Stunning D&D Cosplay Brings Kenku To Life

Todd Kenreck: Every once in a while I run into a cosplay that stops me dead in my tracks. And this is one of them.

Rah-Bop: This is my D&D character. Her name is Rue. She is my very first character ever. And I became so attached to her through playing D&D that I decided that I wanted to make a costume of her. My character is a Kenku Rogue who is True Neutral. She is cowardly and a scavenger and follows other people around in hoping of getting some sweet spoils that she doesn't have to work too hard for. I like not knowing what's going to happen next (in D&D). And you have sort of an idea but everything happens with such spontaneity. And everybody is so creative about it. It's a lot of fun. This costume took me about a month to make. But I just did it in my free time because I have a day job. So every time I wasn't working or sleeping, I was making this costume for a solid month.

I love birds and I really like that I can bring what I know about birds into the character. So I am playing as sort like a bird and a person, instead of just a person, which is really fun. The thing I find most engaging about D&D is being able to come up with my stories about my own character and getting to know my friend's characters and have a crazy adventure that none of us ever actually anticipated happening. It's always a really fun surprise. And I think that the enduring fun of D&D is that it's always evolving and you're always having something new happen. And it's always fun.




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