Italian Player’s Handbook

(Compendium Only)

Play in Your Language

D&D is played all over the world. For those that don’t speak English, it’s getting easier to reference Dungeons & Dragons rules on D&D Beyond. At this time, we’ve released the Italian Player’s Handbook for the compendium only. In the future, we hope to translate more tools and offer additional languages.

The Start of Our Italian Adventure

We’re excited about what this means for our customers worldwide, but we want to be clear, the Italian Player’s Handbook is available only as compendium (digital book) content at this time. This means that many other areas of the site will still be in English, so for example, tooltips within the compendium will still be in English. Additionally, the Italian Player’s Handbook will not be available yet in our e-reader mobile app beta.

This is an initial release that we will use to better understand how to prioritize other complicated features. Depending on how successful the Italian Player’s Handbook Compendium is, there are a number of other features that we can add to make it easier to use D&D Beyond in your own language.

Still in English

Character Sheet

The character sheet and everything on it is still in English.


Tooltips will still be in English when reading the Italian Compendium.

Game Listings

Classes, spells, races, monsters, and other game listings are still in English.

Tell Us Your Story!

When we release new futures, our first step is to understand our users. In this case, we need to learn what it’s like to play D&D in a different language. That’s why we need to hear from you. Join the discussion in the forums and tell us your story, ask us your questions, and vote on the language we should offer next.