Base Class: Fighter

A fencer is an epitome of martial prowess, gracefully executing moves with seemingly little effort. They don't have to be a strong warrior, but a dexterous one.

Precision Training

At 3rd Level, if your Dexterity is 15 or lower, add two to it or until it reaches 16. Every long rest, you can choose to take a short rest instead. Doing this three times will improve your Dexterity by 1, to a max of 16. If your Dexterity is 16 or above, but below 20, then it will take five long rests from 16-18, then seven for 19 and 20.

Finishing this training (or already being at Dexterity score of 20) will allow you to add your proficiency bonus to the damage roll.

Adaptable Balance

At 3rd Level, you learn to adapt to the balance of any weapon.

All weapons that don't have the finesse property, are not heavy or two-handed, or deal bludgeoning damage now have the finesse property.

Extra Skill Practicality

At 7th level, if you aren't proficient in them already, you gain proficiency in Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.

Speedy Fighter

At 10th level, your armor seems to feel like normal clothes to you, letting you be more fleet-of-foot. Add +5 feet to your walking speed and +2 to AC when not wearing Heavy Armor. This adds another 5 feet at 15th level and 18th level.

Speed Training

At 15th Level, when you stop to take a long rest, you can choose to take a short rest instead. Doing this twice will increase your speed by 5 feet each time, to a maximum of 60 feet without taking the Dash action.<sup>1</sup>

<sup>1: This effect will stack with the Speedy Fighter feature, allowing for up to 75 feet (15 squares) without taking Dash action.</sup>

Masterful Training

At 18th Level, your grip on even the heaviest weapons allows you to swing effectively. All Two-Handed weapons lose that feature and gain the finesse so long they don't deal bludgeoning damage and are rigid (ex. not a Flail). All weapons meeting such criteria that also have the Versatile skill now deal their two-handed damage even if attacking one-handed.


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