Peril in Pinebrook: A Free Introductory Adventure for Young Players

Peril in Pinebrook is a free, introductory adventure designed for new and young Dungeons & Dragons players and inspired by The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons. For a more accessible experience, it includes a simplified version of fifth edition's rules and premade character sheets.

The adventure is recommended for four players, plus a Dungeon Master, and can be run in a single game session lasting 60 to 90 minutes, or be broken up into six 10- to 15-minute sessions. Peril in Pinebrook is only available to download as a PDF. Grab your copy today and jump into play within minutes!

A dragon flies over a snowy landscape. Text reads, Peril in Pinebrook. Dungeons & Dragons. An introductory adventure for the world's greatest roleplaying game. Download free!

What You'll Find in Peril in Pinebrook

  • A short, self-contained adventure
  • Text for new Dungeon Masters to read aloud, including text for play setup
  • Tips for encouraging roleplay and keeping the adventure moving
  • 4 premade character sheets
  • Simplified rules, so there's no need to reference other D&D rules

What to Expect When Playing D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative storytelling game. In every game, there is one Dungeon Master and typically four to six players. Each player acts as a heroic character who takes on quests, fights monsters, and solves puzzles. The DM describes the world around these characters, presents obstacles to be overcome, and roleplays as non-player characters (NPCs), such as the town mayor, bandits, or even a talking squirrel.

Because the players can freely act as their characters, you never know what they'll say or what they'll do. DMs, likewise, have all the opportunity to surprise their players. Perhaps that kind merchant you meet on the road is really a silver dragon in disguise!

There are a variety of rules that work as a framework for your game experience. Peril in Pinebrook is self-contained, so you have everything you need in the PDF to run and play your first D&D adventure.

Continue the Fun With D&D Beyond

If you enjoy Peril in Pinebrook, we offer another free play experience for new players and their DMs, Intro to Stormwreck Isle. To access this adventure, you'll need to sign up for D&D Beyond, the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons. D&D Beyond offers tools that make it easy to learn and play D&D, including a character creator and character sheets with integrated dice rolling, as well as access to the Basic Rules of the game.

What Is The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons?

Soak in the magic and might of one of the most revered monsters in D&D with The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons. The illustrated guide reveals the secrets of dragons and expands their lore. Find out what kind of treasures and foods different types of dragons prefer, explore their lairs, and more!

You can flip through The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons at your leisure or use it to add depth to your D&D adventures. It's a great read, as much for young dragon enthusiasts as for experienced DMs.


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