Full Pricing Details for D&D Beyond

Full Pricing Details for D&D Beyond

Pricing Details

We're just over a week away from our full launch and we couldn't be more excited. No longer will the elusive chromatic orb be unavailable to you - all the official content beyond the Basic Rules/ SRD can finally be yours.

I would like to share the full pricing details to help you prepare for your purchases.

Standard Pricing

The general pricing information that was previously shared is still valid - normal sourcebooks will be $29.99 and adventures will be $24.99 standard. The Hero Tier subscription will be $2.99 a month and the Master Tier subscription will be $5.99 a month.

Founders Week Sale

The three Core Rulebooks content (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual) will be at its lowest price ever at $19.99 each for the first week. The Founders Week sale ends Monday, August 21st, so don't delay!

Outside of that, we have some new information to share that we have worked out based on feedback we've received from the community.

Legendary Bundle

We heard many of you ask for it, so we made it happen - the Legendary Bundle will be available at launch that will include ALL the digital content available for purchase. This means all 5 sourcebooks (PHB, DMG, MM, SCAG, VGtM) and 8 adventures (LMoP, HotDQ, RoT, PotA, OotA, CoS, STK, TftYP).

The Legendary Bundle will be priced at $279.99 - 15% off the standard pricing.

In addition to this, if you ever purchase the Legendary Bundle, you will lock in a perpetual 15% discount for every other sourcebook or adventure that you unlock in the future. For example, you buy the Legendary Bundle and get all 13 products. When Tomb of Annihilation comes out (soon!), you will be able to unlock it for $21.25 (15% off the regular price of $24.99). When Xanathar's Guide to Everything releases in November, you can unlock it for 15% off the standard price, and on and on for all new releases.

The Legendary Bundle will always be updated to include ALL content. That means that buying in at any point has the same effect. When Tomb of Annihilation releases, the Legendary Bundle will increase in price to ~$300. If you ever buy the bundle, you receive the benefits.

Subscription Options

We have also heard the request for longer subscription renewal options, so we will offer 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year buckets.

Longer renewals bring discounts. If you subscribe for 6 months, you will pay for around 5 months. If you subscribe for a year, you'll pay for around 9 months.

The pricing for both tiers is as follows:

Subscription Tier 1 Month Price 6 Months Price 1 Year Price
Hero $2.99 $14.99 $25.99
Master $5.99 $29.99 $54.99

Individual Element and Content Bundle Purchases

 As we have said, you will be able to purchase "pieces" of sourcebook content as a way for us to provide flexibility for players. If you don't want to spend $29.99 on Volo's Guide to Monsters because you only want the tabaxi race, you can unlock just the tabaxi race.

The pricing for individual elements is as follows:

Individual Element Price
Race $2.99
Class $3.99
Spell $1.99
Magic Item $1.99
Monster $1.99
Background $1.99
Feat $1.99
Subrace $1.99
Subclass $1.99

Individual element pricing is static - it is consistent across all sources. A spell will cost $1.99 regardless of whether it comes from the PHB or SCAG.

For some sources, content bundles will be available for grouped content types. For instance, you can purchase all of the spells from the Player's Handbook or all of the magic items from the Dungeon Master's Guide as a bundle.

You can also purchase the Compendium Content bundle for all of the sourcebooks that will include all of the compendium pages only - no other content will be unlocked in the toolset. If you simply want digital copies of the books that you can use, this is the option for you.

Bundle prices are included in the pricing summary table at the end.

Previously-Purchased Content Credit

We also would like to share how it works if you buy any of the individual elements or bundles as described above and later decide to purchase the entire sourcebook.

The cost of any individual elements or bundles you unlock within a particular source will be credited toward the purchase of the full source.

Let's say you purchase 3 spells from the Player's Handbook for $2 each (rounding for easier math) for a total of $6, then the PHB Races bundle for $6. If you later decide to purchase the entire Player's Handbook, you will receive a credit on that purchase of $12, making the total remaining cost ~$18.

This also applies to the Legendary Bundle. If you buy the three Core Rulebooks while they are on sale the first week, you will be credited ~$60 toward your purchase of the Legendary Bundle. You should probably just take the plunge after that, right?

This is NOT A REFUND - you will see the "remaining cost" price for the product up front and make your purchase decision from there.

We hope this will further reinforce that providing these purchase options is not intended to be "microtransactions," but rather to provide flexibility for the community.

Pricing Summary

Finally, I will share the full list of products by source.


Product Type Price
 Player's Handbook  Source  $29.99
PHB Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
PHB Races Bundle $5.99
PHB Classes Bundle $9.99
PHB Spells Bundle $4.99
PHB Backgrounds Bundle $3.99
PHB Feats Bundle $3.99
 Dungeon Master's Guide  Source  $29.99
DMG Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
DMG Magic Items Bundle $12.99
DMG Races & Classes Bundle $4.99
 Monster Manual  Source  $29.99
MM Compendium Content Bundle  $19.99
MM Iconic Monsters Bundle  $19.99
 Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide  Source  $29.99
SCAG Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
SCAG Race Options Bundle $5.99
SCAG Class Options Bundle $7.99
SCAG Backgrounds Bundle $3.99
 Volo's Guide to Monsters  Source  $29.99
VGtM Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
VGtM Races Bundle $9.99
VGtM Monsters Bundle $12.99


Product Type Price
 Lost Mines of Phandelver  Adventure  $14.99
LMoP Compendium Content Bundle $9.99
LMoP Monsters Bundle $4.99
LMoP Magic Items Bundle $4.99
 Hoard of the Dragon Queen  Adventure  $19.99
HotDQ Compendium Content Bundle $14.99
HotDQ Monsters Bundle $5.99
HotDQ Magic Items Bundle $4.99
 Rise of Tiamat  Adventure  $19.99
RoT Compendium Content Bundle $14.99
RoT Monsters Bundle $5.99
RoT Magic Items Bundle $4.99
 Princes of the Apocalypse  Adventure  $24.99
PotA Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
PotA Monsters Bundle $7.99
PotA Magic Items Bundle $5.99
 Out of the Abyss  Adventure  $24.99
OotA Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
OotA Monsters Bundle $7.99
OotA Magic Items Bundle $5.99
 Curse of Strahd  Adventure  $24.99
CoS Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
CoS Monsters Bundle $5.99
CoS Magic Items Bundle $4.99
 Storm King's Thunder  Adventure  $24.99
SKT Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
SKT Monsters Bundle $6.99
SKT Magic Items Bundle $5.99
 Tales From the Yawning Portal  Adventure  $24.99
TftYP Compendium Content Bundle $19.99
TftYP Monsters Bundle $6.99
TftYP Magic Items Bundle $5.99