The DDB Mobile App Beta Has Launched!

Monday, March 5th

I'm happy to share that the D&D Beyond mobile app has now entered the beta phase and is available to the public in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


For the initial beta release, we have focused on eReader access for all of your Compendium content. Other parts of the DDB toolset - such as the spells, magic items, and monsters listings, homebrew creation, or the character builder/ sheet - will be added in later phases of the beta. We'll share more about those elements when we have updates.


Just as with the website beta period, the Compendium forms the backbone of everything that comes after it, so we're taking a similar approach for the mobile app. We truly appreciate your help during beta testing to polish the app further and prepare for the future phases.


For now, enjoy the freedom of having your D&D digital library available anytime, anywhere!


Note: If you participated in the alpha, we highly recommend that you uninstall/ delete the alpha version of the app and use a fresh beta install!


App Description:

Access all of your Dungeons & Dragons content anywhere you go with the D&D Beyond reader.

  • D&D products. Browse, unlock, and read the entire Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition library.
  • Offline access. Never miss your books, even in areas without wifi coverage.
  • Bookmarks and Search. Find the rules you need when you need them!
  • Display options. Read as you like in book, clean, or night modes.


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