Casting Time
2 Actions
200 ft (20 ft *)
V, S, M *
1 Minute
Control (...)

The spell creates a mist of vapors in a volume up to a sphere 20 ft (6.1 m), but no thinner than 10 ft (3 m) within a range of up to 200 ft. These magic mists can either move as chosen by the caster at a maximum rate of 20 ft per round, or stay motionless (despite winds) for up to 1 minute, or move with the caster - this movement cannot be changed once chosen. In addition, the mist is also extremely wet, dousing normal campfires or smaller flames and extinguishing larger normal fires in 2-5 rounds (this destroys the mists). Many wizards use this spell to put out house and forest fires. 

The Mist Magic is thick and concealing, completely obscuring both normal vision and Darkvision beyond 2 ft (61 cm), with the mist leaving behind a casters last solid corporeal location if a spellcaster uses such spells as blink, dimension door, or teleport. All fire-based attacks entering, passing through, or cast within the mists are weakened, giving those within the Mist Magic resistance to Fire. Fire-based attacks will end Mist Magic at the beginning of the next round.

Please Note: The mists can be affected by Gust of Wind and destroyed by Dispel Magic. Duration of the mists is halved by strong winds.


* - (A pinch of split dried peas.)

Spell Tags: Control Debuff Utility Environment

Available For: Druid Wizard Nature Domain Peace Domain Oath of Redemption Oath of the Open Sea Gloom Stalker



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