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    Natah frowned as she watched people start attacking the ogre for no reason. This is the level of trust I can expect, she thought, as she withdrew her daggers. Staying in the shadows, she continued to watch.

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    “You all are a right strange bunch,” Rosie laughed from her spot below the tree. “Don’t even know if you’re hunting or befriending the kobolds... I’ll tell you one thing, from my experience, kobold’s aren’t smart enough to see the big picture. If you try and befriend them, they’ll turn around a continue to disrupt your supply lines.” Natah continued to seethe, glaring at Grishkar, wondering if he would be worth eating, while Rivvil puts a tentative hand out towards the puppy.

    "So, these kobolds. What is the plan, exactly? We want people to be afraid of them and want our services, but we don't want to just exterminate them?" asked Grishkar.

    "What's the point of mentioning the threat they pose if we just off and kill them?" Veldyn replies.

    “If you get rid of them, you prove that you’re actually a viable option,” Rose countered. “I can assure you, the kobolds are the least of Hannock’s worries.”

    "Then tell us, friend. What is the greatest of their worries?" Veldyn asks.

    "Most likely, the people are already too aware of the threat." Grishkar settles in and crosses a leg, "An initial demonstration makes us look the benefactors instead of the thugish extortionists." At this point Rivvil is attempting to pat the puppy on the head. Chewie rolls over so that Rivvil can give him a belly rub.

    “Exactly!” Rose replied. “It will put you in their good graces. As far as the largest threat, it would probably be the fact that their crops are failing. Wood elves and bandits are still a problem, but if they weren’t in the middle of a famine...” Rivvil is tentatively scratching the puppies belly, which makes Chewie very happy. 

    Grishkar leans in closer to Veldyn, "You know, once the sentient threats are gone and protection is provided, it would be nice if the communal populace had a benefactor in the form of a lordly house."

    "Why send us to Hannock if they're in such dire straights," Veldyn replies. "Feels like a waste of a trade route."

    “Well. Because they need confirmation that Hannock want our help. Plus there is that missing person we’re also suppose to be looking for.” Rivvil pipes up now trying to goad the puppy into his lap.

    "In the grand scheme, it's a trade route to be claimed by the Zhentarim and a large enough settlement that future endeavours can be made." Grishkar pulls a tattooed hand from his sleeve and points to his head, "You need to think on a large scale if you want to build an empire."

    "It didn't work out very well the last time," Veldyn winks. "But I guess the motives aren't to be questioned, yeah?" The wheels in his head turn. He knows there's a much bigger play, and he's curious what it could be.

    The side the elf can emote with shows an arrogant disdain, "If you are referring to the old regime of the Zhentarim, it's a lesson in hubris. Those with ambition should never overreach except when victory is assured."

    "In the end, Hannock will get their food," Veldyn nods. "The trade route will be secure, the wood elves and bandits will no longer be a problem, and they can focus on treating their crops properly. I'm curious to hear what arguments they'll have against this arrangement."

    “Truthfully we can speculate and plan all we want. But we won’t know what’ll happen until we get there. Let’s just focus on getting there. And we’ll see what they need then. If they are truly in a famine they’ll accept our help. And we can also offer some help of taking care of their threats.” A smile appears on Rivvils face at the mention of taking care of threats. “All of course in the name of the Zhentarim,” he adds after a moment. Still glaring, Natah removes a small file from her pack and begins to file the nails on one hand, into sharpened points. Returning to Natah's baleful glare, Grishkar draws a small knife from a sleeve and begins pushing the blade against his hands in various superficial, (occasionally) non-bloody pokes and prods. Veldyn curls his lip, wondering at the odd foreplay the two are getting at. Outside you can hear Godiva humming a tune as the cart trudges forward.


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    Natah had noticed the glances toward her, mainly from Llewyrr. Uncomfortable, she kept a hand on a dagger, just in case. Did he know? How could he? She shied away from the group, giving herself some distance where she could keep an eye on them, and eat in peace. Pulling a ration from her pack, she snaked it behind her cloth mask, and took a bite. She grimaced at the taste, knowing she'd need to find some meat soon.

