Alraune Race Details

These beautiful men and women, humanoid from the waist up but veiled by large petals are known as alraune. Vines sprout out of the base of their bulb, which they use to absorb nutrients out of the soil. These vines are strong enough to allow for movement should the alraune uproot him- or herself. Smaller vines grow up out of the bulb, wrapping around their humanoid forms. Alraune often distinguish themselves from one another with various flowers and leaves that they allow to grow out of their upper half.

Their skin comes in a multitude of green shades, although a light brown color is not uncommon in colder seasons when nutrients are scarce.

Alraune's anatomy is far closer to that of a plant than a humanoid's. As a result thereof, their occurrence is limited to biospheres where the climate is temperate, supporting plant growth. While they are largely omnivorous, they are capable of generating energy for themselves through photosynthesis, which releases oxygen in the process. This process is especially useful in times of a food shortage.

Alraune Traits

Being a sentient flower comes with the following perks.


Your creature type is considered to be both humanoid and plant, and you can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, and other natural phenomena. However, you are vulnerable to fire damage.

Floral Rest

Alraune don't need to sleep. Instead, they can root themselves in the favorable soil, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day and absorbing nutrients from the soil. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep. However, if the soil is not favorable you require a full 8 hours of rest to gain the equivalent of a long rest. Rooting yourself requires an action and can only be done on a patch of soil. While in this state your speed becomes 0 and you can uproot yourself as a bonus action.

Alraune Pollen

The alraune produce a powerful pollen with an innate property pertaining to each subrace. As an action, you can release a puff of pollen in a 10-foot radius around yourself or in a 20-foot cone, forcing all creatures in range to make a Constitution saving throw. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus. On a failure, they come under an effect dependent on your subrace for 1 minute. An affected creature can repeat their saving throw each time they take damage. Once you use your pollen, you can't use it again until after you finish a long rest.

Natural Knowledge

Natural Knowledge. As a part of the forest it's only natural for you to be knowledgeable about the wilderness. You are proficient in the Nature skill.


You understand and can speak Common and Sylvan.

Ability Score Increase

Your Wisdom score increases by 2


As a sprouting seed, the alraune grow within the bulb of a particular flower for about 5 years depending on the favorability of the soil, after which they bloom into their mature state. Their bodies don't age after that but instead exhibit signs of age when they are unable to gain the nutrients they need. These signs manifest themselves as wilting vines, molting leaves and browning skin. They can live up to 750 years before returning to the earth from which they were born.


The alraune are often feral and unpredictable, wild as the forest they live in, and as such are almost always chaotic.


An alraune's height is anything 5 to 6 feet on average, and weigh anything from 60 to 120 pounds. Your creature size is Medium.


Your base walking speed is 25 feet.


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