Critical Role Character Class Advice from Marisha, Sam and Liam

Critical Role Character Class Advice from Marisha, Sam and Liam

Todd Kenreck: I spoke with Marisha, Sam, and Liam about their character class advice that they've gained from playing in Vox Machina on Critical Role. Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to play a bard?


Sam Riegel: Advice for bards? I get this a lot now because I am apparently an expert at playing bards, which I never set out to be. I think no matter what kind of bard you want to be, number one, you have to remember that you are a showman or a showperson and so you just got to go for it, let it out. Whether it's singing or playing an instrument or reciting poetry or just being a performer, you have to kind of embody that. If you're going to play a real bard, you have to be a performer or at least portray one. Then, the other advice that I give to bards is they're such a versatile class and you can be any kind of bard you want to be, but I would hesitate to be more than you are.

You can do wizard spells, but I wouldn't try to be a wizard. You can be a bard that fights, but I wouldn't try to be a really awesome fighter. Just know that you're still a bard, so you can't do everything. It's best to be a well rounded character, both from a character standpoint and from a weapons and spells standpoint and equipment. Have a backup plan because you're not the best at really anything, but you can do a lot.

Marisha Ray: Druids are a deeply, deeply rewarding class. We're a jack of all trades, big Swiss army knife is kind of what druids are, but man can be ready, buckle up. Because especially at those later levels when you get access to so much, it can definitely be overwhelming. I'd say don't be afraid to do what I've done with Keyleth. There are definitely a few spells that I lean towards and I feel work with her character and her personality more, that I know are good fail-safes, so don't feel like you have to be so overwhelmed by the 200 plus spells that I think druids have access to and you make mistakes and that's how you learn from them. Be ready to mess up.

Liam O'Brien: Go slow. Vax, I personally have played against type this entire time. I think rogues, people are often in there like I'm so shifty and shady and I'm a badass and I'm a criminal element and I have purposefully tried to be sort of like a boyish idiot. I purposefully run face forward into trouble instead of hiding in the shadows. I don't know. I've had a lot of fun trying to subvert what I think are just the tropes. A lot of us do this. Pike is not your traditional cleric. She purportedly goes to brothels and gets rip-roaring drunk. It's not your classic cleric. I think it's good to push the boundaries and pick your class as a starting point, but then find out who your person is.

If you want to survive, then stay the hell out of sight, stay back, and go slow. Don't do what Vax says.





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