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    don't fret over things like spelling names and places -- just write it down somewhat phonetically, so that you can reasonably repeat the name (or close to it).  Asking for spelling of something like that slows the game down, and chances are it doesn't really matter, you likely aren't going to need to know how to spell the name of the town you're going to or person your looking for, you just need to know how to say the name.

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    As you enter town, you're likely coming in one of the roads (you can decide which or pick which based on where they came from, like north side or south side, likely the north and the first place the would come up to is Barthen's Provisions) -- as such the party will "see" some local building/farm/person first.  Describe that place, maybe have a citizen or two walking around that area -- they can ask that citizen things about the town -- they might show up and ask where the Inn is, or if they have a specific target in mind (like the Rockseeker brothers) ask if that citizen knows them or where they might be staying. 

    If your party is having a tough time coming up with a question to ask, or seem to be glossing over the fact that they can do that, have the citizen approach them in a manner such as "New to town, eh?  You'll likely want to rest a spell at the Stonehill Inn, but don't go over to the Sleeping Giant, nothing but trouble there."

    As they proceed into the actual town, you can either show them the map, point out where they came in from and where they encountered that first conversation and show them the general "direction" to the place that they were told about or you can just continue describing things as the proceed through the town, playing up the more meaningful locations a bit more than a standard home/building.  

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    See below image, formatting issue when viewing the "My Notifications" page in Google Chrome (version in screenshot)

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    Quote from Pseudoimmortal >>

    So arcane archer's Grasping arrow says the first time it moves every turn. Do you think it means every person's turn on a round?

     What you say here and what the actual text is is slightly different:

    The creature hit by the arrow takes an extra 2d6 poison damage, its speed is reduced by 10 feet, and it takes 2d6 slashing damage the first time on each turn it moves 1 foot or more without teleporting.
    It doesn't take damage "each turn"; it takes damage "each turn it moves 1 foot or more without teleporting" -- Therefore on anyone's turn in which that creature moves (i.e. the creature chooses to walk/run/jump or is moved by a shove or something similar) it takes the damage.  
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    posted a message on BUG - Character Sheet - Spell Slots

    I had a similar issue a while back where I leveled up and added spells to my sheet (was projecting out what I would do in the future).  After viewing those changes, I decided to go back to where I was and just removed the levels I added, but didn't remove the spells, in doing that the spells remained prepared on my character sheet AND I could not remove them.

    The fix was to level back up to that spot, remove the spells, then level back down again.

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    posted a message on How would you set DC for "scare npc" check

    I'd have the PC roll an intimidation check. 

    Setting the DC requires a few variables, but generally go with the guidelines -- 10 easy, 15 moderate, 20 hard etc.  Start if you think it should be easy/moderate/hard then from there change it up or down based on the variables (or give advantage/disadvantage): who is the NPC (is it just a commoner/merchant (maybe a -1 to DC), is it a guard (+1), is it a seasoned adventurer (+2), is it someone who was recently a prisoner (-3), etc.), what was the context of your super scary monster -- is it something this NPC has encountered/has a history with (i.e. a soldier who fought off Bugbears in the past but was severely injured),  did the PC just say "I make a scary monster" or did they actually detail it like "I create an illusion of a Chimera approaching, with drool falling from its mouth"; did the PC creating the illusion conceal it, or was it out in the open -- from there did the NPC notice the act of that PC doing this (i.e. do they have suspicion it isn't real)

    Alternatively instead of setting a DC you can do a contested check.  I do this after determining "Do we have/need a stat block for the NPC", if so, maybe a charisma save by the NPC vs your intimidation roll determines if they are frightened or not, again giving advantage/disadvantage based on variables/roleplay.  

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    • So - from a particular paranoid perspective ( and someone in power in a thieves would be paranoid ) - a member of the Guild Master's family just tried to assassinate one of the City Captains.
    • The Captains react, believing that the Guild Master is trying to eliminate them and assume direct personal control over their cities ( and/or view it as an opportunity to topple the Guild Master and seize control of the organization ), so the Guild starts to tear itself apart in civil war.


    I think this is a great idea -- sure sounds like a civil war may have been brewing for a while to me.  Some of the other captains in the Thieves' guild have recently been complaining to each other about how the "family" (in charge) is taking extra cuts and might not be being fully honest with the splits throughout the guild (It's a thieve's guild, this is super common).  Most captains are on the fence with this accusation, maybe have some suspicion but without any actual blatant proof aren't willing to pull the trigger on a "open rebellion".  Now with this most recent development of one of the "family" openly attacking a Captain who wasn't completely convinced yet of the corruption of "the family" is totally convinced, as well as other Captains that were on the fence about the issue.  If "the family" is willing to openly rout this guy, what are they going to do to the rest of us, it's time for some new leadership in the guild.  While "the family" might have strong ties and many throughout the guild, perhaps within the next few days the GuildMaster has been surprised and taken hostage by some of the rebelling parties and are threatening a "public execution" of sorts, unless "the family" as a whole leaves the island.  

    As far as the guard showing up to "save the day" and keep the PC's alive, getting jailed there is good, as well as jailing the main members on the other side of the fight.  The Thieves' Guild influence might be great enough to get them all out without much trouble, though the actual guards that witnessed this wouldn't agree with the decision, but hey, they're just guards and not the ones in charge.  Maybe that builds some more story as well, as there is a group of LG guards now that know the party is super shady, and that their leadership is easily bought, and now are on a quest themselves to restore order to this once honest settlement.  

