Intro to Stormwreck Isle: Your Free Introduction to D&D

Intro to Stormwreck Isle is a free, introductory experience to Dungeons & Dragons available to D&D Beyond users. You can learn more about Intro to Stormwreck Isle below, as well as free resources we offer to help you jump into D&D.

Play D&D With the Official, Digital Toolset

To claim Intro to Stormwreck Isle, you'll need to sign up for D&D Beyond. It is the official, digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons. With your account, you gain access to helpful tools such as the character creator, digital character sheets, and the encounter builder. You can also search the Basic Rules and materials found in your purchased books and claimed content.

About Intro to Stormwreck Isle

Intro to Stormwreck Isle is the perfect experience for new Dungeon Masters to run for a table of players looking for a short, accessible introduction to D&D. It includes two encounters, Voyage to Stormwreck Isle and Drowned Sailors, that tie into the beginner-friendly Dragons of Stormwreck Isle adventure.

  • Voyage to Stormwreck Isle is set aboard a ship en route to an island known as Stormwreck Isle. When the vessel encounters a foe during a raging storm, it's up to the players to save the day! This encounter can be run with minimal preparation and includes plenty of text for the Dungeon Master to read aloud, as well as pointers for handling the different decisions players may make.
  • Drowned Sailors is from the first chapter of Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, and it follows the events of Voyage to Stormwreck Isle. In this encounter, the players disembark their ship to discover that not all is well on the island. They'll face off against new enemies, which they'll find are not so good at staying down.

Continuing the Adventure With Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

If you and your players enjoy Intro to Stormwreck Isle, you can continue the fun with Dragons of Stormwreck Isle! This beginner-friendly adventure explores the secrets of this fated island. Your players will fight monsters, loot treasures, and contend with dragons.

The adventure includes premade characters, making it easy for your gaming table to pick up and play. The premade characters are available in the D&D Beyond toolset, but you can download and print PDF copies from the adventure, as well. Dragons of Stormwreck Isle takes characters to 3rd level.

Beginner Player and DM Resources

Whether you're new to D&D or just brushing up on the essentials, we have a video series on the fundamentals of the game and running the opening encounter of Dragons of Stormwreck Isle. For DMs, we also have an article with tips for running Dragons of Stormwreck Isle as well as premade campaigns, which make it easier to get set up for your first session.

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