Izzet League in 'Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica'

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Todd Kenreck:                   In the city of Ravnica, the Izzet League is prone to chaos, even though that is not their purpose.

Ari Levitch:                          The Izzet League are basically a bunch of mad scientists, wizard researchers who believe that seeking knowledge is the most fun experience ever, and they want to do their experiments without any regard essentially for their personal safety or for the safety of others. They want to just kind of dial everything right up to 11 and see what happens.

Ari Levitch:                          I think of all the different guilds, I think the members of the Izzet probably love their job the most, going into an Izzet laboratory and being able to dig into whatever catches their fancy at the moment. The Izzet have a bunch of different types of laboratories that specialize in different things. And so you might be part of the laboratory of pyrology, and your whole deal is dealing with fire and heat and explosions. There is one that is about ... the laboratory of gravitational inversion, which is just about figuring out like different ways to fly and invert gravity. So there's a variety of different laboratories you can affiliate with and do your research, and they embrace the chaos of the unknown more than some of the other guilds. They don't do it because they believe that chaos is right. Chaos is a consequence of what they do, and that seeing what will happen is the key driver for the Izzet.

Ari Levitch:                          So it appeals to players who kind of want to stir it up in a game, the ones who just want to see what happens, but also want to play a mage and not necessarily the barbarian who kicks open the door. But I'm going to try testing an experimental spell and see kind of what happens. So there's a kind of mage-punk vibe to the Izzet as well, so there's a unique take on what a wizard can look like, especially set against other D&D wizards. But it's not just wizards, there's also sorcerers. So if you have just kind of this natural affinity to magic, you also can belong in the Izzet.

Ari Levitch:                          Some of the races that belong in the Izzet League are, in humans there are goblins who totally embrace this concept of the unknown and just see what happens. There are also many Vedalken in the Izzet who love this notion of having access to all of the instruments and laboratory facilities that the Izzet provide.

Ari Levitch:                          The Izzet League have access to this metal, this alloy called mizzium. And mizzium is this kind of magically-imbued substance. So in game, you could as a caster, you have access to something called "a mizzium apparatus." This is something that allows you to cast your magic through. It allows you to potentially cast spells that you have not necessarily prepared. But you don't know what's going to happen, because you're an Izzet mage. So if you do that, if you use your apparatus that way, there are some chaotic effects that may happen as a result.

Ari Levitch:                          A mizzium apparatus is kind of a collection of the pieces of mizzium, it might be like a gauntlet or a glove that might have some tubes and hoses that will go to these kind of glass canisters that will be crackling with magical energy. And all of them might be different. So you might have a pair of gauntlets. You may just have this chest piece with a big kind of canister on your back. So all of these things are varied and very individualized, because that's what the ... I mean, the Izzet kind of very much embrace the sense of, wherever your research goes, that's what you will kind of follow.


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