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    Vost was a entertainer; an acrobat and sword-dancer for the traveling performance troupe, "Miss Fortune's Infinite Curiosities & Wonders". Vost's talents were multi-faceted...his knowledge of magic was geared towards prestidigitation and harmless illusions, designed to dazzle and mesmerize audiences. His divinations and insights into the Weave were specifically tailored for fortune telling and Tarot readings...more often than not, left ambiguous enough as to not cause a fuss, and only to thrill.

    But it was his sword-dancing that captivated the audiences who visited the shows...an intricate dance of blades, graceful-yet-deadly, where a seconds mistake might spell disaster. Vost would toss these blades effortlessly, juggle, and put on displays of mock combats...much to the enjoyment of the audiences.

    Unbeknownst to them, Vost was a Bladesinger...a wizard who combined martial arts and magic, part of a tradition handed down through the various Elven peoples. Vost, however, had reveled in his talents...using his skill with a blade to boastfully challenge opponents to duels and bloodsports, creating a grim reputation in the underground fighting tournaments...often to the death.

    Elves being somewhat long-lived compared to the other races, it did not take long for the various deaths left in his wake to take their toll upon his conscious...looking back, these "conquests" he performed began to sicken him. It was this abandonment of his violent past that drove him to Miss Fortune's carnival...an opportunity to leave joy instead of harm.

    One day, however, a group of people came to their troupe. They were vagabonds, and had stolen food from a local baron's harvest, unaware that they had trespassed and robbed a member of the nobility. They had been pursued by the baron's soldiers, and required sanctuary. The troupe agreed to shelter them, as they had not taken the food in malice...but sure enough, the baron's men arrived at the carnival site, and demanded the tents and caravans be ransacked to find the vagabonds.

    As things escalated, Vost interceded as the baron's men found the thieves...when they would not let them go peacefully, Vost attacked. Against the magically-fueled assault, and some assistance from the vagabonds and members of the troupe, the baron's remaining men were forced to flee...but many lay dead.

    The troupe was forced to disband; scattering in order to make pursuit by the baron's militia more difficult. Though they had contingencies in place for such emergencies, Vost knew that it may be months, perhaps even years, before the troupe could safely re-unite.

    Vost blamed himself, and took to wandering alone...stopping occasionally in towns and cities to perform solo acts, but lamenting the family he left behind.

    Spying a bounty board in the last town, he saw a notice for freelance adventurers with martial skill to conduct some dangerous work.

    And so, Vost sought to put his skills to some use...

    Vost is a cunning a shrewd swordsman, utilizing illusions and evasive spells to make him elusive to attacks. He delights in trickery; implementing spells like "Mirror Image", "Blur" and "Blink" to make him harder to hit...but in life or death situations, he will unleash evocation spells with tactical precision...striking far-reaching enemies with "Lightning Bolt", or punishing those who attempt to gang up on him with "Fire Shield" or "Thunder Step".

    At higher levels, het lets the pure magical energy of the Weave flow through his body, a sign of true mastery of the spell and blade... the "Investiure" elemental spells allow him to alter his form into fire or ice...even channel the wind itself to let him drift through the air. "Tensers Transformation" takes him to the peak of combat; and coupled with "Elven Accuracy", he applies devastating force damage and speed to his attacks to ensure he hits his targets. Add the "Mobile" feat, and...well, he's quite fast.

    He is often cheerful, boisterous, and prone to laughter...but this is merely a ruse that hides a very intellectual...and perhaps deeply sad...drifting soul.

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    The new Eladrin sub race from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes gives a fantastic option for Sword Bards if you would like a elf race...it also helps that their race features are very interesting.

    They can assume one of four different personalities based on the four seasons, and switch between them on a long rest (if you wish). For instance, their Winter personality is likely calm, stoic, sad or creepy...but the Summer personality would be tough, intimidating, powerful or quick-tempered.

    In addition, their free "Misty Step" feature gives them a short-rest teleport feature...with additional bonuses depending on the personality!

    Frighten an enemy, or charm them, or teleport an ally to safety...or just set everyone on fire.

    This has actually become a favorite bard race for me.

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    Yay...when it is appropriate to the character.

    It is a solid debuff skill that allows you to choose the debuff...and it is a good selection for either a "creepy" character, or a character who is naturally a beguiler.

    In a intrigue campaign, or a campaign that involves affecting NPC's, it is a humorous use of spell...frightening or incapacitating that key someone who shouldn't be alone with you.

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    Hello there, all.

