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    Its not a spell slot, the feature allows you to case a specific spell once per day (similar to monsters that have 1/day spells).

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    posted a message on New to Roll20 (and DnD in general) help?

    Importing to Roll20 requires the DM on Roll20 to have a Pro sub and the API script on the game.

    I also echo the good luck on new folks starting at level 8 - always recommend starting at lower levels for brand new players.

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    Quote from DxJxC >>

    I have also seen "too similar to circle of spores" on a test homebrew subclass for blood hunter. The subclass only has spellcasting feature and only "testing" in descriptions. I have resaved it multiple times, and the message never changed, so I think this is a bug.

    Here is a link to my test homebrew: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/subclasses/95812-test

     Publishing Homebrew is designed for completed works - you shouldn't be attempting to publish test instances.

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    posted a message on Homebrew Spells not showing for players

    I'd also recommend that you check the homebrew spell and make sure you've assigned it to a class - if you don't, then it wont be accessible by any spellcaster.

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    Depends on the School of Wizard, and the desired outcome of the character. Some of the standard choices I see a bit:

    • Fighter 2 - for action surge
    • Hexblade 1 - for Hexblade's curse
    • Sorcerer 3 - for Metamagic dip
    • Paladin 2 or 6 - Pairs well with Bladesinger and works for smites (2), or for Aura (6)
    • Lore Bard - for dice manipulation
    • Tempest Cleric - Chromatic Orb lightning/thunder builds, etc.

    There isn't really any bad options, because you are a Wizard, and thus, amazing.  (#WizardMasterClass)

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    Hi there - The Sidekick UA isn't available in D&D Beyond and won't be for a while.

    With the scope and complexity of this month's UA release, we are unable to support it yet. We are working with WotC on the plan to incorporate it and will share more once we have an update.

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    You should be able to delete the text from the text box? After doing so, you can hit the save button (alternatively it should auto save after a couple of seconds).

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    Devil's Sight does not work with Hunger of Hadar, as mentioned - the spell creates blackness, not darkness. Nothing can see through it, however senses like blindsight, or tremorsense would work.

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    Quote from Nikosandros >>

    If I'm the DM in a campaign, can I move a character that I created to a campaign, making it an unassigned character in that campaign?

     Yes - you would navigate to the Join URL for the campaign you created, then choose the character you created. Then from the campaign page itself, you can unassign it, so it's there for someone else to claim.

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    posted a message on For homebrew spells how do I...

    The easiest way is to take a spell that has the effect then copy it to see where it's coded.

    Take Cone of Cold - it has the range drop down as Self, but under Additional Information in the homebrew coding it has a Cone effect and then a range of 60 ft. This is what causes the extra tagging in range.

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    From a personal note, I was screaming at my TV when I saw CR make the mistake, mainly because I couldn't understand how they missed it.

    The mobile App does have the note for Counterspell up in the casting time field. I know on the website though it's in a different spot (same for material component notes). I'm flagging this one as a request since it's something that's come up at my own tables before.

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    <3 <3 (Can't believe Hartless only gave 1 heart...)

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    Hi Reizon,

    I'm not 100% sure on whom you are addressing, however if you are referring to homebrew on D&D Beyond, we have set Homebrew Publishing Rules which is what the moderator team evaluate reports on for homebrew. If there is a concern with a particular homebrew, you can always reach out to a moderator by Reporting the homebrew creation.

    On the topic of copyright, we cannot change our guidelines and allow breaking of copyright. Everyone using D&D Beyond are also held to Twitch.tv TOS


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    I've moved this to the correct bug forum as its related to mobile (For future references, please do not bump threads as it is against site rules). Staff usually ask for the manifest details showing in the app, as well as making sure you are on the latest version.

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    Hey Tanzier,

    1. Only Moderators and Staff can remove polls from threads.
    2. Currently there is no option to reverse thread order, however I'll flag this thread as a request.
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