Algeon Race Details

Four armed and ready to dig, the algeon are a cave dwelling insectoid people that were only recently discovered by dwarven expeditions. These beings can easily be mistaken for a subrace of ankheg, although are actually a form of aberration evolved from the chuul. Their alien structure and obstruction from the outside world lead to an unbelievable hidden underdark culture of wondrous proportions. 

Worthless Spawn

Long ago, before the gods were created and aboleths ruled, a being of the unknown recesses of time and space met with a council of aboleths to bring a gift. It was a small aberration with a tough, spiked exoskeleton that could climb and dig at great speed. The powerful entity told the aboleths that they could use it as a drone for construction to help expand their empire above the waves and to send messages over continents. The god-like creature then left, leaving the aboleths with their new living tool. As time passed, the creature had helped the aboleths much, but had one literally fatal flaw. It wasn't going to live forever, and it was approaching death. The aboleths noticed this, and started breeding it with their other servants, the chuul. But, while the original being served them faithfully, the new chuul breed were much more intelligent, and wouldn't fallow orderd without with extreme punishment of reward. The result was  enraged the aboleths, so they banished the creatures to dark caves unknown to even the eldest creatures. It was here that the new race would be shadowed from history and become the race of Algeon.

Arcane Might

Separated from everything, the Algeons' magic grew without fluctuation. Endless hours were spent delving into the study of the arcane arts, and soon, entire generations would be trained in magic from a young age. Most of the spells studied and practiced were focused on something simular to transmutation spells and illusion spells. The algeon believed that these spells would refine their physical and mental attributes to become closer to their ancestors, whom they treated like their gods. Most of the spells recently discovered by algeon warlocks are so complicated that spellcasters of other races can't understand the incantation without support from an algeon warlock.

Algeon Traits

Your algeon character has the following racial traits.

Magical Vision

You have Truesight for 120 feet.

Ability Score Increase

Algeon characters get +2 Intelligence score and +1 Charisma score.


Algeon reach maturity at age 50, and can live to up to age 450.


Algeon are 8 to 10 feet tall and weigh between 320 and 410 pounds. Your size is large.


Many Algeon are lawful neutral. With their peaceful society still fresh in their minds, it's hard for them to imagine much else. On an adventure, they may treat most other alignments to be unnatural and believe that theirs is better.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet, your base climbing speed is also 20 feet, and your base burrowing speed is 20 feet.


You can speak, read, and write Common and Deep Speech.

Spellcaster Algeon

These algeon are more magically inclined, and can cast spells from birth. They are the destined magical masters of their race, and can feel the Weave pulsing through them. These are the future warlocks that tie the algeon culture together.

Innate Spellcasting

You can cast the cantrips Minor Illusion and Mold Earth as a free action. Your casting ability is Wisdom.

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