    Rolling up an Eladrin Bard for a back-up character, and need some feedback regarding a little aspect to his character. As an Eladrin, he has four different personalities according to the four seasons...Winter is somber and goth...Summer is brutish and angry...Spring is energetic and brave...Autumn is friendly and mellow.

    However, he also has a lute that changes with his personality, which he infuses with Prestidigitation and Thaumaturgy to create different effects (like an electric guitar). For instance, the Autumn personality flavors his lute as an acoustic guitar, and prefers country music (Freebird and Margaritaville), while the Summer personality has this wicked-looking electric guitar-style for heavy metal (Avenged Sevenfold & Metallica). The Winter personality has a black lute which looks like it was carved from darkness, and creates gothic music like Evanescence & Breaking Benjamin...and the Spring personality prefers hard rock like Bon Jovi or AC-DC, and has a lush green-painted guitar with thorn accents.

    Each style for the instrument is supposed to have its own name that each personality gives it, and I'm currently choosing between different ones for the final draft. I'm curious what you all would think:

    Summer Instrument (Heavy Metal):

    • Dragonspine
    • Painkiller
    • Sunburst
    • Fire-&-Flames
    • Ragnarok

    Spring Instrument (Hard Rock & Glam Metal):

    • Bramblestring
    • Thorn-Riff
    • Kiss-From-A-Rose
    • Heartslayer
    • Kickstart-My-Heart

    Autumn Instrument (Country & Folk):

    • Autumns End
    • Good Harvest
    • Highwayman
    • Southern Gentleman
    • Freebird

    Winter Instrument (Goth Metal):

    • Moonshadow
    • Umberstring
    • Gloomshadow
    • Underworld
    • Winters-Breath


    ...and just so all of you can participate, what are some names your bard might give their instrument?


    I mean, if everyone can name their sword, why NOT an instrument?

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    Name: Karl

    Race: Half-Elf (Half-Drow)

    Subclass: College of Swords

    Background: Folk Hero

    Karl is a peculiar hero...he was the son of a silver dragon named Sagani, who had been masquerading in the form of a human woman. She had a romantic dalliance with a wandering drow mercenary, and though she spoke little of him, she did describe him as "a handsome, charming dark elf, who dressed in rather fancy-looking attire".

    While inheriting the appearance of a drow, Karl was taught the innate morality and perspective of the silver dragons by his mother. By the time he came of age, Karl was compelled to wander the world, and seek adventure. Eventually, he would become a mercenary himself, in the hopes that one day he might cross paths with his mysterious father. 

    Karl's full name is "Karlaxle"; a namesake from his father. And when I rolled his stats, I did pretty good...rolled an 18 for his Charisma!...but I also rolled a 7.

    So I put this stat in Wisdom...his silver dragon mother educated him, so he is by no means dumb, but due to his drow-like appearance, his early life was spent in a sheltered village. As such, he doesn't really understand the common sense of keeping a low-profile...he is friendly and boisterous to anyone he meets, even if it is to his detriment. His naivety and innocence ended up being an endearing quality, and his Charisma helps him smooth out any conflict his dark elf heritage causes. He also sometimes doesn't register danger until it happens...but that's when the blades come out.  ; )

    He likes a good fight, and is very honorable. He depends upon his companions to help him navigate the treacherous and deceitful parts of the world. And while he carries enough currency to sustain himself, treasure holds little value to him...aside from the thrill of seeking it. Often, he will pay for a round of drinks for everyone in a local tavern; and send the most precious jewels or stones back to add to his mother's dragon hoard.


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    Verbally, you would still be limited by the mimicry of standard Kenku dialect.

    Telepathically, you could be as flexible and specific as you wish.

    In fact, it would be amusing to have a Kenku who is actually very articulate and eloquent...

    Kenku: (repeats dialogue) "Up yours, jackass!"

    (mental translation) - "I disagree with your intentions, good sir!"

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    Level 6 Magical Secrets: Pass Without Trace, Spirit Guardians

    Embracing the support role, it's nice to be able to contribute stealth to the party, and nothing beats Pass Without Trace in that regard. Spirit Guardians is a wonderful deterrant for anyone who thinks they're going to get close to take out the bard.

    Level 10 Magical Secrets: Bigby's Hand, Evard's Black Tentacles

    Nothings says intimidation like a giant spectral hand that plows through any enemy in its path...damage, control, defense and utility...it is perfect for a bard. Evard's Black Tentacles is an unconventional choice, but the crowd control it provides is unparrelled, and is good for a bard attempting to make a terrifying impression.

