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    Both, but ironically if you really want to maximize the effects of Gloomstalker and Assassin (and they're really fantastic so why wouldn't you), the best approach is to get your 4 attacks/round ASAP via Fighter 11 and some feats.

    Wood Elf 11 Battlemaster/5Assassin/3GloomStalker/1Hexblade with a hand crossbow and Elven Accuracy+Crossbow Expert+Sharpshooter.

    (Live in Stealth) Hex Curse+Hex and Action Surge on the surprise round for 8 super advantaged crits and blow up just about anything in the Monster Manual before the first round. The 2% of monsters that survive that die on round 1. 

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    Uh, has nobody read Xanthar's yet? I feel like the designers read the OP first post request and added the very 'ruby' that can affix to a weapon to make it a focus.....

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