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    I enjoy the concept you mentioned regarding the goblin being "gifted" to a noble by adventurers who killed its tribe. Good excuse for the goblin to have a chip on its shoulder.

    I actually have the backstory played out...the goblin found the normal day-to-day activity of his tribe raiding / pillaging to be mundane.

    Then after one particular raid, they bring the survivors in for the usual slave labor...and one of the survivors happens to be a bard (in this case, the bard subclass will mimic whoever the bard is).

    The goblin finds the bard's instrument and books among the loot, and they pique his curiosity. He visits the bard in his cell, and the bard indulges the goblins curiosity by reading from the tome, which contains tales of various adventures. The bard also teaches the goblin the basics of playing the musical instrument. The goblin immediately becomes fixated on the stories, having never heard of anything like them, and becomes entranced by the music. The goblin & the bard develop a shaky friendship in secret, with the bard instructing the goblin in the bardic arts, teaching him to read from the book. Doing so unlocks the innate magical power within the goblin, a rare occurrence among goblins, which they refer to as "booyahg" in their own tongue.

    Upon his tribe discovering this power, they intend for the goblin to use the magic to expand their territory. Magic is, after all, a powerful weapon. But with the goblin's increasing uncertainty regarding his own race and their violent tendencies, the goblin instead breaks the bard out from his cell, and the two escape in the middle of the night.

    The goblin has a fervent desire to understand art and magic, and the strange world his people once terrorized. Obviously, he travels under cover, with his bard mentor providing some instruction how to safely move among the other races.

    He's a bit rough around the edges, but he's got a good heart. His wish is to prove that he isn't a threat, while being accepted as an adventurer and artist like his mentor. He learns the written word, and practices writing down the stories he experiences while adventuring. In combat, he recites battle chants taught to him by his mentor.

    He is not, however, a warrior...at best, he's a scrapper: he'll dive in for an ambush, and then run like hell.

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    Looking to concoct a goblin bard for a potential campaign, and starting to see the appeal of the goblin race in general.

    I've never played a goblin before, but I like the concept of a stereotypically hated race playing a charismatic class like a bard.

    Sort of a bard-with-a-rougher edge.

    They would be neutral good, attempting to distance themselves from other goblins when they discover music and art, something better than killing and raiding. Combat, aside from magic, would either involve shooting from range or hit-and-run melee (they have bonus action Disengage built right into the race).

    I need name ideas, though...I've tried names like "Riff" or "Fret" or "Grunge" to capture that hard rocker image, but am not quite feeling the flow those names have.

    Also am curious which bard subclass fits a goblin bard...College of Swords might fit that more violent background, but a Lore Bard or Glamour Bard might break the stereotype of a goblin. Certain subclass features might gel with goblin race features, so if anyone has creative suggestions, please discuss!

    If anyone has tried a goblin bard, feel free to share experiences.

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    That's a clever concept! Sweet!

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    posted a message on Your Favorite Patron...And Why.

    Regretfully, the Raven Queen patron did not make the official release. However, a homebrew version likely exists.

    Alternatively, the Hexblade can be loosely related to The Raven Queen.

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    Interesting theories...something to bear in mind: both Paladins would be immune to fear at their peak power.

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    In a rather unusual roleplaying choice, my "deity" (not actually sworn, just respected) is Lliira...Goddess of Love & Lady of Joy.

    He justifies his crusade against the greater evil because it protects innocence and joy. Bit of backstory there...

    So...Lliira isn't the sort of goddess to intervene, at least not in a violent way.

    I've considered using the flight ability to fly upwards and just drop the guy...or use the environment to my advantage. Gotta get creative...

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    Whelp...I'm doomed!

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    With a recent campaign of mine setting up an old friend as a potential villain, it has sparked a curious question in my mind...what can stop a Conquest Paladin?

    I'm running an Oath of Vengeance Paladin, and I can't help but think that I'm going to be outmatched against the sheer power of a Conquest Paladin...but the appeal of these two warriors of virtue fighting each other is too good to pass up! 

    I mean, think about it...a Conquest Paladin is all about brutality, domination, and might...yes, to assert order, but this Conquest paladin has defined the "law" as being in accordance to his own whims, and has now taken to lopping off heads of random people for minor infractions (he sort of went mad due to story elements from the last campaign).

    My Vengeance Paladin is, in contrast, not very abiding to the law...he smites the wicked, yes, but he's also a bounty hunter who keeps his quarry alive for minor crimes, saving the slaying for the greater evil (as per his Oath...Fight the Greater Evil). In his view, he sees this Conquest Paladin as a warped perversion of what an Oath represents, which is to protect innocent people from murderers...and right now, this Conquest Paladin is stacking up a pretty nasty body count of civilians.