    Grishkar took a spot beneath a tree, studying the rest as they went about their ways. His robes insulated the heat from the warm autumn day and caused a line of sweat to form on his brow. Disgusting, he thought, The weakness of the flesh and frailty of life. It's difficult to tell from a distance, but the grass begins to wilt and gray within the few feet around the elf.

    Llewyrr looks up suddenly, looking Rivvil in the eye. Rivvil stutters for a moment at being caught before looking down suddenly being very interested in a blade of grass. To the Abyss Rivvil swears mentally. Llewyrr continues to stare at the cloaked individual. Sitting a short distance away, Natah watched as glances were passed around at one another. She looked between Grishkar and Rivvil a few times, then sighed. "Do you two need sssome time alone?" At Nahah's words, Llewyrr immediately looks down at his book.

    Rivvil really looks at Natah for the first time and begins to study her a little before saying. “No I’m just curious.”

    Grishkar's smile seems to only touch one side of his face, the ruined half seemingly devoid of joy, "This one stares into the abyss. I am only reminding it that the abyss stares back..." Llewyrr looks through the curtain of his hair at the four around the fire, watching them intently, but surreptitiously.

    Veldyn pulls the pipe from his lips. "You all need a dose of reality. We have a task to accomplish and your insecurities will get in the way of accomplishing it. Stop watching your backs for a moment so that we can come to terms with each other. What skills will each of you bring to the task the Zhentarim has given us?" At the question, Natah begins to laugh. She regards Veldyn a moment, before sliding the ration under her mask and taking another bite. Llewyrr's shoulders seem to relax at the sound of Natah's laughter. A slight smile appears. "Very well," Veldyn sighs. "I'll start." He gestures to the young lady setting his things up. "This is Godiva, a squire of the knights of Hoar. I am Veldyn of house Steelspire, a recognized noble of Neverwinter so I imagine my influence will help in the coming days. I am also a knight of Hoar." He rests his arm on his longsword. "If we don't get a familiarity with each other, this will fail."

    Llewyrr seems to steel himself as he stands, placing his book off to the side. He takes a few tentative steps toward the group, his eyes watching the ground. As they watch him, he stops and looks up at each, as per usual, his eyes resting on Natah the longest. "I—I am called Llewyrr," he says carefully.

    Rivvil sighs to himself. Remembering what the red-haired women said to him. You’ll have to work with others to get anywhere with the Zhents. Prove you can work in a group and then one day you might be going on missions by yourself. He then speaks up “My name is Rivvil. I was originally trained to be a bodyguard for a noble. We didn’t see eye to eye. Now I’m here.”

    Natah watched everyone as they spoke, until there was a pause. "I'm Cali Jilraft, but my traveling name isss Natah. I'm an ambassssador from Amn." She left the statement hanging in the air, before taking another hidden bite of her ration.

    "Why do you cover your face?" Llewyrr asks abruptly.

    "Clearly, to hide my identity," Natah replied quickly.

    "But we know you now," the young man responds.

    "If you know ssso much, tell me what I look like," Natah replied, giving Llewyrr a wink.

    Llewyrr looks a little worried at the wink. He opens his mouth, scowls, then closes his mouth again, looking genuinely confused. He turns to watch Godiva as she works. “You ask her to remove her mask but we don’t even know if your an elf or not.” Rivvil says and then covers his mouth like he didn’t mean to say that out loud.

    Natah sat forward, grinning behind her mask. "Thisss one makesss a good point. Why worry ssso much about what'sss behind my masssk? Maybe you're hiding sssomething, and projecting it on me?"

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    Natah had kept to herself through the entire journey, thus far. She wasn't sure who to trust, and was still working out a plan to sniff out any untrustworthy. As she climbed down from the cart, she gazed at the area where Veldyn pointed out. Without a word, she made her way to the clearing with her gear, and began to set up for the night. Busying herself with collecting wood for a fire, she hoped to avoid any further questions from her newfound traveling companions. 

