricing), we would all get it for the $20 price, meaning it is just a few bucks per person.

    Not a bad price, considering the other things you get with DDB (character builder, campaign organizer, etc).



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