Ackrylil Race Details

"An Ackrylil? Not for me. They smudge too easily."

                                                                               -Barnaby Rousse of Laris, Famous Painter


"See what you make in the world through the world's eyes."  To an Ackrylil, perspective is everything. The dancing, rocking basin-homes of their communities sit atop a major fault line, overlooking shifting sulfur pools of dazzling blues, yellows, and greens. Turbulence wends its way into every aspect of their colorful culture, but in no more spectacular way than in their chief occupation; art. Under the earth, they mix their pigments and paint in the cavernous dark, aware only in a vague sense of shape, weight, and hue. When the frequent earthquakes shatter crust and open fissures, yawning portraits reveal themselves in the light of day. For many pilgrims of beauty, these far-flung creations mark their final destination. 

Unknown Origin, Mysterious Make

 The Ackrylil are humanoid, but close inspection reveals a vastly different heritage. The skin of this diminutive race knots and peaks in a natural topography, and it shares a certain strange malleability with the acrylics of its namesake. Hair is sparse and coarse, and is kept cropped almost universally. The nails of their spade-like hands have a topcoat of brush-hair particularly suited to their works of art. These are kept trimmed close in a useful variety of shapes.

The Ackrylilian story of their own past is dismissive of itself: The knowledge existed, fresh in the days of yore, and then fell into a particularly deep fissure. Some outside scholars have posited the Ackrylilian origin on the Astral plane, in the chromatic portals that connect the many dimensions of this universe. Others say an artistic Maker discarded the nubs of his paintbox after he finished his masterpiece, the Material Plane. In reality, they likely developed over the eons from proximity to their environment; the sulfur pools and the frequent earthquakes.

The Perfect Muse for Everyone Else

 A strange magic infuses the Ackrylilian people, making them the ultimate canvas for master artisans. A truly gifted craftsman, working with a willing Ackrylil, can create fantastic living likenesses, exaggerating the subject's brilliance to flatter despots, heroes, and lovers. Their love of creativity drives many Ackrylil to accept this weird mantle, but most end up hating it. They come to look on their resemblance as disdainful--a perversion of their life as an individual. As a people, this relationship with the world at large has made them prone to skittering insecurities, troubles with self-image, and, infrequently, egotistical delusions. Some of the more famous Ackrylilian heroes used this power against tyrants. Unable to avoid the conceit of their own allure, these figures fell to the deadly strength and wit of the Ackrylil. 

Sure Feet Move Always

The traditional home of the Ackrylil is a marvelous sight to behold during a quake. Their foundations are shaped into shallow bowls, carved from the ponderously fat, water-retaining Baobab trees that grow nearby. The living quarters seated on top are sturdy and low, with reinforced roof panels. The more ornate, grandiose homes utilize half-pipe tracks to house polished marbles, which roll wildly back and forth in an exquisite show of kinematic balance during a quake. On special holidays, especially Hali, the Day of Color, these tracks are filled with brilliant dyes and pigments in a celebration of the Earth's expression.

Ackrylil Names

Ackrylil names are short and simple, and rarely have a gender association.

Given Names: Gobi, Lido, Ana, Deci, Parti, Nixka (Nishka) 

Family Names: Leet, Wok, Knaf, Itza

Ackrylil Traits

Working in the belly of the earth has strengthened the hands of the Ackrylil, and its craft sharpened the mind.

Ability Score Increase

Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Intelligence score increases by 1. 


Ackrylil mature at age 30, and live a maximum lifespan of about 300 years. 


Ackrylil tend toward the Chaotic persuasion in light of their turbulent environment. As they prize imagination, most are good. Some, however, see the ingenuity in schemes and cruelty. These few are Chaotic Evil. 


Ackyrlil tend to stand between 3'5'' and 4'5''. 


You have a base walking speed of 25 feet, and a burrowing speed of 10 feet. 

Living Art

Once per day at 1st level, an Ackrylil may cast Disguise Self as a racial ability. However, any form achieved through this spell must be dictated by a creature friendly to you. You only assume the details chosen by this "artist". At 6th level, the Ackyrlil may use this ability to cast Polymorph in the same manner. 


Adapted to a very geologically active region, you have keen awareness of seismic activity. You can spend one minute concentrating on your surroundings to determine nearby movement. 


You have Darkvision