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    As Vasha kneeled on the ground, holding her deformed arm close to her chest, she began to feel healing warmth fall over her. Suddenly the pain was gone, as was the seething rage pent up within her. Her mind was clear, and she knew what she needed to do. Holding Gideon's hand a moment, she said, "The river. Where is it?"

    "This way," Kayn said, pointing with a webbed finger. "Gather up everyone we can!"

    Gideon stands to his feet, assisting Vasha to hers as he does so. "Follow the...." he looks at Kayn with a puzzled look, "goblin-hybrid. I'm going to get reinforcements," he states starkly as he eyes down Emrakul. Like reality itself cracked, a split in space appeared just in front of him. Peering within for a brief moment, you see the night sky, radiant with stars and other celestial objects with a wooden path that winds through the darkness. As he steps through the split in space, it quickly seals up behind him, leaving those witnesses both confused and amazed at what they witnessed.

    Vasha nods, pulling Vaekyr close. "Thank you," she says, softly, giving Gideon a nod. She picked up Vaekyr, running to meet the others. "We have to leave. Now. Everyone stay close. Kayn knows the way to the river."

    Ato slowly regains some semblance of control. Shaking his head in a futile effort to clear it, he opens his eyes to take in the reality that surrounds him, grounding himself once again in the here and now. Fervently hoping it was all in his mind, he sees the physical changes wrought upon those around him, and feels at the fleshy growth upon his own neck, all too real. He climbs to his feet, focusing on Vasha's voice and the urgent need to help these people. "Yes, we can get them to safety if we go now."

    Jerrock follows,eyeing them suspiciously. Are any of them in league with the nightmares. Best to be on guard.

    The group rushes down the battlements, scouring through the camp to grab as many people as they can. They quickly find out that many of the refugees are utterly in shock as they stare at the slowly approaching monstrosity. Their faces are contorted with fear, and yet they can't look away, as if in a daze.

    Kayn continues to lead the way, letting the others worry about the refugees. "Hurry up, now!" He calls.

    Ato continues after Kayn, trying to grab people and shake them from thier shock as he goes, urging each one to help gather others as they are able to. While his efforts are seen as sincere, some can hear the lack of conviction... the lack of hope, in his voice. He was able to get about six people to come with him.

    “Stay here and you will surely die. Come with me and you might live!” Jerrock yelled. While Jerrock's pitch seems sound, as he goes from person to person, trying to get them to join him, he can't help but wonder: who is infected? Who here might secretly serve the Queen? This questioning breeds doubt, leading to an inability to break whatever "spell" the Queen has cast on some of these people. He is able to get about four more to join them though.

    Kayn stops, seeing his companions failing in their effort to snap the refugees out of their stupor. "Lets go!" He calls out. He stands atop a rock, erecting a pillar of flame to draw their eyes towards him. "Whatever that thing is," he says. "It's coming! There's a way out by the river. If you follow us, you might survive this! Now... run!! Before that thing sucks every drop of mana from your bodies!" Like moths to a flame, many of the refugees shift their attention away from the eldrazi and towards Kayn. His words inspire many within the fort as they shake their head and look around themselves, following those who are heading towards the river. You count an upwards of twenty to thirty refugees you can see moving towards the mouth of the cave that leads to the river.

    While the refugees begin to hasten themselves, Rezivah lingers between them, waving her arm like herding cattle. "Move it, unless you want me to bite you and make you move!" She says aloud, conspicuously eyeing for a lone or separated refugee, like a lion watching for a young or lame gazelle in a herd.



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    Quote from Envyus >>

    Several monster images seem to be missing.

    The Molydeus Demon, The Duregar Stone Guard, The Frost Salamander, the Skulk, The Rot Troll, Venom Troll, and the Vampiric Mist. 

