Homebrew Cored Slime Race Details

The Slime grows and "ages" from a small sample to a human sized (medium) character. Determining a Slimes age can usually be done by judging its size, though some grow faster if luckier on food sources. After having come in contact with a magical/alchemical core (dependent on player), the Slime gains an increased sentience instead of just the will to feed and grow. As a Slime, it will lack the magical capacity to learn and/or cast spells, and isn't very intelligent. It just knows that it wants to experience new things. It then chooses to wander, and slowly learn some of the intricacies of the world they are in. A magically inclined individual can pair up with the Slime to help it in its adventures, and possibly research, experiment, and tune the core in the Slime. If the Slime pairs with any type of caster, the alignment and possibilities will be affected by said caster. If the caster chooses, down the line, to tune the core to a certain element or alignment it can change the Slime to a Subrace. Some rare Slimes are also akin to a walking potion, having fed and grown off medicinal plants and liquids. These rare Slimes are generally relegated to the back of the line as the healer, as the Cored Slime has taken notice of its touch soothing the injured and hurt. They tend to not be very good at combat, unless pit against specific enemies, but can still hold their own if the need arises. As the Slime progresses, it will slowly come to understand its companions and some of the generalized rules of the world it is in.

Basic Ooze Slime:

 This is the most basic type that all Slime start as, a viscous goo that has gained enough sentience to feed and grow.
-As basic Slime, gain all normal traits prior to core implant, and gain further knowledge on shapes after core implant. (if one wants to play/start sans core)
-Has no elemental attunement, thus having no increase or decrease to any element or bonus to damage options.
-Basic need to feed, after the core is implanted gain the sentience to help the mage attuned to you and go about learning and adapting further (basic) knowledge.
-Grappled victims take 1 - 2 (coin flip) damage from being slowly dissolved (eaten) by the Slime.
-If frozen, the Slime becomes incapacitated and dorment until it can thaw and re-light. (Additional Con save rolls to thaw) (Con save roll player vs DM)
-A Slime with a core takes 50% more damage from Thunder based attacks, as it affects the core of the Slime. (I.E. Shatter affects the solid core negatively)

Cored Slime Traits

A Cored Slime may choose to be either more Solid or more Fluid, giving it a +2 in either Strength or Dexterity. As a Slime, it gains +3 Constitution and -3 Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

Ability Score Increase

Strength or Dexterity is increased by 2, Constitution is increased by 3. Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma are -3.


As an ageless race, they start off small and grow as they consume. The easiest way to guess a Slimes age is by size.
A human sized Slime is generally between 10 - 15 years of age, and large Slimes can be at least 20 years of age.

Slimes can become larger or smaller, dictated by player creation.


As a Slime, they generally have no alignment. Only the instinctual need to feed. (Default True Neutral)
Further alignment is based on the mage currently working/tuning with the Slime.

Magical Inept

Due to being a Slime, you lack the insight and knowledge required to learn arcane and magical knowledge.

Amorphous Form

Your Slime body can alter its shape, allowing for limbs to become weapons or transformation into various shapes.
It also allows for the ability to fit into tight places, provided the core can also fit.
Also see Druidic Wild Shape, and weapon stat per limb.


A strength based Slime will be a more solid being, taking the proficiency in strength as the ability score.
-This gives the solid Slime additional AC by adding the Str Mod, and a literal more solid body.
Choose strength based heavy weapon proficiency to pair with Amorphous Form.

A dexterous Slime will be softer, more malleable and take the dexterity ability score.
-This gives it additional AC by adding Dex Mod, and a more fluid body.
Choose dexterity based light weapon proficiency to pair with Amorphous Form.

Elementally Tuned

Once the mage you are paired with becomes adept in a certain element, they can choose to tune the core to fit the Slime accordingly,
that mage can then use their adept element to tune the core of the Slime to alter the Slimes' element.
-Also see Slime Subraces.


You’ve developed the skills necessary to hold your own in close-quarters grappling. You gain the following benefits:

  • You have advantage on attack rolls against a creature you are grappling.
  • You can use your action to try to pin a creature grappled by you. To do so, make another grapple check. If you succeed, you and the creature are both restrained until the grapple ends.

