Adlet Race Details

Adlets are large, wolf-like humanoids that live in colder arctic climates. They commonly live in groups or packs and live a nomadic hunter/gatherer lifestyle.

Adlet Traits

Adlets are naturally fast, strong, and very powerful. They don’t need a weapon to do some serious damage.

Canine Senses

This ability allows you to detect scents from up to a mile away using your superior and sensitive nose.

Bone Crushing Jaw

This ability allows you to do 1-6 points of damage without the use of an equipped weapon.

Canis Tongue

This ability allows you to communicate with any beast or creature of Canine descent.

Bark of the Hound

This ability allows you to intimidate your opponent by barking and howling ferociously, or allert or communicate with your teammates over large distances.

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