     This is something we're aware of. We have to wait for those images to make their way to us.
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    Vasha watched in horror as her vision became reality. She pulled Vaekyr closer to her, instinctively, knowing it would be impossible to protect him from this monster. As she did, the bones in her right arm cracked, her entire arm lengthening a few inches, and a crop of bright pink flesh began to form the entire length, the flesh overlapping each other like multiple strands of ligament laid over each other. She cried out in pain, falling to her knees, clutching her deformed arm. 

    (Sanity check - 10, failed)

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    Emerging from the cave, Vasha glanced about, searching for her compatriots. Spotting Kayn and Rezivah, still at the wall, she pulled her mask back over her face and began to make her way toward them. Squeezing Vaekyr's hand, saying, "Stay close to me. Do not wander."

    Jerrock watches as the Kor survivors follow Vasha and Vesra out. It is a meager band, but at least some remain. He takes up a rear guard position, silently vowing to do everything he can to protect these few. Rezivah turns away, unable to face the horrific devastation, looking back into the fort. She sees the kor sisters, along with the rest of their contingent. She sighs meagerly, presuming of the responsibility she and her comrades were about to make, and steps down the wall. Once close enough, she asks Vasha, "So, what of these survivors? We lead them to refuge?"

    "I don't know," Vasha said, quietly. "Is anywhere safe now? If those creatures are free upon the world..." she paused, letting the thought hang on the air. "Vesra cured the remaining survivors. There should be no more creatures inside the walls. What of those outside?"

    "That man faced the wave head-on. Kayn and I assisted, and we held the wall, but the land is lost," Rezivah answered, not sure where to go from there. "It seems that was all of the monsters for now. He's now tending to the wounded, if you wish to speak to him."

    Vasha released a sigh. How she wished her sister wasn't a 13 year old, so people would take her seriously. "I... guess we should. This might be the safest place for the refugees, if there are more creatures out there." Vasha will then lead the group of refugees toward the mystery man.

    Kayn follows the mysterious hero across the ramparts. "More will come," he whispers to the man, trying to get his attention. "Until the titan is slain, they will continue to attack."

    As Kayn walks up to the man, he sees him bend down to a wounded guard. A thick piece of chitin shrapnel sticks protrudes out of his shoulder, soaking the garments around it in blood. The figure bends down, his right hand aglow, and pulls out the shard of chitin. Tossing it down below, he places his right hand over the wounded man. The man lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Gideon. We'd all be dead without your efforts," he expresses. Kayn's words bring a response that might surprise him. "More will always come," Gideon starkly states. "That is the nature of evil." As he speaks to Kayn and Vasha approaches, a silence and stillness seems to fill the ravine the fort rests in. Like an overcast day, the colors begin to dull, no longer as vibrant and bright as they were moments before. "What do you know about this titan?" he asks, examining his surroundings.

    "Nothing," Kayn responds. "Only that these Emcayi all come from a titan. These ones leave a trail of decay... the ones we killed in the past would leave a trail of white..." Kayn spends a moment thinking of a word to describe it. "Ash," he says finally.

    "People infected can be cured," Vasha spoke up. "Using magic. Vesra cured the infected in the caves. We were too late, however. These refugees need somewhere safe to go."

    He raises an eyebrow as Kayn uses the term emcayi, but says nothing. Contemplating for a moment, he follows with a question while Vasha approaches and makes her case, "What do you know about the Blind Eternities?" Gideon nods his head at Vasha's concern as he looks into the refugees faces. "Yes, they do. As do you, white-one. This fort is killed with refugees, all who need protection. When they are done mourning their dead, I plan to lead us south through the river-tunnels. There is a.... surrakar? I believe that is what they're called. He knows the way through the tunnels and can guide us to safety." His ears twitch for a moment as he looks north once again, peering down the valley.

    Vasha looks around for a few moments, as if focusing on something. "Do you hear that?"

    Kayn seems deep in thought at Gideon's question. He gets like this when he's having an internal conversation with the speckormerelf. "The place between the stars," Kayn finally comments. "The Blind Eternities... you say they are summoned? Like how strong managic is used to summon beasts?"