    My Vengeance Paladin is dedicated to stopping the slaughter...and I expect this Conquest Paladin to be his ultimate test...not just physically, but morally. I'm actually worried that this Conquest Paladin might convince my Vengeance Paladin that power is all that matters!

    But let's say they rumble...how does a Vengeance Paladin beat a Conquest Paladin?

    Both are immune to fear...which nullifies many of their skills (Conquest Paladin's tanking ability, Vengeance Paladin's Abjure)...which leaves their other features...Vow of Enmity gives Vengeance Paladin's advantage for a minute...Conquest Paladins get to hit with precision...then Spiritual Weapon gives them another hit...and they get psychic rebuking damage for every hit against them...then an extra attack...then resistance to all damage...ugh...

    Vengeance Paladins get Haste, they can fly as their capstone, and they are able to attack many times as reactions to their main target (with Enmity advantage, to boot!)...but as impressive as that is, they are outmatched against the raw power of a Conquest Paladin, I feel. They are relentless pursuers, reactionary scrappers, and terrifying warriors...but unless I'm missing something, a Conquest Paladin can simply do more. I'd have to pull off something creative...

    What do you all think? Who'd win in a one-on-one fight: Conquest or Vengeance? How?



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    Ah, you've solved my confusion!

    So it's to ensure you make the hit, even if you miss the first time...the concentrations value allows a second attempt to get the spell effect off.

    Many thanks!

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    So, I'm going to try the Paladin class for the first time in a campaign, having lost a character recently and needing to replace him. Thankfully, it is early on, and 5th level.

    Tentatively, I have selected the Oath of Vengeance, due to its emphasis on mobility and damage...I prefer the more nimble, dexterous warriors, such as rogues, monks, and even sword bards...and so it seemed like a good fit. Plus, the Oath Tenants are flexible enough that I can pursue enemies with a considerable mercilessness...but have enough restraint that I can still remain fairly neutral in alignment.

    My problem is this...I've tinkered with several backstories, but am having trouble committing to an event significant enough that would lead him to become this slightly darker vigilante.

    Here's some of my ideas:

    1. (City Watch - Investigator) - He had a significant romantic relationship with a tiefling cleric of Lliira (basically the kindest, most innocent person imaginable). Due to tiefling prejudice, however, she was targeted and killed by a local gang in Waterdeep, and without substantial evidence, not much was done to bring them to justice. He took matters into his own hands, and hunted down the killers, and then the leaders of the gang, when they retaliated. He was dishonorably discharged from the City Watch for ignoring orders to stand down, and now drifts aimlessly as an adventurer, only finding solace in exterminating criminals and evil beings.

    2. (Urban Bounty Hunter) - He was known as the best tracker and bounty hunter in Waterdeep, specifically for his indifference to the boundaries of the city's rigid social system. It didn't matter if you were a noble hiding behind your wealth & privilege...or a thief with a horde of assassins at your disposal. If you harmed the innocent, he would find you. Of course, this made him an enemy of nearly every powerful individual in Waterdeep...when things got too hot, he temporarily abandoned Waterdeep to seek out work in other places, lending his services as an adventurer.

    3. (Haunted One) - when people started to go missing, and the local City Watch was unable to determine the cause, he ventured out on his own to find answers. He discovered a trail left by recent victims that led through the network of sewers beneath Waterdeep. Due to potential dangers and fact that the victims were likely already dead, the City Watch refused to commit forces to pursue the lead. Instead, the paladin gathered some locals (ala the "Haunted One" feature) and led a raid on the sewers system. There, they found a lair belonging to a trio of oni who had been abducting people and children. They ruthlessly slayed them, and so the hero decided took up a career in monster-slaying, vowing the Oath.


    So the only persistent feature I wish for is that the hero in question have some affiliation with Waterdeep, as a person who hunted either evil people or creatures professionally, and decided that he wasn't doing enough and swore the Oath. I enjoy the mechanical benefits of the "City Watch / Investigator" or "Urban Bounty Hunter", as they fit the class. I've considered merging the first backstory with the second one, and simply stating that he became a bounty hunter when he lost his position within the City Watch.

    However, if anyone on these forums had an interesting backstory for an Oath of Vengeance paladin, I'm open to suggestions, as long as it centers on Waterdeep (our campaign is going there). Also, if any particular gods exist that are appropriate to a Vengeance Paladin (I know they're not required), please feel free to name them, as I lack knowledge of them.

    Plus, it's fun to hear other peoples ideas.

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    Just concocted a "changeling" Warlock who doesn't really have a Patron, at least not conventionally...