Flame Slime

Flame Slime

With the help of an adept fire mage, the Slime can be tuned to take on either pure fire or become a sentient napalm creature.
-Add 1d6 fire damage to attack hits, immunity to heat based damage types.
-Grappled victims now take 1d4 fire damage on failed grapple save, as the Slime slowly cooks them.
-Can consume a wider range of "food" (I.E. Woods, coals, and other flamable objects) to compensate for rations.
-Must consume 2x rations to maintain stability, the flame must be kept fed. Less or no rations require Con roll, if failed: gain stack of 'exhaustion.'
-May assume a dorment state, much like meditation or resting, where the flames die down and the Slime pulls itself into a condenced ball.
-Dorment Slimes are unable to perform actions until either resuming the "awake" status, unable to rapidly get up from dormency.
-Disadvantage on "surprise" round initiatives if dorment. (I.E. if attacked when the party is asleep/pre occupied)
-Takes double damage from water type damage, and (if Napalm is specified) can be frozen by low enough temperature.
-If a Napalm Slime gets hit with enough ice type damage, make a Con save roll to see if frozen.
-If frozen, the Slime becomes incapacitated and dorment until it can thaw and re-light. (Additional Con save rolls to thaw) (Con save roll player vs DM)
-Cannot go into water sources, unable to take swim actions.
-A Slime with a core takes 50% more damage from Thunder based attacks, as it affects the core of the Slime. (I.E. Shatter affects the solid core negatively)

Slow Cook

A target grappled by the Flame Slime is slowly roasted, turning into fuel for the flame. Targets take 1d4 fire damage per turn grappled. A target killed while effected by this is consumed.

Fast Burn

As the Flame Slime enjoys its higher, more volatile damage type, it must now eat twice as much to keep going. This causes the Flame Slime to consume double the required rations than normal, but it will have a wider range of food options (I.E. flammable substances and materials).

If the Flame Slime doesn't consume enough, it will start to stack Exhaustion.

Dormant Flames

The Flame Slime can assume a state of dormancy, akin to meditation, allowing it to put itself out. This will allow the Slime to not, literally, burn through rations it requires to keep going. This has down sides, as it will be at a disadvantage if caught by surprise while dormant. It will be required to spend a full turn to re-ignite and come out of dormancy.

Immolated Being

As the Flame Slime has been tuned to generate heat and flame, it has gained immunity to all fire damage types.

Frigid Slime

Frigid Slime

With the help of an adept frost mage, the Slime can be tuned to output freezing temperatures. Also gain +1 Str.
-While outputting frost, the Slime can choose to harden, giving it a solid ice layer. Increases AC +2 and adds +1 to damage.
-If hardened, take 50% increased damage from Thunder and Shockwave based damage. (I.E. Shatter could prove fatal)
-Being essentially made of liquid nitrogen, the Slime becomes immune to water and cold type damage.
-While being frozen, the Slime can float on water, gaining 20 swim speed.
-Though immune to water and cold, the Slime is more suseptable to other magick types, -50% magick resist and -100% fire resist.
-A Frigid Slime permeates frost in the near vacinity and freezes the ground/terrain it comes in contact with.
-A Slime with a core takes 50% more damage from Thunder based attacks, as it affects the core of the Slime. (I.E. Shatter affects the solid core negatively)

Hardened Body

The Frigid Slime can harden itself, making a thick shell of ice to encase itself in. This gives the Slime an increased +2 AC and increases physical damage with melee weapon limbs by +1. While hardened, the Slime will also take 50% more damage from shockwave type damage sources, causing the Slime itself to potentially shatter.

Frigid Aura

As the Frigid Slime moves, it leaves small bits of frost in its wake. Each foot step cause small ice spots, and it can freeze the water surface to walk across it. If a target is grappled or remains to close to the slime, it will start to take 1d4 cold damage per turn.

Glass Cannon

Though the Frigid Slime may have a physical advantage against foes, it has lower magical resistance. This causes the Slime to take increased magick damage from all sources, especially fire and thunder damage types. If the damage type received is not magical in nature, this does not apply (I.E. an acid dagger will do normal damage, whereas Acid Breath will do damage and a half.)

