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    Quote from Seabhac >>

    One of my favorite ways of handling a rich group is to incite them into creating an adventure company, depending on their funds this could include things such as purchase of land or property from where they can run their company out of, as well as a ship for travel that is docked and taken care of for a fee of course. Nearly anything could be added that makes sense and you could easily make the cost of a property, ship, employees, renovations, care and maintenance high enough to burn through all that gold.

    This also creates a great and easy way in for any adventure you might want to throw at them, people have heard of your company and sent a letter to your office requesting help. Have a funny secretary like character back at the office letting them know about new letters of send help received while the party is away. Something along those lines anyways.

     Love this idea as it feels like promoting player agency. It’s also the plot of every ghostbusters movie, which can be used for further inspiration. Maybe there’s a local magistrate who is out to get the adventurers through death by red tape, so they can’t just murderhobo him and have to get creative. Maybe the adventurers lose the goodwill of the town and have to earn it back.  Maybe the secretary is Thor in disguise. Go for it!
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    You're welcome! Remember that pen & paper rpgs are about getting together creating a collaborative storytelling experience. It's not about killing things and leveling up, it's about how and why you do it. The weaknesses, imperfections, flaws, and failures of a character are usually what make it the most epic or memorable character ever.

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    Based on your posts/location, I'd like to start by thanking you for your service. 

    Addressing your concern, I've always used a manifesto of sorts and review it anytime I have a new player joining. I review it in the first 5-10 minutes that the entire group is assembled to reassert our common purpose.

    1. This is an inclusive gaming environment. If you are made to feel uncomfortable in any way, please speak up immediately or at the session's debrief so that we can maintain an inclusive environment. 
    2. If you make others uncomfortable, you will be asked to modify your behavior. If you are unable to do so, you will be asked to leave.
    3. As DM, I will make expedited rulings when game rules are in dispute mid-session. You agree to follow my ruling until we can reach a group consensus in the session debrief.
    4. As DM, I am here to narrate, adjudicate, and serve the party so that we can participate in a collaborative storytelling experience. I am always willing to listen to feedback and ideas to improve the story or the experience for the group.
    5. As a group, we will most likely have a common medium of communication. You agree to follow the group consensus regarding frequency and content.
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    Quote from InquisitiveCoder >>


    tl;dr replace the target's character sheet or stat block with the new stat block.

      I agree with all of your points and Aaron's, and your summary is the version I have always used And will add to OP. Are ther any other questions that you encounter?
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    Polymorph is one of the most commonly debated spells. This thread has been created to provide a central point for adventurers and DMs to ask questions about this controversial spell. I'd like to start by listing common discussions that usually occur around polymorph and gain agreement on any questions brought forth by the community. I will periodically update the first post as needed for links and reference.

    Common Discussions:

    • What effects or features carryover into my new form, or back into my original form?
    • How do ongoing effects work with polymorph?
    • What is the interaction of magical vs non-magical abilities and whether the creature's type is changing; especially for parties that use Divine Sense, Primeval Awareness or Detect Magic?
    • For Wild shape, which racial traits, feats, and class features are retained?
    • I was grappled before the change, am I still grappled afterwards?
    • How do attack options interact with wild shape (i.e. Grapple, shove, extra attack, multi attack, martial arts)?
    • Can I cast spells while wild shaped.

    Common Agreement

    • For Polymorph, replace the target's character sheet or stat block with the new stat block.
    • Magical change (i.e. Ancient Dragon Shapechange): changes creature type as new stat block is used
    • Non-magical change (i.e. Vampire, Werewolf): does not change creature type as same stat block is used
    • For Wild shape, you retain racial traits, feats, and class features that do not have specific anatomical requirements
    • If the change in size would mean you cannot be grappled, the existing grapple is broken.
    • Wild shape and attack options:
      • Grapple or shove cost one attack, so you can still perform an extra attack. As multi attack is a single action, grapple or shove replaces multi attack.
      • Martial arts can be used in any shape, but cannot be used with a natural weapon
    • Cannot cast from wild shape until level 18 class feature

    Pick a question (or bring your own) and have at it!

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    Quote from AaronOfBarbaria >>
    Quote from HaLwAsA >>

    If the caster stopped being a caster while they are polymorphed then he wont be able to maintain concentration on the spell in the first place.

    No one has said anything about the caster not being a caster while they are polymorphed. Also, nothing in the system requires a character to be a caster to maintain concentration - for example, a magic item could have casting a spell as what happens when the item is used, have that spell be a concentration spell, and then also not include the clause that some items do which exempts the user from needing to concentrate even though it is a concentration spell (specifically, items like [magic item]brazier of commanding fire elementals[/magic item]

    What is being said is that the effects of polymorph (or any other spell cast upon a character) is more specific than whatever the character's capabilities are like without that spell in effect. And I pointed out wildshape, which is pretty much just polymorph with a few additional caveats, to show that if the rules meant for anything about a character other than alignment and personality to remain the same then it would have actually said so (because D&D's rules never permit something by failing to explicitly forbid it, that's just not how they are written).