    Level 14 Magical Secrets: Crown of Stars, Prismatic Spray

    Bards are meant to look flashy...but these spells also supplement damage bards can lack. The aesthetic and randomness of Prismatic Spray is too much fun, and Crown of Stars is non-concentration turn-by-turn damage, and looks cool.

    Level 18 Magical Secrets: Prismatic Wall, Wish

    For the artistic bard, Prismatic Wall is a canvas of impenetrable defense and possibility...and Wish ; ]

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    Quote from TheBinarySon >>

    I'm not sure yet, but if I pick Fireball, I'm going to ask my DM if I can change the damage type to force damage and call it “Tour de Force,” “Compelling Performance,” or “Knock ‘Em Dead.”


    Also, it's not a Magical Secrets spell, but whenever I cast sleep, my verbal and somatic components are cupping my mouth and shouting "BORING!"

    Whenever I have a bard centered on being a performer or stage magician, I always flavor the Fireball as a massive collection of fireworks...just more...lethal.

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    "All in all, you're just another brick in the WALL."

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    You can use that bonus Action to Dash.

    1. Add Charisma Modifier to Initiative to go first (typically)

    2. Bonus Action Dash to rush an exposed enemy.

    3. Make the attack, hopefully adding devastating Sneak Attack 

    4. With Fancy Footwork, dance away from retaliatory attack with your remaining movement.

    It is equivalent to a master swordsman's lunge. Too fast for them to see. Too late for them to do anything.

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    The Divine Soul Sorcerer really does it for me.

    Draconic Sorcerers are pretty cool, but there are only so many backstories you can create from it...Bahamut, Tiamat, or whatever shade of dragon suits your fancy.

    Divine Soul sorcerers descend from literal gods, giving so much possibility for backstory...and they are not limited by alignment, expanding your pantheon of choices. Gods, demons, djinn, or perhaps something stranger...you have so many options! And the features are practical...a short-rest "Favor of the Gods" to keep you alive from a potentially-devastating save, or the "Otherwordly Wings" to give yourself mobility. Basically, a class that can keep yourself (and your allies) alive.

    So I thought it would be interesting to share your godly character concepts below...


    I have a sweet concept for fungal-flavored character named Kordycia, a tiefling touched by the Abyssal demoness known as Zuggtmoy (we had encountered her in a campaign, and the concept was so amazing, I had to create a character based around her!). She had been exposed to both the tiefling curse by way of cursed spores the mushroom Lady of Rot had seeded into the body of her brainwashed parent. Zuggtmoy had been attempting to assert her influence on the mortal realm, against the Archdevil's of the Nine Hells.

    Shown here:

    Related imageImage result for zuggtmoy

    The result was a tiefling unlike any other...rather than horns, Kordycia inherited Zuggtmoy's haunting visage...strange fungal growths serving as her "horns" actually covered her eyes and upper face, though she is not blind. The spores, imperceptible in the air, allow her to see. Her skin appears in shades of pinks and purples...unusual, but possessing an otherworldly beauty.

    Though her demonic heritage might mark her as evil, she is decidedly more neutral...capable of good, but particularly vilified for her alien appearance. Her sorcerer / cleric spells give her access to a multitude of necrotic spells, flavored as her fungal spores bending to her will... her free subclass spell "Inflict Wounds" acts as necrotic fungus blooming painfully from her victims flesh (yuck!)... "Spirit Guardians" are a damaging cloud of necrotic spores, seeping into her victims... "Enervation" is Twinned to siphon vitality from two victims at a time.. "Harm" is also Heightened or Twinned for maximum damage as they are subjected to slow fungal infection... "Sickening Radiance" serves as a cloud of "ominous, bio-luminescent spores" that infect victims and make them exhausted... "Touch of Death" allows for infected fungal thralls. "Death Ward" kickstarts spores she seeded in her comrades before a fight, and "Mental Prison" are her spores affecting the brain of her victim, transporting them to realm similar to Zuggtmoya's. Her healing is described as mushrooms growing upon wounds, as her spores deliver healing energy, before rotting off. Her "Otherworldly Wings" manifest as intricate, almost artistic "wings" of pure fungus, the wingspan allowing flight as tiny spores drift off from it. Her "Unearthly Recovery" visualizes as more fungus blossoming from her injuries, regenerating her wounds and literally holding her "together".

    Her allies find her creepy at times, but she is also quite artistic...she enjoys Prestidigitation and Minor Illusion to forms fungus-themed works of art. She considers it "Art from life, and life from death". She will often give elaborate bouquets of "mushroom roses" to people as a gesture of good faith, and more often than not, they are visually appealing enough that people accept eagerly accept (Performance check...?).