    He was created when a bunch of wizards tried to steal power from a Great Old One from the Far Realm, known as the Black Star. Instead, they screwed up, got themselves blown up, teleported, or driven insane...so they only managed to summon a fraction of the Black Star's power.

    But this small bit of power couldn't sustain itself in its raw form, so it took a physical, living shape...and became a changeling (since it has no concept of identity or personality, at least not yet).

    So this changeling wandered around, alone, changing it's appearance to survive, learning what it means to be alive.

    He finds the world both fascinating and beautiful, as well as cruel.

    He still has this dark connection back to the Black Star, however, and can feel it watching him. It seeks to enter into the Material Plane out of hunger, hatred and domination...so basically, "The Haunted One" background.

    The changeling uses it's own power against it, however, as he seeks to foil the Black Star and protect his new home.

    The changeling worries also that, if he dies, if he will return back to the Far Realm and be absorbed back into the Black Star, since he is still technically a part of it. What little memory he has of that place is both grim and terrifying, often giving him nightmares.

    He is quirky, a bit naive, and unintentionally hilarious, and sometimes forgets to speak using his own mouth (he will mistakenly speak directly into a person's mind).

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    posted a message on Your Favorite Patron...And Why.

    A chance to consider your preferred god-like Patron.

    Do you like the Faustian bargains of a Fiend Pact, even if they're likely to betray you?

    Or the mercurial nature of the Archfey, who might use you as their strategic tool one moment, then completely lose interest the next?

    Or perhaps the Great Old One, a being who may not care at all about you, or even know you're there...or who might make you do some odd stuff....

    What's your favorite, what's your Patrons name, and what do they get out of making a Pact with you?

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    posted a message on Poll: Great Old One- Awakened Mind

    Ah, the "communicate" discussion...

    Here's a question: Can a dead body communicate?

    "No, it cannot decipher nor contribute a message!"



    I imagine the Awakened Mind falls into the unusual category of communicating a conscious message...and the nature of the process speaking for itself.

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    So, for something different...

    Imagine a group of cultists, specifically a group of conjuration & divination wizards, attempting to seek out power from beyond the known Planes of existence...they are so focused on finding magic beyond what is known, they attempt to siphon power from the Far Realms (having heard rumor that the infamous Halaster Blackcloak had accomplished something similar in the Undermountain).

    In doing so, they inadvertently touch upon a being known as a Great Old One...a Black Star of tremendous cosmic power, beyond mortal comprehension. As they attempt to trap a portion of it's evil power in a bizarre ritual, they do not realize that they are, in fact, taking power from a Great Old One, and are driven insane by its mere presence. In an explosion of arcane energy, the wizard cultists are flung into random extraplanar portals, teleported across the Forgotten Realms, their collective psyches scrambled...except for one, who barely maintains his sanity.

    You would THINK that this remaining wizard would be the warlock...but no!

    You see, they DID manage to trap a portion of The Great Old One's power...but by touching the minds of the wizards, combined with coming to the Mortal Plane, the bit of The Black Star's power actually became a living, breathing being...but because it does not understand mortal thoughts or a human form, it instead manifested as a changeling, as it lacks an identity or alignment.

    Separated from The Great Old One, this changeling does not understand who it is, and barely understand where it came from...the first thing it sees is this gibbering cultist, still in shock. 

    "What is this?! What are you?!" the wizard rambles, pointing at the changeling.

    The changeling ponders this, and responds telepathically. "What am...I?"

    Alarmed by the intrusion into his thoughts, the wizard says, "You are not...this is not right! You are not supposed to be here! Where is the power...?!"

    The changeling does not understand the shock or disappointment of the wizard, still focused on the first question. Again, with more force, the changeling telepathically asks:

    "WHAT AM !?" 

    Shaken by this psychic command, the wizard huddles close to himself. "You are...uh...an anomaly," he answers feebly. "An...error with our ritual. A mistake."

    The changeling tilts its head, not comprehending the words, but detecting the disappointment in the wizards emotions.

    "I am...mistake?" the changeling  repeats, experiencing a tinge of sadness.

    The wizard clears his throat, realizing this unknown being speaking into his mind might be dangerous. "Not a mistake, per se!" he squeaks. "You are...different. A living thing, but not like us. You are...odd."

    The changeling considers this. "I am...odd?"

    The wizard tentatively nods his head in agreement.

    "Not like you..." the changeling says, thinking deeply.

    Instinctively, the changeling then turns its form into that of the wizards...a younger man, with dark hair, brown eyes. The wizard sees this, and his jaw drops open.

    "Not like you," the changeling repeats, speaking with it's mouth for the first time. "Odd."

