Base Class: Cleric

Ever heard the saying "The pen is mightier then the sword", if so you probably heard it from a documancer.
This was mostly not meant as an advert of using a pen as a melee weapon but more a way to illustrate the power
of the written word. This class started out as a solution to the many robberies on tax-collectors and the like.
It did take some time to find a common element all tax-collectors were good at but once found things became easier.
The basis for the class was the infusion of magic into specially written contracts.
After a few clever creations it turned from a way to defend ones-self to a complete class of it's own.
This field of magic is usually only studied by professionals in the written word like tax-men,clerics and writers
but when one has an aptitude for the written word becoming a documancer is a definite option.

Below are the additions and restrictions to the original cleric class.

Armor : Only light or medium armor.

Weapons : All light or finesse weapons.

Tools : Calligrapher's supplies.

Saving throws : Intelligence, Wisdom.

Skills :
Take two from History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion and a bonus language.

Spell-casting :
Because creating and using contracts in this manner costs a lot of magic energy, this leaves less for the
casting of spells. This leads to the loss of 1 spell slot of each level of spell the documancer can cast.
It is possible to go to being able to cast 0 spells from a certain level if you could only cast 1 of that level before.

You can cast comprehend languages as a free action 2/day +1 for every 2 levels of documancer.

Documancer domain.
This domain allows the character to create contracts that can be infused giving it magical properties.
While some are long term others are single use on activation or trigger. These act as domain spells for the documancer.

Contracts :

level 1 Defense contract.
Making this contract costs parchment, a quill, ink and the infusion of comprehend languages.
Which activates automatically whenever an opponent's attack on you is declared a copy of this contract appears in
front of him/her with a quill. It basically states that the attacker understands and agrees with the possibility
that he/she can be harmed by taking this offensive action. He/she can choose to sign it as an action
with the quill and continue the attack next round or suffer the consequences. If the target chooses to
ignore the contract he/she misses all physical attacks and spells cast on the documancer fizzle for that
round. Beyond this the target gets a -2 to hit on all attacks for the remainder of the battle because of
the floating contract on front of his face. This does not work on animals and creatures that can not read
at all. You can do this once for every 3 levels and after the skill is used you can regain it with a long rest.

(You must heave enough contracts ready for use, every copy of the contract can only be used once).

Level 1 Healing contract.
Making this contract costs parchment, a quill, ink and the infusion of a healing spell of any level.
Each morning the documancer can choose a recipient of the healing contract and he/she must then sign it.
for the rest of the day all healing spells cast upon the signer are more powerful due to the bond the
contract creates. This translates in an increase of 50% in hit-points healed rounded up.(6hp heal becomes 9hp).
This effect ends after the signer takes a long rest. To make this contract a healing spell must be infused
into it at any time before that. There can only be one healing contract active at one time.
You can however have a supply of infused contracts ready made.
Sometimes documancers use contracts looking like this one but saying something else effectively
tricking people into signing something they might not want to sign.

Level 3 Weapon contract. Requires concentration.
If you tear up a weapon-contract and do a specific incantation you summon the weapon as an animated object.
Your weapon appears with a small puff of smoke, flies towards the nearest enemy and starts attacking.
The weapon uses base stats so only has bonuses if the weapon itself has them. It does get a +1 to hit and
damage for every 3 levels of documancer. The weapon stays active until all the enemies are vanquished or
it's time runs out which is 3 rounds +1 round for every two documancer levels.
You can use a move action to direct it to a different target, but if at the end of your turn you are more
than 30 feet from the weapon, the spell ends.
if you use a non-magical weapon in this manner the weapon vanishes after use but when magical weapons are used
they fall on the ground in the location they were when the spell ends.

Level 3 Contract of good behavior.
Making this contract costs parchment, a quill, ink with some minor magic infusion and a gem worth at least 10gp.
It gives a +1 to all saves for the signer until the contract is cancelled, broken or the documancer dies.
This contract is usually made with the documancers bodyguards or his traveling group, starting with
a maximum of 2 contracts +1 for every 3 levels beyond this.
This contract can be entered with anyone but as soon as the signing party does an evil act the contract
of good behavior is broken and the effect ends. (Dm's discretion).

Level 5 Aggressive expansion contract.
Making this contract costs parchment, a quill, ink and some minor magic infusion which does not cost spell-slots.
When you pull this contract up and say an incantation a copy of it appears in front of every enemy in 30 feet radius.
Simply stated it says that you request a buffer zone and the enemy's will be moved accordingly unless an opponent who
has a contract in front of him signs his name in their next round. Doing this takes an action and if all the enemy's
ignore the contract and do another action the contract triggers and an invisible force pushes all enemy's outside the zone.
This happens after the last enemy had a chance to sign it but before he / she can take an action.
It does 1D6 damage / 10 feet and when someone hits a static object like a wall, rock etc. before getting out of the
30 feet radius he gets full damage i.e. 3D6. Note : At least 1 attacker must be able to read the contract.

