Base Class: Fighter

Alchemy is a modern practice of blending science and magic to create, destroy, and heal. It utilizes the science behind the magic of transmutation to "change a state of being into another form." This means that there is an equivalent exchange between the natural environment, and the alchemist manipulating the elements to take the form of their creation. In the same idea that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, something cannot be created without taking something away.


At 3rd level, using your basic understanding of Alchemy, you are able to transmute areas of natural environments, and natural elements to create weapons. You can only create weapons you are proficient with, as you are most familiar with their design. All weapons that you transmute have a durability of 1 minute, or can be dispelled at will.

At 6th level, all weapons you transmute have a small magical property to them gaining them a +1 bonus. This magical property removes the time limit on the transmuted weapons and transmuting weapons becomes a bonus action.

Earthen Transmutation

Beginning at 7th level, your understanding of Alchemy grows. You begin to further understand the law of equivalent exchange, and how the sequence of comprehension, deconstruction, and reconstruction work to create and destroy.

You are able to manipulate the elements in the area around you to unleash a shock wave of energy. This shock wave extends out 5 feet in either direction from you, and out to 20 feet in one direction. Anything effected by this shock wave must make a DC 15 Dexterity save, or be knocked prone. Can be used once per short rest. (2 - 11th level, 3 - 15th level)

Grappling Earth

At 10th level, your comprehension of Alchemy has increased at an impressive rate. On your action, if you successfully grapple an opponent of size large, or smaller, you can use you bonus action to make another roll. If you roll a DC 15 Strength check successfully, you can knock the target prone, and bind them in place using the ground. The target can break free if they succeed on a DC 15 Strength save on their turn.

Alchemical Fury

At 15th level you have a near mastery of Alchemy has allowed for you to understand and manipulate the earth's elements to your will. You gain the use of the spells Bones of the Earth twice per long rest.

Full Alchemist

At 18th level you are a master of Alchemy. You have earned you title of Alchemist, and wear that crown with pride. You gain the ability to use a move of your own creation called, the Full Alchemist.

Using your action, anywhere in your visible line of sight (120 ft.) you can create a ring of transmuted weapons 40 ft. in diameter to appear out of the ground. You then enclose the ring, forcing anything inside to make a DC 20 Dexterity save, or take 8D8 piercing damage and be pinned in place. On a successful save, the targets take half damage, but are not pinned in place.

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