Weapon (any axe or sword), rare

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

When you hit a giant with it, the giant takes an extra 2d6 damage of the weapon's type and must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or fall prone. For the purpose of this weapon, "giant" refers to any creature with the giant type, including ettins and trolls.

Applicable Weapons:

Name Type Damage Properties
Handaxe Simple Melee 1d6 + 1 slashing Light, thrown (20/60)
Battleaxe Martial Melee 1d8 + 1 slashing Versatile (1d10)
Greataxe Martial Melee 1d12 + 1 slashing Heavy, two-handed
Greatsword Martial Melee 2d6 + 1 slashing Heavy, two-handed
Longsword Martial Melee 1d8 + 1 slashing Versatile (1d10)
Rapier Martial Melee 1d8 + 1 piercing Finesse
Scimitar Martial Melee 1d6 + 1 slashing Finesse, light
Shortsword Martial Melee 1d6 + 1 piercing Finesse, light


Notes: Bonus: Magic, Damage: Additional, Prone, Damage, Combat, Versatile

Item Tags: Damage Combat

Basic Rules , pg. 172


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