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    Remember that no matter how you describe it they won't picture it exactly the same as you do -- and that's completely fine.  We are going to picture things based on what we have seen in our past experiences, and sometimes getting too detailed may ruin the immersion for a player thinking of the place in their head.  Give enough detail to get an idea of what the room looks like, note the areas of interest and perhaps a few extra "mundane" things (as to not only point out things they should be focusing on)

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    I don't really get the arguments here, some people like to go fast, others like to go slow.  My time in D&D has been awesome because it strongly pushed the fact that it doesn't matter how other people play, it matters how you/your group plays, because that's the game you're in. 

    If your group wants to level fast, level fast, if your group wants to level slow, level slow.  Options can easily be changed (and in fact are often encouraged to be changed to tailor to your group) to allow for either -- you can increase/decrease the amount of XP needed to level, you can use milestone leveling, you can increase/decrease the amount of XP monsters give, you can give XP for social interactions and encounters other than combat, you can pull out a Deck of Many Things and cause someone to lose/gain 10000 XP, you can create a curse/magical power in your world that causes you to lose XP when you kill things, but gain it if you rescue someone, you can create a potion that causes someone to go back to being a child and causes them to lose all of their XP/abilities/class/etc. (Damn you DM who did this to me, I really liked being my 40 year old ranger).

    Remember, the rules are just guidelines anyway

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    posted a message on Ideas about training and skills - perception

    Additionally, there are "training" options in the PHB, https://www.dndbeyond.com/compendium/rules/phb/adventuring#Training, using downtime to train in a new language or set of tools.  This can likely be modified ad DM discretion to allow training in a "skill" as well. 

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    posted a message on Ideas about training and skills - perception

    Here is a search using the magic item search on this site for items that grant advantage on perception


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    posted a message on Critical Role - Campaign 2 Discussion Thread
    Quote from Estoy_Awesome >>

    It might just be me but i don't really like their new name, the whole Nein joke is getting old and bordering on annoying

     I totally agree, but it is their group not mine.  I was hoping for a little more creativity on that point -- but it doesn't mean that it cannot be changed in the future.  I mean they did change their name in C1 if I remember correctly (perhaps it was before they started actually filming, but it  happened nonetheless).  
    I honestly think the reason I don't like it is that it seemed forced.  Matt asked them for a name of the group, and they really didn't have anything so on the spot came up with something.  Does the group really need a name?  I think it was put out to give the audience something to call them in reference to this campaigns adventuring party to separate them from Vox Machina and not just say the Campaign 2 Group.  It's possible some of the characters in the group (and possibly the players) may grow tired of the name at some point, and perhaps gain a "better" name based on some event that occurs in the future.
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    posted a message on What would you like to see from 5e in 2018?


    Quote from Grunk999 >>


    Quote from Mehetmet >>


    Quote from Grunk999 >>

    No, I'm taking about all the content from those sources you mentioned and others produced by WoC. I'd like it all to be in one place, and all official.

    Why? I'm in two different groups, and each DM picks and chooses what they will allow from the various sources. If all the content is in one official book, they are likely to accept it as is.

     If they are in a book published by WotC (Such as XGTE, SCAG, VGTM) then they are already official.  There is no need to include them in a PHB2, as these are supplements to the PHB as is.  Whether or not your DM chooses to allow them doesn't make them any less official.  
    I understand what you're saying, however both DM's treat the PHB as the Word of God, and will follow rules in it even if they don't like those rules...but they don't view the other books that way.
    In any case, one book with all of the content would be convenient, if nothing else.
    I think what DNDpaladin said @ me was meant to be directed @ you and kind of explains the reason why it isn't all in one book, as I'm in agreement with him on this:


    Quote from DnDPaladin >>


    The problem with what you ask is that it would ruin adventurers league format. In adventurers league you get to have phb and plus 1 book and thats all. Which makes players have to choose carefully what they want source wise. If they create the phb2 as you mention... This whole thing they been doing for years wont work anymore.  Imagine 3e if they did a phb with everything in it. It would of been a 3000 pages book. Not to mention how whack adventurers league would of been if players had access to everything at once.

    So yeah it wont happen. On the bright side this is exactly what ddb is trying to do. Have everything in the same place.

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    A toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll, and if we don't get no tolls then we don't eat no rolls. 

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    posted a message on DM Looking for Advice About a Talking Cat

    Right, similar to what RegentCorreon said, let them have it, but there aren't mechanical benefits.  I have my players roll for trinkets, one got the clockwork goldfish in a glass orb and asked if it could be sentient.  I allowed it, with the condition that it couldn't be brought out during social interactions, or if it was it basically wouldn't respond (i.e. the character would pull out the fish and start talking to it, but it wouldn't respond and everyone would think he's nuts).  

    It was super fun when it was just the party walking around doing things, traveling, debating among themselves, etc. but when it came to interacting with NPC's and such, the fish was no benefit or detriment, but created some particularly funny moments.  I ended up actually writing a bit of backstory for the fish (and how it was actually a humanoid trapped in the fish's body by some arcane magic, and doesn't remember it's previous life, the idea being the party would eventually uncover that as it was linked to some other magical things happening in the world with a big bad), but unfortunately our campaign ended before that story ever came to be.  

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