Ring, rare (requires attunement)

You have resistance to one damage type while wearing this ring. The gem in the ring indicates the type, which the DM chooses or determines randomly. 

d10 Damage Type Gem
1 Acid Pearl
2 Cold Tourmaline
3 Fire Garnet
4 Force Sapphire
5 Lightning Citrine
6 Necrotic Jet
7 Poison Amethyst
8 Psychic Jade
9 Radiant Topaz
10 Thunder Spinel


Notes: Resistance: Acid, Resistance: Cold, Resistance: Fire, Resistance: Force, Resistance: Lightning, Resistance: Necrotic, Resistance: Poison, Resistance: Psychic, Resistance: Radiant, Resistance: Thunder, Warding, Jewelry

Item Tags: Warding Jewelry

Basic Rules , pg. 192


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