Base Class: Cleric

Some believe that creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin. Those that respect the power and danger of fire while admiring it’s beauty and light are drawn to the worship of The Phoenix. A neutral though benevolent spirit, they promote the often conflicting ideals of renewal and resurrection and yet relentless destructive power. Life and death are a cycle to be celebrated, enjoyed, and continued. Clerics who follow the Phoenix understand that new life can come from the ashes of destruction, the power of fire can both heal and harm, and that adapting to change is the most powerful constant.
Special thanks: Adam Walton, Dustin Fletcher, Eugenio Vargas, & James Haeck

Phoenix Domain Spells
1st - Burning Hands, Cure Wounds
3rd - Flaming Sphere, Gentle Repose
5th - Fireball, Revivify
7th - Wall of Fire, Death Ward
9th - Flame Strike, Raise Dead

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this domain at 1st level you gain the produce flame cantrip. For you this cantrip counts as a cleric cantrip.

Warmth of the Flame

Also at 1st level, the destruction of your foes brings warmth to your allies. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that does fire damage, one creature of your choice that you can see regains hit points equal to 1d6 + your spellcasting ability modifier.

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Channel Divinity: Explosion of Life

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to protect your allies with an aura of flames.

As an action, you present your holy symbol, and a sphere of fiery light emanates from you. The sphere is centered on you, has a 30-foot radius, and is filled with bright light. The sphere moves with you, and it lasts for 1 minute or until you are incapacitated or die. Whenever a creature (including you) ends its turn in the sphere, you can grant that creature one of these benefits (no action required, their choice):

  • The fire bolsters their vitality, giving 1d8 temporary hit points
  • The fire protects, granting resistance to fire damage until the end of their next turn

Rise From The Ashes

Starting at 6th level, you gain the ability to offer new life from the ashes of destruction. When you cast a cleric spell that will return a creature from the dead, you can choose to cast the spell without needing any material components, instead using the energy of your own fire to fuel the spell. When you cast the spell in this way the creature returns to life with all of their hit points, and does not suffer from any penalties from coming back from the dead. However the effort taxes you greatly; if you have cast Revivify you take a −2 penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks, or a -4 penalty for Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection. Every time you finish a long rest the penalty is reduced by 1 until it disappears.

Potent Spellcasting

Starting at 8th level, you add your Wisdom modifier to the damage you deal with any cleric cantrip.

Avatar of Destruction

Starting at 17th level, the power of the Phoenix can save you from death while punishing those who would try to harm you. If you drop to 0 hit points or are outright killed, your body and all of your equipment is immediately reduced to ash. At the end of your next turn you and your equipment are resurrected in an explosion of fire with half your hit points restored, and each creature of your choice within 30 feet of you takes fire damage equal to 2d10 + your cleric level.

Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


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