Level 5 Contract Barrage.
Making this contract costs parchment, a quill, ink and infusing it with a spell-slot of at least level 2.
When you do a minor incantation while looking at your target the contract releases smaller contracts (subsections)
which hurdle toward your target and each do 1D4 damage each. You can create a number of smaller contracts equal
to your current documancer level. The target can try to save but must do so separate for each hit. Save = will vs
DC 10 + Wisdom modifier + documancer level to negate the D4 for that subsection.

Level 7 Chain-letter heal.
To create this you need parchment, a quill, ink and you must infuse this letter with no less then 3 spell-slots (any
level). You can only have 1 of these on you at any one time. When you activate it you target a first friendly and then the
letter with a quill appears in front of the friendly, he/she can quickly sign it as a bonus action thereby releasing it's
magic before moving on to the next closest friendly to do the same and once again after that. When it's magic is released
the first time the recipient gains 3D6+1 hp, the next target 2D6+2 and the third target receives 1D6+3 hp where after the
letter vanishes. This contract is meant not to be in the way and easily signed, even a quick X works (for those who can't
read or write). The Chain-letter heal contract can not heal the same person twice in one setting.

Level 7 Contract killer.
To create this you need parchment, a quill, 50 gold, a third level spell-slot to infuse and a willing signer.
You can create it in an hour with someone else signing it directly after you made it.
It says that the signer is payed in advance in form x and is thereby obligated to help the documancer if he/she
needs help. This contract summons the signer instantly if it is torn up while uttering an incantation.
The signer is then expected to help, this help ranges from manual labor to combat.
If the signer is summoned and chooses not to help he/she receives a black spot on their neck which technically
acts as a curse. A black spot gives the carrier -2 to constitution and if the spot is in sight also -2 to charisma.
This lasts until a remove curse is cast upon the carrier of the black spot.
The contract signer if helping remains there for 1 round/ level for combat or 10 min/ level for everything else.
Unless the signer is dead or on another plane the summon does not work.
You can only have 1 contract killer active at once, there is no maximum of signed contract killer contracts you can hold
at one time.

Level 9 Contract storm.
This gives the documancer the skill to use/activate any 2 contracts in one round for one round for every 5 levels of the
character. You can control 1 animate weapon contract at once for every 4 levels of documancer you have.
Level 9 Contract shield.
To create this you need 50 pages of parchment, a quill, 125 gold, a 5th level spell-slot and 1 day of infusing.
This contract only you sign once and keep it in your scroll-case you to reap the benefits from it.
Once a day you can designate an enemy hit a miss, you can do it once again before taking a rest but then the contract is used up
and you must make a new one. This must be done after the hit is declared but before damage is calculated.
As a last defense a limb looking like an arm made out of parchment comes out of you scroll-case and staves of the attack
letting you negate the damage. This "arm" is large enough to shield the documancer even from area of effect abilities.
If you take a short or long rest this ability is regained.

Copy text

Feature level 1.

At level 1 as an action you can copy a one-sheet text perfectly in a single round which comes in handy for this class
since your documancer spells are cast or take effect from special scrolls.
This does not mean you can copy normal spell scrolls, only basic non-magical texts and not infused documancer scrolls.
Many of the documancer scrolls need to be infused as a part of the cost and infused scrolls also can not be copied.
If you use this while comprehend languages is active you copy the translated text.

Item contract

Feature level 1.

Starting at level 1 you can make item contracts by literally infusing the item itself into a contract.
When infused you may use the item contract as an action. Say a minor incantation to release stored item into
your hands. The contract can not be destroyed by mundane causes like water & dirt but can be affected by normal
and magical fire, acid and the like. If the contract is destroyed the item is lost.
There are different types of item contracts, weapon and basic items. At level 3 you can infuse magical items
and then the contract is counted as having the same resistances and hardness as the weapon infused in it.

Contract burning

Feature level 2.

At level 2 you can sacrifice one infused contract per documancer level to prevent 1D6 damage after the hit is
declared but before damage calculation. You can do this as a reaction action once/day for every 2 levels of documancer.
You regain this ability after a long rest. If you choose to sacrifice an item contract the item stored is lost forever.

Contract healer

Feature level 6.

At level 6 you have learned to infuse all your contracts with healing so when you use a contract or one of them
is triggered you gain hit-points equal to the contracts level x2.

Furthermore you gain the ability to infuse 3 healing spells into a contract to turn it into a contract that
heals people when read, much like potions. They can be used by anyone who can read the language on the contract
unless comprehend languages was active during contract creation. It heals for the same amount as the spells would
normally divided by 2.

Flow of words

Feature level 8.

At level 8 you can at will sacrifice any contract to do 1D6 force damage. You can sacrifice 1 contract for every level
of documancer you have. You can use this ability only once but can regain it by taking a long rest.
No roll needed but outside factors like damage reduction do work.

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Feature level 17.

At level 17 you can read/write and understand every "normal" language. (Dm's discretion)
The range for "Aggressive expansion contract" is doubled.
The healing bonus from "healing contract" goes from +50% to +100% bonus.
The saving throw bonus from "Contract of good behavior" is doubled.
"Chain-letter heal" starts out at 1D6 higher to the determine amount of healing and 1 extra target is healed.
The damage from "Contract Barrage" goes up from 1D4 to 1D6 each.

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