    The wizard, already shaken by the ritual, finally snaps, going insane as this changeling turns into his own appearance. Not able to handle it, laughing like a maniac, the wizard tears another hole in the fabric of reality, and hurls through it to some unknown place, leaving the changeling alone.

    The changeling, beginning to form its own thoughts and personality, absently shrugs, and grabs a spare cloak from inside the lab, and continues on, eager to explore this unusual place, already forgetting the strange wizard.

    Besides, it is already satisfied with its new name...


    ...the Changeling.

    This was an exciting new warlock idea...that the changeling was, in essence, a part of The Great Old One. It fit with the concept that these Great Old Ones didn't really comprehend the way we think, and that they essentially stumble through the world.

    Odd the Changeling understands that there is some force intertwined with his being, essentially a cosmic star that watches him distantly. Vaguely, this Great Old One is some Elder Evil, a malevolent dark star that seeks madness and misfortune...but because Odd the Changeling is only a small fragment of this Great Old One, he has his own separate consciousness, and is able to tap into this dark, cosmic power.

    Though he does not know the true nature of this power, he seeks to understand it. And so, he seeks out those wizards that have been driven mad by their ritual, to read their thoughts and memories to understand The Great Old One they had contacted. He also seeks the knowledge to contain this potential threat, as he grows to like this world filled with mortals.


    "But do ye 'ave a name, you silly creature?" said Lyria Adagio, eyeballing the pale changeling with black hair.

    "I...am Odd," declared Odd, staring back at the female dwarf with his black, pupil-less eyes.

    Lyria nodded, seeming to understand that his name was more than just a title. "And do ye have a last name, then?"

    Odd thought about that for a moment. "...Anomaly?" he said, remembering the other word that peculiar wizard had used.

    "Odd...Anomaly," Lyria said, almost musically. "That fits."

    "In more ways than one," snorted Vincent.


    Odd Anomaly was given his last name by some travelling companions he stumbled across in his travels...a group of performers, known as Lady Fortune's Performance Troupe. Led by a tiefling manager named Fortune..."Miss" Fortune...Odd Anomaly formed fast friendships with the rest of the troupe...especially Lyria Adagio, a dwarven Zealot Barbarian, and Vincent Gratio, a half-elf Swashbuckler Rogue (these are actual characters I've played, at least partially).

    Odd Anomaly is particularly fond of Lyria...she is a barbarian, but also a singer (she often sings in combat...she was a bouncer for a band "Vicious Mockery", before becoming their singer, after foiling an assassination attempt on their drummer, ironically arranged by the previous singer...lots of band drama!). She actually teaches Odd how to perform music, and thus Odd multiclasses into Bard.

    As both a Warlock and a Bard, he chooses the College of Lore, in order to gather more knowledge of magic...and having a fascination with stories and music. Truly, Lyria taught him about the beauty of the world. Fascinated with words, he sometimes will telepathically narrate things around him, irritating his companions.

    Which is why Odd Anomaly won't stop until he prevents the Elder Evils from interfering with the Prime Material Plane. He seeks to use his knowledge to protect his new home.

    The "Haunted One" background reflects his dark observer, the Black Star that watches from the edge of the Far Realm. If Odd Anomaly grows angry, he uses some of that dark power, making him scared of himself, sometimes..."Magical Secrets" serving as forbidden eldritch knowledge like "Evard's Black Tentacles" and "Mental Prison".

    His enemies are cultists that make Pacts with Elder Evils, and other "aberrations" like himself that hurt innocents...Beholders, Mind Flayers & Oozes, to name a few...

    He is, of course, Chaotic Neutral...he lacks conventional understanding of laws or boundaries because of his alien nature, but he is protective of those he considers allies...leaning more towards the "good" side of neutral.

    I have to say...this is perhaps my favorite character concept yet...a fun character to roleplay...an interesting backstory...an interesting race...and a personal story, with a potentially hugely evil "boss" villain...a strange dude with a big heart!


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    Originally, Arcane Trickster felt like the subclass to beat...Booming Blade, Find Familiar, and a enhanced Mage Hand...

    However, after starting a Swashbuckler, I've come to see the value of the class...Fancy Footwork allows for a "Mobile" feat (minus movement speed), plus a bonus-action Dash, meaning you're hard to pin down...Rakish Audacity means obscenely high Initiative rolls and more Sneak Attack damage for direct combat. Haven't reached this point yet, but Panache seems like it will be potent, both in and out of combat.

    The hidden gem is, with Charisma providing a boon to the Rogue subclass, it means multiclassing Charisma classes is very valuable...allowing for many spells offered by the Arcane Trickster subclass to be available to the Swashbuckler...currently, my character carries a cursed dagger he sometimes speaks to, offering a temptation to dip into the Warlock class...and it's interesting to have that option to use at any point.

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