Aelf (Khedmere, The Ageless Frontier) Race Details

The Argosian Theocracy often demonize the Aelfs as a barbaric, uncivilized people. Despite this the Aelfs are in fact far more culturally advanced and developed than Humans. Haven conceived both a democratic system where electing a new chieftain every spring is the norm as well as engofling in many arts, such abstract, cubist paintings and beautiful, vivid poems.

For the Aelfs life is an opportunity to replicate the works of their gods and to preserve and venerate it. They do this in a multitude of ways; be it by recreating it through the means of a painting, protecting it by slaying those who abuse it through gluttony or by simply using every part of their prey. It’s often misconstrue that Aelfs despise any form of destruction or death in nature, however they only look down on it if it's done in excess. If you slay a buffalo only to feast on its meat, without thanking the gods for granting you the kill, without using it’s bones to create knives and without using it skins to craft new cloths or tents, you’re insulting the gods. A crime that cannot, and shall not be forgiven.


The Sanctums of the Aelfs

Aelvish society is almost entirely nomadic, rarely staying at the same place for more than three days but usually traveling somewhat the same path they always have. But there is one exception, a place where the Aelfs will stay for sometimes entire weeks or months. And that is their Pantheon. Pantheons are the holy sites where the Aelfs join together to trade among their tribes and host great offerings to their gods. Few Aelfs spend their entire lives here and among them are usually outcasts. They whom were spared from entire lives in isolation, and instead were offered to remain with their Sanctum should they serve as caretakers of their Pantheon.  


Sanctums are both a physical thing and a societal concept not entirely unlike the Argosian’s royal Houses, and the Dawi’s Klans. To belong to a Sanctum is to both be a part of its people and to be affected, as every Aelf is, to its powers. The physical manistifasations of the Sanctums on Iraklis, harbors ancient, druidic powers that has throughout the ages molded its people to take on the aspects of its totem creature. In Khedmere alone there are three different Sanctums; Sanctum di Virpiente (The Serpent), Sanctum di Holiba-Orsu (The Owlbear) and Sanctum di Liénci (The Lynx).


The Sanctumless

Life should be lived in such a way that what’s good for the tribe always is prioritized. The individual will never do anything to gain something for itself should it also hurt the tribe. Its this mentality that encompasses the whole of Aelfen culture; hunting is not done to feed yourself but rather the tribe, and trading between the tribes is not done because of your tribes needs, but rather so that the entire Sanctum can thrive. However this aid is only offered to those deemed a part of the Sanctum.


To be Sanctumless is a punishment worse than death. To find meaning in life once more the Sanctumless usually find themselves seeking new “tribes”, be it among packs of animals or even devious bandit gangs. The Aelvish need for a tribe is the same as the Human need for food; Without it they can not survive. Yet no matter what the Sanctumless always live with a crippling shame.


Those faced with the destiny of exile often are given an option to remain with the Sanctum as caretakers of their pantheon. As silent servants of their gods they serve their people, always wishing, yet never hoping that they one day are permitted into to the tribe once more.


Aelvish Adventurer

It’s important that you know why your character left his/her tribe. The table below is a modified example of “Volo’s Guide to Monsters - Firbolg Adventurers Table” but can be used for Khedmere’s Aelves aswell. The table can serve as inspiration for determining why a Aelf character left its tribe/sanctum.


Reason for Adventuring


Outcast for murder


Outcast for severely damaging home territory


Tribe slain by Invading humanoids


Tribe slain by a dragon or demon


Tribe lost to natural disaster


Personal Quest ordained by omens


Separated from the tribe and lost


Half-Aelf brought up with their Human parent


The Children of  Balisarda

Nidenza de Balisarda fashion themselves the sole protectors of the ancient Aelfen way of life. Ever since man first set his foot on Iraklis, elements of this group have existed within Aelfen society. A group of highly xenophobic Aelfs whom have drawn their blade in defiance against the invading foreigners.  While initially nothing more than a splinter group among the Aelfs they have grown to encompass entire tribes. Even some Sanctumless have joined forces and lead attacks on various Khedmerian settlements.


Despite the lack of an actual power structure within the Children of Balisarda they have been able to become a major problem for the Khedmerian Nobles. Many different Tribes have under the banner of Balisarda attacked everything from villages to merchant caravans. Causing havoc with the sole purpose of revenge. So long as the Khedmerians suffer for their crimes the Children of Balisarda don’t care who is caught in the crossfire.

Relations to the other Races

Although Aelves like to believe that the crimes that were committed against their people never truly can be forgiven. It has been shown that sometimes they are willing to, for a moment, dismiss them so that their own goal can be fulfilled. Such as Sanctumless finding their home among Human or Tribes allying with Dawi settlements to fight a greater, shared foe.


Dawi: “We share the same oppressors as them, we should be allies. But they remain as ignorant as the Humans and this, stubbornness and unwillingness to see reason keeps our people apart. Yet we must admit that their resourcefulness is astonishing. Such ingenuity and creativity. They have been lead astray and we might be able to guide them onto the right path.“

Argosian Humans: “Even for Humans these creatures are despicable. They came to our lands, claiming our gods’ work theirs. They sold our freedom and traded us among their people, and all in the name of their own twisted God, Argos. Gluttons! Such avarice can never be forgotten, never forgiven.“

Khedmerian Humans: “These men lack the spoilt ways of their Argosian brothers. Their naivety however still guided them towards the greediness that is shared among all Humans. Even though they claimed to have severed their ties to Argos they still believe these lands should be owned by Humans. Folly! Yet we have seen some among them that seem to be willing to change their ways. But surely such crimes can never be redeemed?

