Behold, the Disgusting Flesh-Warping Sibriex

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Todd Kenreck: The Sibriex is one of the most horrifying and disgusting monsters in the D&D multiverse and is fast becoming one of my favorites just because it makes such a good point in any adventure, or even an ultimate villain at the end of a campaign, depending on how you are running things. I talked to Adam Lee about what makes this creature so grotesque.

Adam Lee: It is an ancient being that lives in the abyss. I guess the best way to describe it is if the abyss is like your refrigerator and you pull out the drawer at the bottom and it's just full of junk, well if you pull the drug all the way out and then underneath the drawer, growing in that corner, that's what a Sibriex is in the abyss. So, it's this thing that has just kind of amassed itself over countless eons. It's super intelligent. They are really intelligent. In fact, demon lords will actually go to Sibriexs for council because they've lived for so long and they've amassed so much energy and evil.

They're disgusting. They are the grossest things. The Sibriex is you just see it's the warped fleshy thing and it shoots bile. It's the most horrible thing. When you go near it, it is so possessed of the abyss that it actually can affect your body. It can actually mutate you, so you could be trapped by a Sibriex and it's presence is warping your body, but you could also think of an evil priest who actually goes into the abyss to seek out a Sibriex to be sort of like blessed with a benediction from this thing and it's like warp me, shape me, transform me into this horrible thing.

And some of the transformations, they're all horrible, but some of them can actually make you more powerful, and some of them can make you really just a mess, so the Sibriex's are kind of, in a way, they're flesh warpers. A demon lord my go to a Sibriex to create a new sort of mutation for itself so they're kind of like the Di Vinci's of the abyss. They're abyssal Leonardos. They shape the abyss and they shape the people and the creatures in the abyss to sort of their will, and when I look at the Sibriex, I'm thinking that this is a particular shape of them. They look all different because it's a word of chaos, the abyss, and that earlier on, a Sibriex, at some point, you're seeing this sort of fully realized version of it, but Sibriex's come in all shapes in sizes and as they are sort of on their evolutionary journey to become these sort of super genius evil flesh warpers, they can look any kind of way you sort of realize them in your head.




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