    "Quiet," Vasha said, placing a hand on Kayn's shoulder. She turned her attention back to the sky, asking again, "Do you hear that? That humming noise?"

    Either Vasha's words fell on deaf ears, or Gideon's evident surprise was such that he didn't focus on what she said. "Oh?" he exclaims. "I didn't realize those not..." He pauses at Vasha's question.

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    "Then let's finish this," Nemaia said, leaving the tent.

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    "Well," Nemaia said, standing. "Shall we?"

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    OOC: Sooooooooo... What happened here? Are we finishing this or what?

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    Refugee Caves

    Vasha placed a hand on Kayn's shoulder. "Stay alive," she said softly. Then she turned to the rest of the group, looking at them, one by one. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but found no words. She was trying to play leader, and she knew she was failing at it. Why do I even try? she thought to herself. Closing her mouth, she silently moved in the direction of the cave, allowing her companions to make their own decisions.

    Ato had followed Vasha out into the Fort, into the yellow dust, all that remained of the initial assault. Walking the streets, he'd looked impassively on at the death littering the streets. So much chaos, he thought. Does Cosi himself play some role in this? When the tolling of the bells began, he had joined the others on the wall, watching in horror at the wave of emcayi that approached, wondering if it was his death he was observing. When the archer spoke of the underground river as a path to escape and buy more time, he nodeed. Vasha, as was typical, seemed to see little hope, but from what she had said, not everyone was infected by the taint. There were those who could be saved. And those who died, who turned? They could be slain again. That they had seen. "I will go with Vasha," he stated. "We can try to save some of these people, even if it only prolongs the inevitable." Turning to the kor monk, he added "Have some faith, in whatever gods your people follow. Not all here today can be doomed to die. A cleansing may be coming, I don't know, but it can't be the end. What purpose is served by building all this only to destroy it again?"

    Jerrock pulled out his great sword and followed Vasha. He was useless on the wall. At least in the cave he might do some good.

    While the battle rages on outside, the rest of the group follows Vasha through the winding tunnels towards the cave of her people... of her father. Arriving at the mouth, the sound of crying echoes down the tunnel. Peering into the cave, you can see the obvious signs of battle. Several bodies, with chests flayed open, lie on the ground, covered in blood. Corpses abound as well, and you can see them being gathered up and moved to one of the walls. Your father, Velan, is being bandaged up by one of the white-robed kor, his hands firmly clenched to a pair of kor hooks as his eyes dart around the room. They lock eyes with Vasha's, and the group can see the tears and confusion well up as he sits their speechless.

    Vasha walks forward, slowly, hooks at the ready. Approaching Velan, she says, "What happened here?" Her eyes scan the room, looking for enemies, but more interested in those with the chalky wounds. Looking around, she saw that many of those with chalky wounds lie dead... some due to emcayi bursting from their chests, though most were killed in the slaughter following, unable to defend themselves. And yet some still lie huddled around the cavern wall, carrying makeshift weapons in any effort to defend themselves. Velan looks up to Vasha from sitting on the ground with a heavy heart. "They started complaining of pain... excruciating pain in their chest. Our healers tried to help, but nothing seemed to work. Their cries of pain were cut short by a...." His face goes blank as he stares out into the open. "Vasha... I've never heard such a shriek. No creature I've encountered has made such a noise. It seemed to rattle within my mind." He takes a deep breath and finishes, "These.. things... these demons... they started bursting out of some of the wounded. Tentacles... claws... they immediately assaulted us."

    Vasha scanned the room. "The wounded, everyone with the white chalky wounds, they are all dead?"

    Velan shakes his head. "No, a few are still alive. Our healers can't seen to cure whatever that chalk is. It resists both herb and magic we've used."

    Vasha's eyes narrowed. "We have to destroy them," she said, over her shoulder to those that followed her.