Aelf Names

An Aelf usually only have their given name, often using their Sanctum as their Human equivalent of a surname (i.e Isadora di Virpiente). Since Aelvish tribes are so small there is no need to involve a surname to ease conversation about two different persons. And in those rare cases where the need arises, they’re often spoken about in relation to their chieftain (such as “Isadora di Virpiente of Ricolda’s Tribe”).


Male Aelf Names: Béliveau, Camilo, Eladio, Florian, Gerónimo, Gracien, Grigoris, Inigo, Jacques, Luc, Montoya, Poncio, Renaud, Sauvage


Female Aelf Names: Béatrix, Celestria, Consuela, Donatienne, Gillota, Ignacia, Joiha, Marléne, Mireya, Osanna, Philippa, Roheis, Toussaint

Aelf (Khedmere, The Ageless Frontier) Traits

Aelves vary, but these are your traits.

Ability Score Increase:

Your Dex score is increased by 2


You can speak (and at your discretion also write and read) common and Cérvajan).

Cunning Survivalists

As part of a short rest, you can harvest bone and hide from slain beast, construct, dragon, monstrosity, or plant creature of size small to large to create one of the following items: a shield, a club, a javelin or 1d4 darts or blowgun needles. To use this trait, you need a blade, such as a dagger, or appropriate artisan’s tools, such as leatherworker’s tools.


You can see in the dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.

Aelfs of Sanctum di Holiba-Orsu

The people of Sanctum di Holiba-Orsu make their home on the Sceilg Isle and akin to their siblings from Virpienete they are known to travel to the Khedmere by canoes. Although they do this to a much lesser extent than the Aelves of Sanctum di Virpienete. Since Sceilg is a much large isle than Strzyga it’s almost entirely able to sustain such a small Sanctum as Holiba-Orsu on its own. When they do however venture forth to Khedmere they are more often known to travel its southern parts and therefore rarely interact with any Aelves from Sanctum di Liénci.


Like all of their kind the Aelves of Holiba-Orsu have slightly more angular faces then Humans, with sharp, pointy ears and bright cat like eyes. Unnatural for Aelves however is the Holiba-Orsu’s ability to now only grow beards but also the rich body hair that usually dress its kin. It’s far from uncommon for these Aelves to grow thick tarps of fur on their breasts, legs and arms. This is not the only gift their Sanctum has granted them, but also their nails are often slightly longer and far hardier, akin to the claws of the Owlbears that inhabit the Sceilg Isle.

Ability Score Increase

Your Constitution is increased by 1.

Fortitude of the Bear:

You can focus yourself to occasionally shrug off injury. When you take damage, you can use your reaction to roll a d12. Add your Constitution modifier to the number rolled and reduce the damage by that total. After you use this trait, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Raptor’s Claws:

Because of your sanctum's gift your harden nails can be used as claws.  A natural weapon, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal slashing damage equal to 1d4+ your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.

Aelfs of Sanctum di Liénci

As the northernmost Sanctum, Sanctum di Liénci are known to travel across the Jotunn’s Ridge. Despite their fierce agility and their lithe bodies traveling across the rocky outcroppings and deep chasms of the Jotunn’s Ridge is a treacherous trek, and many Aelves lose their lives here. Yet this is the way of the Sanctum di Liénci, since those that would rather choose to venture east often find themselves in bloody conflict with their siblings from Sanctum di Virpiente. And those that would rather travel south face the wrath of the Human settlements. There is simply but no other choice than to hunt across the Jotunn’s Ridge.


Just like their kin from Sanctum di Holiba-Orsu, Aelves of Sanctum di Liénce share the usual Aelvish traits of eyes that can see in the dark and pointy ears. But these Aelves find their gift granted by mountain lynx, and like it small tufts of hair grow from the ends of their ears. Their teeth too have been affected by their Sanctum, granting them elongated, sharp canines. And unlike the large, brutish Aelves of Holiba-Orsu, the Aelves of Liénce are often rather short and slender.

Ability Score Increase:

Your Dexterity is increased by 1.

Feline Agility:

Your reflexes and agility allow you to move with a burst of speed. When you move on your turn in combat, you can double your speed until the end of the turn. Once you use this trait, you can’t use it again until you move 0 feet on one of your turns.

Keen Senses:

You have proficiency in the Perception and Stealth skill.

Sanctum Weapon Training:

You have proficiency with spears, scimitars, shortbows and longbows.

Aelfs of Sanctum di Virpiente

These Aelves are perhaps the most aggressive of their kind. With a Sanctum locked upon the small isle of Strzyga the Aelves of Virpiente have been forced to fight for every inch of their survival. Every journey across the ocean to Khedmere is a dangerous one where they can expect to have to fight against not only Humans but also their siblings of Sanctum di Liénci. Even though they were blessed with the bewitching tongue of the Viper, not all can be charmed into surrender and some has to be slayed.


With skin spotted with patches of torques scales and with forked tongues it cannot be denied that these Aelves were blessed by the gifts of the Viper. While they apart from these traits share the usual Aelvish traits of angular features and sharp, reptilian eyes their internal biology is also slightly different. The people of Sanctum di Virpiente share an unusual resistance to poisons and venoms.

Ability Score Increase:

Your Charisma is increased by 1

Sanctum Weapon Training:

You have proficiency with spears, scimitars, shortbows and longbows.

Virpiente Vergal:

Your Sanctum has blessed you with resistance against poisons and venoms. You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.

Virpiente Magic:

A forked tongue may utters its word with honeyed venom. You have access to, and may cast the Friends cantrip(PH 244) without having to fulfill its material requirement.


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