     I did mention the emphasized portion of your quote, but I will drop the point as it won't be a productive path to follow. I think we need to start/find a polymorph thread as this conversation is no longer about deciding Warcaster vs Resilient.
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    Once polymorphed you don't have War Caster. It belongs to the previous form of your character. For example, let's say I'm your DM and have agreed to your polymorph logic.

    First time, you successfully cast polymorph on SELF. You are now TARRASQUE. TARRASQUE still has WARCASTER as this was a passive ability of its previous form.

    Next time, you successfully cast polymorph on ANCIENT BLUE DRAGON. It is now ANCIENT BLUE DUCK. ANCIENT BLUE DUCK still has LAIR ACTIONS, BREATH WEAPON, LEGENDARY ACTIONS as these were passive abilities for its previous form.

    We can argue on language and RAW/RAI until we pass from old age. Easiest way to address this is if you would be okay with your DM using the same premise/logic against you.

    P.S. - If someone has art of a duck breathing lightning and tail attacking an errant adventurer, I will use it as my picture for a month.

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    Most of them get deep into the story at that point, so the challenge is getting them quickly drawn into a new plot. I can recommend SKT, as PCs are supposed to be 5 when the get into the main story path. You could have the party escape Barovia and wind up exiting the mists into the middle of one of the three Giant attacks on a major town. You will have to add some thematically appropriate monsters to up the challenge for encounters based on your level range. If you have Volo's just add one of the specialized giant variants to each combat, they are really fun to run as a DM and my players got a kick out of them.

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    I saw an excellent video a while back from Colville. Can't remember the title, but it covered adjusting Damage, Disruption, and Duration for combat encounters to make them exciting and interesting. I would consider Colville and Mercer required research for a new DM.

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    Quote from HaLwAsA >>

    I am will aware of this but here is the point. You the CASTER have casted a spell. The spell changed and removed all your feets and special ability. IT didn't remove your concentration on the spell THUS you are still concentrating THUS the feet interpose here. this Specific condition that you have advantage for concentrating on a spell overrule the other non stated warding. 

    War Caster feet would still be present for level 18 on a wildshaped druid they would be able to cast a spell as a reaction but they wouldent be able to cast a spell as a reaction if they are polymorphed.

    this is how I see it. the wording is clear. that you are concentrating on a spell effect states before you gain the effects of polymorph OR true polymorph.

     I think what everyone is trying to clarify is that once you cast polymorph on self, you are no longer the CASTER in your example. You are the creature. Therefore you (as a creature) are concentrating on Polymorph. Nothing on your PC's character sheet applies once polymorphed. You can even extrapolate this further that you no longer can cast or concentrate on spells, so your polymorph would wear off at the end of the round. 
    I can appreciate what you are trying to go for, but it's clearly "Rule of Cool" and needs to okay with your DM. RAW/RAI doesn't support your proposal. 
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    It's great you are working with a bunch of experienced players! Enlist their aid in describing scenes and creating plot hooks. Give a general description of the scene (dark alleyway in the slums of a major city) and ask each player to provide an element (open air sewage system, abandoned merchant stalls in disrepair, buildings with exterior plaster and mortar crumbling away). If you get stuck, ask the players for input. Most players love having an impact on the story.

    for pacing, I always try to prep the next 4-6 encounters. You may not get to that many in the standard 4 hour session, so you should have a buffer of content.

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    RAW The specific (spell) trumps the general (feat). When polymorphed, only personality and alignment are retained. No feats.

    You and your DM can rule differently, but keep in mind you set a precedent for anyone else to use feats while polymorphed. Immediate problem is anyone else using feats and polymorph immediately surpasses the strength of your wild shape.  

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    I think you're missing a fundamental difference in buying the book at DDB instead of in print. You are not buying a book on DDB, you are buying access to it via the platform. 

    Since you only own access to the material, you are handcuffed to DDB. If the access is interrupted (server down, license lost w/WotC, Bankruptcy, internet loss) you no longer have the material. The value proposition is that the convenience of the tool is equal to the risk of losing access to the content.

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    Played a dwarf tempest cleric from 1-17 through Princes of the Apocalypse and Adventurers League. Spent about a year And a half with weekly plays of that character.

    TL;DR - let your party know you are Thor, not a healer. Add Booming Blade if desired.

    HEAL VS DMG. Damage, always favor damage.

    • A monster with 1 hp does the same damage as when it had full health. It's more important to reduce the incoming damage. This is the only time I would apply MMORPG knowledge to D&D. Prioritize enemies as a group, Focus fire, eliminate target, repeat.
    • Your AoE damage is insane, arguably better than any other class, and always exceeds your healing output. See "Destructive Wave" for strongest example. You can end an encounter by maxing the thunder damage. Once you get this spell, the DM will no longer be able to effectively throw waves at you. I've frequently done 300-500 damage with that one spell. 
    • You can always help heal after battle.   


    Booming Blade (SCAG). It stacks with your cleric bonus damage and is thunder, which can be maxed via channel divinity.

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    More desirable. 

    Any healer, and any caster with the ability to grant temp hp should be viewed as essential. The mechanic removes one layer of the safety net preventing PC death. Life cleric will be appreciated for the extra healing in the moment. Casters who use Polymorph to keep party members up should also feel the same love from the party.

    IMO the game was too safe as it is. I look forward to running a group with this new feature.

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