Amalgam Race Details

Human in appearance, Amalgams are a hybrid breed of vampire and werewolf. They are not venomous, and cannot pass on the curses that they have. When exposed to poisons they will change from their normal appearance to a half form, or full beast form. If attacked with poison, they will go berserk and attack everything in sight, friend or foe. 

Amalgam Traits


Ability Score Increase

+2 to constitution 

Ability score increase

As an Amalgam you will have a natural sway towards strength or dexterity depending on the way you train in other aspects of your life. 

Wing jump

When your wings unfurl in your half form, you can use them to push yourself forward slightly with an extra bit of power. 

Poisoned Berserker

Roll a constitution saving throw or become berserk. On a failed save you change form and attack everything in your reach until you have no more opponents or you are brought to 0 hp.

Half form

As a bonus action you can choose to turn into your half beast form, still in control of yourself. Your claws extend and your wings sprout, as well as your ears growing. 

Beast Form

Starting at level 5 as an action you can transform into your full beast form. You will take one level of exhaustion from using this ability. 


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