Holly Conrad on Running Her Own D&D Game

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Todd Kenreck: I spoke to Holly Conrad not only about Dice, Camera, Action but also what it's like to be live streaming her own D&D show.

Holly Conrad: It was amazing. I think the best moment was when one of my players, one of my really good friends, tweeted at Chris Perkins and it was like she put all of us through this terrible stuff. What did you do to her? And I was like, "Yes, I've made it." I learned that I actually got a lot better at improving and that was because of being in Chris' game and all of his advice because I've listened to all of his advice for DM'ing and it's helped me so much. Not being too rigged in my plan and things like that and that's been a huge help and it's created some really funny and really interesting parts in my game.

Todd Kenreck: What makes Chris stand out as a creative person do you think compared to a lot of people?

Holly Conrad: Chris is just a magical person. He just has magic powers. He's just an inspiring wonderful, amazing, kind person who also tortures us.

Todd Kenreck: Have you had a favorite moment in the campaign for Dice, Camera, Action?

Holly Conrad: I have so many favorite moments, so many. I think there's been a lot of really, really good ones. We all said that Episode 52 was really good. I can't remember the one with Mark Holmes when he DM'ed us so it was amazing. Any time when we all get like too emotional is really good or just like laugh really hard. I don't know, there's too many. It's all been wonderful.

Todd Kenreck: Do you ever see yourself ever wanting to write or create some D & D content yourself?

Holly Conrad: Oh, absolutely. I've always wanted to do that and I have done it in the past. I used to make modules in Never Winter Nights when I was in high school so I would love to do that again and write some cool things. I'd love to do that.

Todd Kenreck: Have you talked to fans and have they told you you've helped them get interested in D & D for the first time?

Holly Conrad: Oh, absolutely. More people than I would have ever thought. Absolutely.

Todd Kenreck: What is that responsibility feel like to know that you're opening them up to this whole other genre of entertainment?

Holly Conrad: I think it's great. If I can encourage them to do something and step out of their comfort zone and be someone else and put themselves in someone else's shoes, that's amazing. So I hope they do it and I hope they keep playing forever.

Todd Kenreck: Thank you Holly Conrad for being on the show. I'm Todd Kenreck your host. Thank you for watching.


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