Learn about the Boros Legion in 'Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica'

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Todd Kenreck:                   Today, I'm talking to D&D's Ari Levitch about the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica and the Boros Legion. They are so devout to the concept of justice that if they have to, they will even break the laws of Ravnica.

Ari Levitch:                          The Boros Legion is a military faction inside of Ravnica. So essentially, when things get out of control, if it ... It might be beyond the scope of an Azorius patrol. The Boros Legion kind of takes it upon themselves, as a sort of organized military order, to take on these larger threats. And these larger threats may be things like a full-scale attack from another guild like the Gruul, which we'll talk about, or it might be to take down some large monsters, or even root out some corruption among the other guilds.

Ari Levitch:                          The big difference between the Boros and the Azorius is the Azorius is very much about the letter of the law, that the law itself matters more than, let's say, the overall concept of justice. The Boros, by contrast, are about the spirit of the law. They are really interested in this concept of justice being the highest good. So if a law is unjust, the Boros will break that in order to serve, essentially, the common person. So the Boros are the ones that will run in and defend the people who can't necessarily defend themselves.

Ari Levitch:                          The Boros, they serve also as a kind of peace-keeping faction, and they will keep peace by essentially dismantling anybody who would do violence against innocent people. So yeah, their biggest things are dealing with people who would take advantage of other people, just through exploiting them or through physical violence, and they will take them on. And it really appeals to players who want to be ... Essentially, they want to know that they are on the side of good, or want to really play that kind of a character.

Ari Levitch:                          Now again, with all of these guilds, you could play protagonist characters that really have their own sense of good, or sense of justice, even if you don't want to play a good character, but they also could be ... The other side of that is that they could also be villainous. The Boros taken too far can become overly militaristic. They can become perhaps an occupying force in a part of the city, so characters have to kind of balance that.

Ari Levitch:                          So part of the fun of playing in Ravnica is when you're playing a character from a particular guild, sometimes you have to navigate when your guild is doing something that you as a member of that guild finds ... or is kind of against your own sensibilities, and how do you navigate that. Or, it's about you as a Boros person, who's just going to go into the ruins of the rebel belt, because there's a big Gruul incursion that's about to happen, and you're going to go and take that out. So, being Boros is basically being very much about playing a character of action, so there are wizards on the school of evocation, or there are a lot of paladins in the Boros, and fighters, and very much people who will kind of take the action to the threat.

If you want to be a reactive character, the Boros is probably not for you, but if you like the idea of being part of a military order, and doing what you believe is just, then yeah, Boros is going to be very appealing.

Are there particular classes and races that are drawn to this?

Yeah, so some of the races that gravitate toward the Boros are actually Minotaurs. There's a long military tradition of Minotaurs joining the legion. There are humans. There are goblins that will also join the legion, not as common as humans or Minotaurs, but goblins will join the legion.



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