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    Far Step sounds pretty nice but I want to preserve the concentration spots for CC spells like hypnotic Pattern or Hold Person. My team is quite melee heavy so I’ve got good protection; dimension door is my safeguard if anything goes wrong and I can take an ally with me!

    Most of your other suggestions seem appropriate for a swords/valour bard but I’m going full support with this character lol. 

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    Prismatic spray/wall, just careful you don’t annihilate your melee allies with the former 😂

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    Another Magical Secrets “what do I pick?!” post haha...

    The current team situation is:

    Half-Elf Glamour Bard
    Life Cleric

    We’re only lv 3 but I’m trying to plan out the direction I want the character to go in spell-wise so by the time I hit 10 I “should” have

    Minor Illusion
    Vicious Mockery

    Faire Fire
    Dissonant Whispers

    Hold Person

    Dispel Magic
    Hypnotic Pattern

    Dimension Door

    Synaptic Static


    Counterspell is the common suggestion and I’m heavily considering its benefits. It just seems a bit, cheap imo... I feel like it’s more fun to deal with what the enemy has thrown at us and Dispel Magic should cover that base other than a PC getting straight up killed, which we DO have a cleric for; I’m also trying not to overlap roles within the party, which can be difficult to avoid as a bard. There’s just soooo much fun stuff to choose from the sorcerer/druid/wizard lists so I’m kind of biased there since we don’t have any of those classes.

    I’m also not totally sure about Greater Invis from a thematic standpoint. This is a glamour bard that NEEDS to be noticed/worshipped/loved so going invis feels like such an antithesis...considering polymorph here.

    So far I’m liking:

    R5 Bigby’s Hand - Mainly for enemy repositioning to move them through a bunch of opportunity attacks lol.

    R5 Wall of Force - Just objectively good; moreso with Mantle of Inspiration.

    R4: Banishment - One of a rare few CC that require a CHA save and I like CC variety.

    R4 Conjure Woodland Beings - Summoning 8 pixies sounds stupidly awesome! Think I’d have to work with my DM on a version of the spell that’s not so obnoxious...

    R4 Find Greater Steed - Mostly the thematic flair of riding around on a pegasus.

    R1 Shield - +5AC on REACTION?! Is this a trap??

    Thanks for your suggestions! :D

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