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You have worked in a town or a city as an Alchemist. Maybe working for the ruler of the settlement or for yourself trying to earn a living. Working with chemicals and potions has given you a large array of knowledge of how to make such concoctions. Using these skills you can make potions, deadly poisons, or primitive explosives (if your DM allows it).


Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and Medicine  
Tool Proficiencies: Alchemist's Supplies  
Languages: 1 Chosen language  
Equipment: Alchemist's supplies, 1d4+2 Books on Alchemical Formula, a belt pouch with 2d4 GP and common clothes  
Feature: Experimenter

Based on your previous experiments, you know where to go when attempting to identify the uses for new components to be used.


Suggested Characteristics


d8 Personality Trait
1 I have a thirst for knowledge.
2 I'm a little crazy.
3 I am not the best around people.
4 I refuse to lead, I'm more of a follower
5 I will not follow, only lead.
6 I will not make my self look a fool.
7 I will do anything for research.
8 I'm not too good around people.
d6 Ideal
1 I will use my skills to help anyone who needs it. (<-Good->)
2 I could help but that's if I can be bothered. (<-Neutral->)
3 I will use my creations to burn and murder any thing that crosses me. (<-Evil->)
4 I am invested into who ever I am helping. (<-Lawful->)
5 I'm willing to do anything to protect the group. (<-Chaotic->)
6 I will happily help anyone in any way I think is necessary. (<-Any->)
d6 Bond
1 I will look after my family back at home
2 I share a bond with my customers
3 Anyone who has better conations than me deserves my respect
4 I seek knowledge, and anyone who has it is a friend
5 Anyone who saves my life has proven to be trust worthy
6 My teacher is still alive I respect him/her and will protect him/her if need be
d6 Flaw
1 I have accidentally killed people with my creations, the guilt eats at me at some times
2 HAHAHAHA all this time around chemicals had made me slightly insane
3 I have an odd obsession for destruction
4 I like the smell of some of my concoctions, they can become addicting
5 I will not help (pick a race) they have done some bad things to me
6 I will not adventure alone
Variant Feature: Potion Brewer

During the course of a long rest you may make an intelligence check to make a potion of any rarity. The DC of this roll depends on the rarity of the potion you intend to make(Magic items): DC10 for common, DC15 for uncommon, DC20 for rare, and DC25 for very rare. You must be unbound and have access to your alchemical supplies to make use of this ability. Before attempting to make any potion you must have immediate access to the material components (if any) of the spell that the potion most resembles. (potion of healing=cure wounds etc.)


Alchemist Image