Accursed Half Spirit Race Details

An Ancient Ritual

In order to create a half spirit one must be willing to sacrifice everything they have and more. The rite performed to complete this ritual was lost to the ages, yet through some deal struck a depraved group of warlocks had recovered the eons old secret. One by one each fell into the abyss, dragging their entire families with them, and the other warlocks pulled the newly cursed half spirit out. Eventually they had all become half spirits, with their ties to the outside world severed at their bases. They lived for centuries, performing dark and taboo spells that would be outlawed in seconds if they reached the surface. But they continued to fester and grow like an infection on the underbelly of civilization. After they were cursed some warlocks broke away from their tightly knit society. Separate cults formed and vanished, this angered the deities that the warlocks had negotiated with, and the cults were torn apart. But half spirits never completely vanished.


After coming to terms with the fact that they were immortal the warlocks no longer feared death, for their very existence was the defiance of it. They became more bold, they stole people away from civilization, they murdered and brought test subjects back. Some were driven insane, some truly died, and others became half spirits like the ones who had killed them. But as they grew more bold, the warlocks also grew more reckless. Few escaped the confines of the dark lairs in which they were kept, some that did became just as evil as those who had tortured them, others became hermits, and more tried to re-integrate into society. But it is unknown if any of them ever truly succeeded.


Not Quite Undead

Half Spirits were once fully alive beings, with lives, aspirations, and some, even families, yet by some unforeseen chance they died. But they were brought back by some taboo ritual and were cursed, stripped of half of their true self, forever lost to an unknown plane as parts of them shift in and out of reality making them unusually frail. These unfortunate souls often enter a catatonic state that can last for years, decades, even centuries, as their curse tampers with the mind. Once the half spirit awakens, however, their mind is honed to an unnatural point, as their minds attain knowledge the individuals had never learned making these ghastly individuals surprisingly sage individuals.


Despite their partially extra dimensional bodies half spirits are somewhat physical entities and thus can perform most actions that other beings on the physical plane, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing and wearing clothes and equipment, and more. It is rare, however to see any half spirit with families, as the curse robs them of their ability to have children. This unfortunate circumstance is the main reason why half spirits do not attempt to partake in romantic endeavors.


 Immortal Madness

Half spirits, due to their undying nature, often, over their many close encounters with death, become increasingly mad until their psyche breaks, driving them to commit heinous actions and pushing them towards chaotic evil. A half spirit must have incredible willpower to remain grounded and sane. The only reason the physical plane isn't bursting with crazy half spirits is that the ritual used to curse such individuals is incredibly difficult to perform, and often fails.


 Grim Nature

Half spirits often have a bleak outlook on life, they are often shameful of the way the curse makes them look. Their self loathing predisposition is not easily shaken, and usually taunts them for their eternal existence. There are, however, those who travel freely without guilt stopping them, these odd ones are a near opposite of the majority, they are often joyous and make use of their immortality helping others on their many travels. But it truly depends on the individual which receives the curse.


 Half Spirit Names

The name of a half spirit is not specific, the names of those cursed are usually derived from the race they were before the curse. Though some feel as if they should change their name to suit their new form, others simply cant remember, as the process leading to the curse is heavily taxing on the mind of the cursed.


Accursed Half Spirit Traits

Half Spirits are odd individuals, their partially ghostly bodies and minds are different from that of the race in which they were taken from, their altered form and minds wipe their initial race's traits clean, replacing them with new, foreign abilities.

Ability Score increase

In your cursed mind grants Wisdom & Intelligence +2, but your half missing form leaves you with Constitution -2



Half Spirits, due to the fact that no part of them is ever fully tangible for too long, constantly fluctuating due to the curse, never die of age or killing, the curse pushes them back from the gates of death to a punishingly long life. The only ways for a half spirit to find peace or leave the mortal plain fully is by lifting their curse via a wish spell, or intervention by a deity or powerful divine entity. 



While the size of the half spirit is dependent on the race from which it came the most common size is medium.



Most beings that are cursed to be a half spirit tend to remain with their previous alignment for the first few lifetimes of their existence, but a life that leads for so long often corrupts, leading for mad spirits to become evil. 


Undead Eyes Of The Abyss

Your normal eyes have been replaced with ones with slate grey irises and milky white pupils, allowing you to see 60 feet in dim light as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light and you can see up to 15 feet in magical darkness. You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.


Ethereal Form

Your ethereal body wavers at physical contact and is resistant to cold, yet vulnerable to psychic. It is ethereal, but is still partially tangible, making attacks with weapons roll at disadvantage, but attacks that do psychic damage roll at advantage, magical attacks roll without either unless acted upon by an outside force. 


Accursed Undeath

The curse will never let a half spirit die, if a half spirit fails all three saving throws it leaves the physical plain and enters a unknown plane of existence, where it comes dangerously close to leaving existence. Roll a d4, the half spirit returns to the physical plane in one d4 + 1 days. Upon reentering the physical world the half spirit must make a wisdom saving throw with a DC of 15, on a failed save the half spirit has disadvantage on all ability checks for one d4 + 1 days.The half spirit may make a wisdom saving throw at the end of each day to end this effect.


Reanimated Knowledge

A half spirit is able to call upon its newly acquired animated knowledge from the abyss that it was pulled from, giving it proficiency in aracana and advantage on arcana checks.  Its newly aqcuired knowledge also allows it to cast spells as it grows stronger, at level 1 a half spirit can cast false life, at level 5 it can cast blink, and at level 9 it can cast vampiric touch at 5th level, each spell recharges after a long rest.


Ethereal Existence

A half spirit never fully exists, and as a bonus action while moving or dashing the half spirit can pass through an object directly in front f them, upon doing so the half spirit takes 1d4 force damage, this effect triggers again if the half spirit starts or ends its turn in the object. If the object the spirit passes through is a creature the effect also damages the creature for the same amount.


Half Spirit Duality

A half spirit counts as both humanoid and undead as the curse doesn't fully take the host's body.


Undead's Respite

By spending an entire turn focusing on tour link to the curse, you may regain hit points equal to four times your level. You may use this trait equal to your wisdom modifier +1.



Your character can read, speak, and write common, primordial, and one other language of your choice. After undergoing the curse half spirits always seem to be able to understand the eons old language of the elementals.

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