All spell damage received is increased by 50%, Thunder damage types increased to 75%.

Frigid Body

As the Slime has been tuned toward generating a cold field, it has gained immunity to cold based damage types.

Medicinal Cored Slime

A rare Slime variant that grew off eating healing herbs and other sources, it is often hunted and used by alchemists to easily make basic potions. As the Slime comes into contact with the core, and having interacted with various living creatures along the way, it has essentially learned that its touch alone can ease the pain of others. As the Medic Slime tends to heal others, it isn't much of an offensive type, but it can still hold its own. It may deal half the usual damage to living creatures that it would generally heal, but it deals damage and a half against opponents that usually take damage from curatives and the like. The Medicinal Cored Slime is generally aligned to good, as it enjoys helping and healing others. It can even process specific herbs and medicines to create possible remedies to disease, illness, and ailments daily. (Takes the specific preparations to process)

Medicinal Cored Slime

A rare subsidiary Slime that grew mainly off eating healing and medicinal plants and vegitation. Akin to a sentient potion. +1 Wis.
-The rare Medic Slimes are able to heal most creatures by coming in contact with them. Having noticed that creatures who are injured feel better when
they come in contact with the Slime, it makes sure to ease the pain of its companions.
-Grappled targets are slowly healed for 1d4 per turn, increasing to 1d6 at level 5, and adding a +1 per level afterward. (I.E. level 15 will be 1d6+10 healing done)
-Uses medicinal plants, potions, and other medical options as rations, still requires water as well.
-As it has taken notice of its own medicinal properties, it has gained an elevated bit of Wisdom that other Slimes lack.
-It being meant for healing, it has a decreased damage against living beings, but an increase damage against undead and creatures damaged by healing.
-Attacks against living targets (able to be healed) will take half damage, as the Slime will unintentionally heal some of the damage it deals.
-Attacks against undead and other targets damaged by healing take 1.5x damage, as it will be akin to searing pain to those targets.
-If frozen, the Slime becomes incapacitated and dorment until it can thaw and re-light. (Additional Con save rolls to thaw) (Con save roll player vs DM)
-A Slime with a core takes 50% more damage from Thunder based attacks, as it affects the core of the Slime. (I.E. Shatter affects the solid core negatively)

Healing Touch

Having a body comprised of what can be essentially harvested and processed into potions, the Medicinal Slime can sooth and heal the injuries of other just by touching the wound. This allows a 1d4 healing, and at level 5 it increases to 1d6. All levels after add a +1 (I.E. a level 15 Medicinal Slime can heal 1d6+10). Though it may heal injuries, it would need specific herbs and medication to be absorbed to cure diseases and other ailments (prior planning required), so it can only do basic healing.

Medicinal Processing

The Medicinal Slime can break down healing herbs and concoctions as its main source of food, allowing it to substitute rations for certain alchemy materials. This also allows it to potentially generate excess of itself for others to use/consume.

Medicinal Production

As the Medicinal Slime processes medicinal herbs and concoctions to feed itself, it can also break off small bits of itself to make pseudo potions for others to use. This is generally done with the help of the mage companion, and it can make various type of curatives and remedies if it processes the proper regents.

It can make up to 2 Potions of Healing using its own body each day, and (if prepared) a single remedy of choice. It will require a long rest and a number of curative rations to recharge this. (I.E. 2 lbs of healing herbs to regain the mass used in potion making)

Medical Hold

A target grappled by the Medicinal Slime will be healed for 1d4 per turn it is grappled. This must be a consensual grapple for teammates and friendly targets. If unfriendly or foe, roll normal grapple.

If the target takes damage from curative options, the 1d4 will be rolled as the damage variable. It will take 1d4 per turn grappled.