    Visually, it is similar to the "Death Godlike" from "Pillars of Eternity":

    Related imageImage result for death godlike female


    What about your Divine Soul concepts?

    Share below!

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    In terms of damage, the Two-Weapon Style would technically allow for more damage (and more opportunities to apply your Flourishes). Add to that the Bard's "Faerie Fire" spell, which would give them advantage on targets, it is a safer bet. Adding the Duel Wielder feat helps to boost damage, though if there was any problem it's that War Caster is also recommended. 

    Dueling does allow automatic damage on a hit, which is nice, but as you do not get shield proficiency, it is a weaker choice UNLESS you get proficiency from a feat or multiclassing.

    Some ways to get around the "verbal-somatic" requirement...have your character make an Acrobatics or Performance check if they need to cast a complicated spell.

    These are weapons performers by design; perhaps they are juggling these swords as they dash along the battlefield. If they pass the check, then they satisfy the demands of the spell, catch their weapon, and continue.

    If they fail the check, then they drop their weapon...allowing for amusing consequences.

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    College of Dance:

    Bards of this college have learned to attune to the primordial Echos of Creation that resonate throughout the world. They channel these mystical vibrations through their elaborate dances, mingling it with their magic. Bards of this college are often brimming with energy, and always moving due to sensitivity to these energies. Mastery of this art creates an almost hypnotic effect, where the bard appears as nothing more than a blur of color and laughter as they dance among their peers. At higher levels, the Bard will seems to blink in and out of existence, their dance sending them through the Ethereal Plane, untethered by physical restrictions.


    "Fancy Footwork" - the bard dances across the battlefield, gaining a additional 10ft to their movement speed. If they cast a spell on the same turn, they also may disengage from an enemy in melee range without provoking oppurtunity attacks.

    "Dance Partner" - the bard may expend a use of Bardic Inspiration as a bonus action, swapping places with a willing ally within 30ft they can see. As a bonus action on the following turn, they may swap places again without expending Bardic Inspiration, provided that it is the same ally.

    "Elusive Dance" - the bard may cast the spell "Blink" or "Blur" as an additional spell known. This spell use is limited to once per short rest, symbolizing the bard's evasive movements.

    "Battle Rhythm" - the bard has perfected their arcane dance. When concentrating on a spell, if a bard uses their full movement, they gain advantage on concentration checks to maintain their spell for that round. They may do this for each concentration spell cast for every single point of their Charisma modifier, each long rest.

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    Hello everyone!

    Warforged are one of the cooler playable races to come out of the Eberron release...mechanical constructions that were once built for warfare, but now find new purpose amidst the various classes in D&D.

    They are actually pretty damn versatile for a literal death-machines...they're innate defenses, coupled with the unique subclasses that allow them to excel in nearly any kind of build, means that a Warforged can pretty much be whoever they want to be.

    The only thing remaining is...justifying their presence. Unless your campaign is set in Eberron, the presence of a Warforged might draw attention to your typical city guard or townsfolk. But this might serve only as an additional aspect to make your Warforged backstory even more unique!

    Perhaps your Warforged was created by a Gnomish wizard-inventor, interesting in creating artificial life with a genuine soul (ala Victor Frankenstein).

    Maybe your Warforged DID come from Eberron...part of an imported shipment of weaponry paid for by a criminal organization looking to expand their influence by using a small army of mechanical enforcers. But your Warforged gained sentience, breaking away from the criminal guild and is now on the run from the boss looking to reclaim his stolen property.

    Maybe your Warforged is a wandering monk, looking to gain peace from the bloody memories of a war you can't actually remember clearly.

    Perhaps your Warforged is actually the soul of another living race, trapped in a mechanical shell by a wicked necromancer who was looking to achieve immortality.

    The potential for naming your Warforged are also unique to the type of class you want:

    Stogie - the veteran Warforged Barbarian who puffs on a cigar and drinks whiskey, despite not really feeling the effect.

    Tesla - the magical Storm Sorcerer whose heart is a literal condensed storm.

    Jukebox - an Envoy Warforged Bard whose torso opens to reveal an assortment of musical instruments (like an ORGAN, ha!). Perhaps he is seeking musical instruments to add to his collection, to become a living symphony!

    Hidden Pearl - a spiritual monk Warforged whose name is chosen as a metaphor for the soul within the shell.

     Slick - the surprisingly sneaky Warforged rogue.

    Really, the possibilities are endless.

    So please, share your Warforged character concepts below!


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