    In the caves, Ato takes in the scene of the slaughter. Nodding as the man explains what happened, even the stoic mer is surprised at Vasha' s cold response. He closes his eyes, knowing that she is right. As hard an act as that may be, their deaths can be made swift and painless, ultimately saving many more lives. "I can do it, so that you don't have to," he offers in an even voice. "As easily as possible for them." He looks to Velan for his response.

    Jerrock suggests, “Do you have herbs that can put them to sleep? Though this death is a mercy, they should not have to see their own end coming.”

    "Do not mistake my suggestion as a mercy," Vasha said coldly. "There are people laying slaughtered in the streets, because of the wounded you thought to bring here. If those still alive are allowed to remain, more will die." She gave Velan a hard look. "A real leader would know this."

    Velan rises unsteadily to his feet. "Yes, Vasha. It is a last resort, but you are right. I pray to Kamsa they will understand."

    "And a real leader wouldn't just kill their own people," Vesra spat angrily at her sister's coldness. "I cured you, I can cure these people, as well." She quickly turned away, and made her way to where the wounded lay, weaving her healing magic.

    Vasha looked away, ashamed. She knew she had let her personal feelings get in the way of what she knew to be right. Then something occurred to her. "Where's the boy?" she asked Velan, looking for the little brother she'd only discovered earlier that day. Searching around the room, Vasha looked for her half-brother. She spotted him along the wall, slowly backing away from one of the wounded. She searched the wounded's faces, only to find a mix of fear, confusion, and understanding amongst them. They easily overheard the conversation as their lives were bartered and balanced.

    Vasha sighed and made her way over to Vaekyr. "Hey," she said, standing awkwardly over him for a moment, before crouching down to look him in the face. She pulled off the mask, so her face was visible. "You okay?"

    His hands shake steadily and uncontrollably, as much as he tries to get it to stop. Vasha realized this four-year old just witnessed those he grew up with explode, releasing monstrosities that killed others he knew... and something like this also had only happened days before. It's clear he's traumatized for the ordeal. "Are... are they gonna let monsters out too?" he asks as he his right hand moves towards a sheathed dagger at his waist.

    "No," Vasha said, putting a hand on his right arm. "Vesra... your sister... will cure them." She turned the boy so he was facing her. "Just like she cured me." Holding out her arms, she pointed to the faintly visible scars. "I used to be like them. She's going to cure everyone, and we are going to get you all to safety. I promise."

    He looks down at himself, feeling his chest. "Can I be cured?"

    Vasha looks at him confused. "Show me."

    He lifts up his shirt, and you see smooth, alabaster skin above young muscles.

    "You're going to be fine," Vasha said softly, pulling Vaekyr into a hug. She drew upon the reserve of mana she felt deep within her, dumping the healing power into the boy. A soft glow surrounded them both for a moment, then dissipated. Pulling away, Vasha smiled at him. "See? All better."

    He smiles. "Thanks, Vashie. I think I do feel better." Vasha looks down at his hands and notices that they no longer tremble like they did. Even if it was all psychological, she knows that it helped calm him down.

    Vasha takes Vaekyr by the hand and leads him back to Valen. She looks him over a moment before speaking. "Are you well enough to travel? We need to get the survivors to safety." She paused a moment, scowling. "You included."

    Vesra makes her way to each of the wounded, gathering white mana to heal their wounds and cleanse them from the chalky disease which afflicts them. Stopping to meditate occasionally and draw more mana into herself, within a few minutes, the rest of the wounded are cured, bearing faces flooded with relief and gratitude. "You've saved us." "We are forever in your debt, daughter of the Somnaho." They whisper and sign phrases like these to Vesra, casting cold, though ultimately understanding glances, to Vasha. Vaekyr grabs Vasha's hand, squeezing it for comfort as the group and these refugees make their way out of the cavern and into the main fort.


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    Bree nodded. "I will..." she paused, thinking for a moment. "I will agree, if you show me one last thing." She took a deep breath. "Please, show me how my father died."

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    Bree looked at her friends a moment, before answering the amulet. "What do you want of me?"

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