Accursed Race Details

The Accursed are beings back from beyond the grave, neither living nor dead. These newly forged and resurrected creatures could have been of any race before, but now are entirely different as undead. Before they had met their demise in the past, a powerful curse had been placed upon them, and only from certain actions or events that are linked to it can bring them back. Whether they had the curse placed on them unwillingly or accepted it, they now roam the living to seek out their reason brought back.

The reason why they are Accursed could vary in their past life. Perhaps vengeance, or unfulfilled ambitions before they had died. They may have been cursed as punishment for certain atrocities they had committed, or the one that had cursed them seeks to use them as tool for their plans in the future. The curse now holds them captive, their soul damned from life itself and forgotten by the gods.

Accursed are husks, mere shadows of how they once appeared. Their flesh is all but gone, with only their bones remaining. Any unique trait of what they once were before is deminished, and other ones had taken their place. Besides being skeletal, the curse has given them great strength with its powerful magic. What is poisonous to the normal individual heals them, their bodies able to reassemble, and no longer to eat food nor breathe just to live. But what most may see to be the most fearful of all their traits: the ability to consume the souls of the living and using it to empower themselves.

The Accursed are imbued with the evil nature of the curse, and most follow its dark path. However, some have found to remain neutral to anything or anyone around it, seeking only to find the possible end in their darkness. Few have seen some dispatch evil Warlocks, Wizards or bloodthirsty orcs terrorizing villages, but no confirmation as to why they did it.

Primarily, all look to fulfill their purpose as to why they had been brought back. Maybe that could be enough to break the bounds of the curse.

Accursed Traits

Below are listed traits and abilities possessed by the Accursed.

Ability Score Increase

Your Strength score increases by 1, and your Constitution score increases by 2.



Accursed are beings whom have been brought back in an undead state.  It varies on just how old they might be when they were reanimated, so it is entirely possibly some might have been around for more than hundreds of years.



Accursed are shadows of former selves held together by dark power.  Those who were evil before give into the curse's destructive nature, forging havoc upon those still living.  Those of good nature tend to remain neutral for the most part, using only their abilities against those who would look to stir up harm.



Your base walking speed is 30 feet.


Soul Siphon

The Accursed have the unholy ability of leeching the souls of the living.  With an unarmed melee attack you siphon the victim, dealing 1d8 necrotic damage plus your unarmed strike and receive half of the necrotic damage as healing.  If this is the finishing blow, you gain in addition temporary hit points equal to the necrotic damage dealt.  You have three charges for this ability, and must make a long rest to regain it.  The ability is instantaneous, is used as an action, and temporary HP lasts up to an hour.

This ability increases in damage from leveling:

2d8 at 6th level

3d8 at 11th level

4d8 at 16th level


Poisonous Vitality

Accursed as undead receive healing from poison, such as potions of poison, spells with poison properties, etc.  Only exception are cantrips with poison (I.e. Poison Spray) are not able to heal you.  Also, Accursed do not receive healing that is to those of the living, and can also receive damage from them.

Healing from potions containing poison you will heal the same amount as if it were a normal potion of healing, potion of greater healing, and so forth.  Healing from poisonous spells you will receive half as healing from the damage rolled.


Damage Resistance

You possess a natural resistance to necrotic damage.



You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions.  You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.  You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.


The Curse’s Burden

Being undead, Accursed are unable to eat, drink, smell, breath, taste or the feeling of touch.  While in ways this may seem beneficial, it depends upon the subject who is cursed.  The memory of once bring alive and excluded from those normal sensors could be hard on an individual.

Accursed also struggle with swimming in water without sinking, due to their loss of buoyancy.



You know how to speak common along with another language of your choosing.



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