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D&D Beyond Maps: Alpha

Introducing Maps! This Alpha feature allows DMs and players to participate in tactical gameplay together on D&D Beyond. As a DM, prep games with maps from sources in your D&D Beyond library, or upload your own creation. Populate your maps with tokens representing the characters, their friends, and their foes.You can host game sessions in Maps with a Master Tier subscription and then invite any DDB-registered players to your Maps-hosted games. When you subscribe, any future D&D content release is automatically supported from your content library. Start your journey with a free trial!

The Alpha release is an early version of Maps to demonstrate what we're developing for DM's to host game sessions. Due to being an Alpha, this version may be different than the final product and will contain bugs or performance issues. We intend on learning from our players to inform broader releases. Try it out with your games today and provide feedback! Check back regularly for new features!

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The Future of Maps

Our Roadmap

We are excited to continue improving our new Maps experience as we learn and create an amazing play experience. Below are features we are actively building and will introduce as additional functionality as soon as it is available.

  • Tool Improvements

    Add a draw tool and ping tool.

  • Token Enhancements

    In-play token options and improved user experience for finding and adding tokens to a game.

  • Game Session Functionality

    Implement session controls and a connected players menu.

  • Additional User Controls

    Add a zoom control into the user interface (zoom in and zoom out).

  • Tool Improvements

    Add adjustable fog brush and polygon options into Fog of War tool.

  • Game Log

    Include expanded roll details into the Game Log.

  • Added Accessibility

    Add a high contrast mode and additional user interface theming (light mode).

  • Additional Token Options

    Hide/reveal, rename, and adding game data.

  • Measurement Tooling

    Ruler tool and integrated token movement measurement.

  • Tool Improvements

    Add pointer tool.

  • Map Browser

    Overall UX improvements.

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