Play the Prequel Adventure to Vecna: Eve of Ruin Today

Investigate the dark undercurrents of a nefarious cult in Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye, a one-shot adventure for 3rd-level characters. It serves as a prequel to Vecna: Eve of Ruin by introducing players to the lich-god’s cultists and their evil machinations.

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The Adventure Inside Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye

Artist: Greg StaplesAn adventurer holds her fist to the sky as she kneels over the corpse of her fallen ally

Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye is a single-session adventure for 3rd-level characters that takes two to three hours to play through.

The adventure begins with the heroes being hired to patrol the troubled streets of Neverwinter, a prominent city on the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms. During their patrol, they discover a mysterious desiccated eye at the scene of a murder. This discovery sets off a series of events that take players through the sewers and catacombs beneath Neverwinter, where they will face off against the cult of Vecna.

As the party contends with the zealots who worship the god-lich, they will learn more about the mysterious eye they found and may even get an insight into the ritual the Whispered One plans to enact in Vecna: Eve of Ruin.

How This Prequel Adventure Ties into Vecna: Eve of Ruin

Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye is a prequel to Vecna: Eve of Ruin, a more expansive campaign that takes characters from 10th to 20th level. Since the prequel adventure is fit for 3rd-level characters, how they find themselves at 10th level at the beginning of Eve of Ruin is up to you as the Dungeon Master. What matters is that they are back in Neverwinter by the start of Eve of Ruin.

This adventure also ties into the plot of Eve of Ruin (without any spoilers) by introducing the party to Vecna’s cultists and hinting at the larger threat their plans pose to the multiverse.

Vecna's Supernatural Gifts

In this adventure, players have the opportunity to receive supernatural gifts from the Whispered One himself. The nature of these blessings—bestowed by the god of evil secrets—are unpredictable at best, but may aid adventurers in their plight against Vecna's machinations in Eve of Ruin.

Gaining the attention of Vecna is a dangerous gamble, and it may set up an even deadlier conflict when the party confronts the lich-god in their subsequent adventures!

Tips for Bridging the Prequel Adventure to Vecna: Eve of Ruin

Artist: Wade AcuffVecna appears to a group of cultists

Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye offers Dungeon Masters the opportunity to start their campaign with a low-level prequel before transitioning to the high-level adventure in Vecna: Eve of Ruin. This seamlessly gives the party a reason to adventure together, builds anticipation for the coming quest, and foreshadows important events yet to come.

Here are some important things to remember if you're preparing to run Vecna: Eve of Ruin after the prequel adventure:

Establish Your Party as Heroes

While starting a campaign at 3rd or 5th level is relatively common for D&D adventures, starting at 10th level can be a new experience that requires players to have a backstory to support their character's adventuring prowess. Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye gives players an established background as adventurers and ties them to Neverwinter, so they have a strong hook to adventure at the beginning of Vecna: Eve of Ruin.

Discuss What Your Players Did Between Adventures

To help smooth the time jump between adventures and invest your players in the well-being of Neverwinter (and the multiverse as a whole), consider taking the time to collaboratively craft the narrative of your party’s inter-adventure deeds:

  • Did they stay in Neverwinter? If so, did they settle down and start a family or business?
  • Did they stay together as a party? Or did they split up to pursue their own adventures? Maybe they agreed to return to Neverwinter on the anniversary of their adventure, which just so happens to be when Eve of Ruin kicks off.
  • Have they seen any other signs of Vecna's plans during their adventures?

What the players decide their characters have done should reflect the fact that they managed to become 10th-level heroes by the beginning of Vecna: Eve of Ruin.

Prep Your Vecna Lore

Since his first mention in the original Dungeon & Dragons Eldritch Wizardry supplement, which came out in 1976, Vecna has become one of D&D’s most infamous and nefarious villains. If you’re unfamiliar with the lore surrounding this iconic character, this guide to Vecna's appearances throughout D&D's history can give you some foundational knowledge of just how big and bad Vecna can be.

Prepare to Face Vecna

Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye prepares your party for an epic saga that will take them from the dank catacombs of Neverwinter to the far reaches of the multiverse. Get your copy of the adventure now and prepare to face Vecna's undying wrath!

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