Homebrew Rules & Guidelines

Homebrew Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

The following are the rules and guidelines which are to be followed if you wish to make use of the homebrew content creation system to share content within the community on D&D Beyond. Users who do not follow these rules will incur the wrath of the Dragon Queen herself (or just not be able to get any homebrew content approved and published). These rules are applied globally to the website, in addition to any specific rules that some content types may have. In addition to the rules for homebrew content below, we also use our Forums Rules & Guidelines and abide by the Fandom Community Guidelines.

Naming and Shaming

We don't want to see one sided accusations or any other form of naming and shaming as part of homebrew content creation. 

Personal Information

Real life personal information about yourself or anyone else should also not be posted in homebrew content on D&D Beyond.

Spamming and Trolling

Neither spamming nor trolling is acceptable as part of any homebrew content creation. This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish
  • Creating content for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the site or forums
  • Causing disturbances on the site, such as picking fights, making off topic content, insulting other posters
  • Making non-constructive content
  • Posting meme or troll images or text as part of homebrew content; "cool story bro", "u mad", "10/10", captioned images, etc...

Creating Content with Any of the Following Subjects on D&D Beyond

The following topics are not to be discussed or become part of homebrew content on DDB on penalty of ban.

  • Illegal PDF/ download of official content or the websites that create/ use them
  • Keyloggers, hoaxes/phishing websites
  • Activities considered illegal by Wizards of the Coast
  • Religious opinions/debates (from the real world - fantasy religious principles are generally okay if they are not inflammatory)
  • Hateful language about race, religion, country (Example: US vs. EU threads), political beliefs, etc.
  • Pornography
  • Content that is considered illegal by law
  • Referral links for contests, promotions, or anything else
  • Advertisements

Creating Homebrew Content with Copyrighted Material

You may not create content with the following:

  • Non-SRD or Basic Rules content that is the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast (such as mind flayers, beholders, or Mordenkainen).
  • Quoted text from a Wizards of the Coast paid publication.
  • Images from Wizards of the Coast publications. This includes photographs, scans, PDFs etc.
  • Images for which copyright is reserved and you do not have explicit permission to use the image for this website.
  • Named Characters for which copyright is reserved (e.g. Captain America's Shield, Harry Potter's Wand).
  • Homebrew content created by others. You may not add public homebrew, that has been created by other people, to D&D beyond, unless you have their permission to do so (e.g. content from other websites).
  • Minor variations to official content (e.g. a ghoul with more or less hit points or slightly different ability scores). 

Links to Content Outside of the D&D Beyond Website

You may not create content with the following:

  • Links to other websites. For example, you may not create a race and include, "for further information, please visit my website/blog/shop"
  • "Hotlinked images" - i.e. embedding an image that is hosted on another site. These can become unavailable and lead to your content having a broken image/link.