Toxic Slime

Toxic Slime

Choosing between acid or poison affinity, this allows the Slime to break down a better range of foods, along with increasing certain damage checks.
-Add 1d6 acid/poison damage to attack hits, and immunity to acid/poison type damage.
-Grappled victims now take 1d4 acid/poison damage on failed grapple save, as the Slime slowly dissolves the target.
-If set ablaze, the Slime then becomes a Flame Slime for a duration and must consume more to stay stable while also taking 1 - 2 damage per turn (coin flip)
-While ablaze, swap the 1d6 acid/poison damage to fire.
-Being consumed gradually by flame, Slimes will lose a bit of mass and (if cored) the core will start to take small damage as it is heated.
-Takes 50% increase damage from water sources, as it washes away the acid/poison.
-Toxic Slimes are unable to go in water sources, unable to take swim actions.
-If frozen, the Slime becomes incapacitated and dorment until it can thaw and re-light. (Additional Con save rolls to thaw) (Con save roll player vs DM)
-A Slime with a core takes 50% more damage from Thunder based attacks, as it affects the core of the Slime. (I.E. Shatter affects the solid core negatively)

Faster Digestion

A target grappled by the Toxic Slime will start being broken down by the Slime faster, in order to eat its prey. This causes targets to take 1d4 acid damage each time they fail a grapple check. If the target should die from this, it is considered eaten by the Slime.


If the Toxic Slime is set ablaze, it immolates and starts to burn. It will take 2 fire damage per turn while immolated, and switches the 1d6 bonus acid damage to 1d6 bonus fire damage on hit. The Slime is kept ablaze for 5 turns, or until put out.

Water Weakness

The Toxic Slime will take 50% increased damage from water sources, as it will "clean" the Slime of its elemental attunement. (I.E. The Toxic Slime hit with 2 water damage will take 3 damage instead due to weakness.)

Toxic Self

As the Toxic Slime has been tuned to

Water Slime

Water Slime

Having taken on a more fluid form and pure element, you are now able to withstand water attacks and terrain more easily. Also gain +1 Dex.
-Able to swim in standing water (50 swim speed) without core, and gain the option to take on a small amount of extra water (with core).
-Grappled victims are subjected to Suffocation.
-If damaged, able to use small puddles and water sources to restabilize the water body.
-Small puddles will be a coin flip of 1 or 2 HP, whereas a larger water source can go up to 1d4.
-The only elemental attunement that can properly channel electricity, giving a boost instead of taking damage.
-Thunder based attacks still do full damage, lightning based attacks charge the Slime. A charged Slime may add 1d4 lightning damage to attack hit.
-Lightning charged Slimes gain +10 land movement, having taken on a surge of extra energy.
-The charge will last for 5 turns, or until the Slime moves to Grapple a target or into a body of water.
-If successful Grapple, the charge will detonate for the damage rolled by the caster, affecting the Grapple target.
-If moved into a body of water, the charge will dissipate into the water, zapping any creature in a 40 foot radius around the point of entry.
-If any living creature is in range, the charge will carry the damage rolled by the caster of the spell. Natural Lightning is left to DM.
-If frozen, the Slime becomes incapacitated and dorment until it can thaw and re-light. (Additional Con save rolls to thaw) (Con save roll player vs DM)
-A Slime with a core takes 50% more damage from Thunder based attacks, as it affects the core of the Slime. (I.E. Shatter affects the solid core negatively)

Water Absorption

Able to absorb water sources, such as puddles or streams. Can heal and possibly alter size depending on amount absorbed. If used during combat, it can choose this as a bonus action if in contact with a water source.

-Small puddles will be a coinflip of 1 - 2 hp.

-Large water sources will be up to 2d6

Conductive Charge Holder

If the Water Slime is hit with a lightning or electrical type of damage, the Slime takes no damage. Instead, it holds that damage as an electrical charge that it can use to either boost itself or discharge in certain ways.

If the Slime grapples a target while charged, it passes the damage stored from the charge to the target. It also loses the charge as it enters a large water source, spreading it across a 40 foot radius of the water. (I.E. the Water Slime is hit with 2d8 lightning damage, it will pass that damage to other targets)

The slime gains a +10 to movement while charged, and gains a 1d4 electric damage bonus to melee attacks. The charge will last for 5 turns after initial strike and will dissipate after a short amount of time.

Suffocating Embrace

A target grappled by the Water Slime will have to make rolls for Suffocation. It must break out of the grapple, or risk drowning.


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